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August 6, 2022


Greetings, folks!

In my blog of July 30, 2022, I suggested that President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria is wicked to Nigerians. I stated some reasons for that ‘suggestion,’ which was based on comments and theories of Nigerians themselves. My perspective was in my theme and titling, thus: “Reasons Why President Buhari’s Refusal To Resign Is Wicked To Nigerians.” You may recall some of my reasons, if you read that blog. If not, you will find out when you read it, following the link at the end of this piece. They included evil, destructive clannishness and ethno-religious bigotry. And you will also see that I was speaking more as an observer who was basically summing up the feelings and statements of Nigerians.

This time, I ain’t summing up shit; I am stating my own position, straight out, like an arrow! You must have noticed from my titling that the doubt in my last blog is not in this one. Um huh, I have removed every element of doubt about Buhari’s wickedness to Nigerians. I do insist now that Buhari is definitely wicked to Nigerians. What is more, he does it with evil disdain and impunity, meeeeeeeen!!!

Millions of Nigerians, including I, continue to ask one question: Is President Mohammadu Buhari truly a Nigerian? This question is becoming increasingly very pertinent by the day. It is argued that no true Nigerian would be so wicked to his own people. Um huh, some of the man’s impunity-driven acts are truly getting more unpatriotic, more disdainfully insensitive, and more heartless by the day! Yap, impunity-driven, I emphasize. We have the motherfucking crooks that call themselves our federal lawmakers to thank for Mr. President’s treasonable impunity. He knows that they can’t do shit to represent us well and call him to order. So, he has the audacity to tell us that he can spend our wealth whichever illegal way that he deems fit, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Three among the latest in Buhari’s arsenal against Nigerians are the reason for this blog. One, Mr. Fulani President gave away 1.4 billion naira that Nigeria does not even have to his Fulani “first cousins” in Niger Republic. Now, listen carefully to this next big one; will you! Buhari also gave away a whopping and whooping one billion US dollars to his Islamic first cousins of Afghanistan, a country that is not even in Africa! I have first cousins in quote, because that’s exactly what Buhari disdainfully told us once upon another incident. Um huh, in early 2021, Buhari flagged off a railway project in the same Niger Republic. It was another donation, with an announced budget of 1.9 billion US dollars. Knowing Nigerian crooks in power, they probably, and most likely spent ten times the amount that they announced, or a similar fraud, meeeeeeeeen!!!

When Nigerians questioned Buhari’s decision to develop rail transportation for another country with our money. The man disdainfully told us that he has the right to do it, because, “My Fulani first cousins are in Niger Republic.” Un-fucking-believable! Mind you, Buhari bluntly denied south-eastern Nigerians the same rail transportation system that he took to another country. He did manage to give Nigeria one fucked-up, unprotected rail system about the same time that he approved his evil clannish largesse to Niger Republic. His criminal gang imported a bunch of refurbished old dilapidated trains from China to service regions of Nigeria. But the southeast region was conspicuously excluded. Yap, Buhari hates the Igbo people of southeast Nigeria that much. To prove my veracity, I have to bring up some of these facts each time that I have to talk about Buhari’s evil destructive ethno-religious bigotry-cum-nepotism. My regulars may recall that “No Bullshitting” always harps on this destructive disposition of the Fulani-cum-Muslim president, who we call Nigeria’s president, meeeeeeen!!!

I have always lamented that he has destroyed Nigeria with that terrible disposition! And, of course, Buhari’s gang members know how evil what they are doing is. They know how wicked it is that they are borrowing billions of dollars from China in the name of Nigeria, to develop other countries! They know that it is wicked that they are selling Nigeria with huge debts, to develop Buhari’s Fulani and Islamic “first cousins” around the world. Um huh, anybody with any soul at all flinches at the sound of these facts, and Buhari’s gang knows this. So, they always try to keep such illegal donations as topmost secret.

Note that I haven’t said that Buhari cares enough to keep his wicked donations secret. No sir, no ma’am! The man is so insensitive, that he doesn’t give a damn what Nigerians think or say about his acts. He is too disdainful to care about that! He actually loves Nigerians to know that he must take care of his first cousins around the world with our funds, no matter what the fuck we say or do. But Buhari’s gang is actually dumb enough to think that they could possibly keep it under wraps, meeeeeeeen!!!

What the dumb motherfuckers fail to wake up and realize is that nothing is hidden under the sun anymore in the contemporary world of social media. Somehow, somebody who hates their evil acts is bound to know the secret. And, he or she has the social media to leak that secret far and wide. Yes indeed, President Buhari’s wicked Father-Christmas donations to Niger Republic and Afghanistan were recently leaked. Note that we are talking about 1.4 billion naira plus a whopping and whooping sum of 1.9 billion US dollars, and another 1 billion US dollars. That’s a total of about 3.2 billion US dollars largesse by Buhari to other countries, his Fulani and Muslim “first cousins.” Meanwhile, Nigerians are dying of hunger, and schools have been shut down for about six months. The same Buhari and his gang refuse to address the ASUU strike that shut the schools, which is due to Buhari’s refusal to fund education.

Just a fraction of the U$D3.2 that Buhari gave away to Niger Republic and Afghanistan just within the past year alone, would easily resolve the ASUU strike and get our children back in school. But Buhari does not even bother to pay attention to the SUU strike, and the fact that our children have been out of school for six whole fucking months!!! Of course, the entire school-age population of Nigeria hate Buhari. Anybody can pretend all they want, the fact is that our students have no choice but to hate Buhari for being so wicked to them, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

I have always said something, though; it’s definitely not so bad to play Buhari’s “brothers’ keeper” game. But it would have to be if Nigeria was economically buoyant, and those “brothers” need help. The evil in Buhari’s acts is that his “first cousins” are currently far better in economy than Nigeria. Nigeria has been named “poverty capital of the world” because Nigerians are perishing of the hunger and monstrous insecurity that Buhari himself created. And the man is busy borrowing money on the head of Nigeria, to give away to his Fulani “first cousins” and Muslim “first cousins”  around the world!

And so, one question is literally eating me up, thus: How is it that President Buhari has no limit to his destructive clannishness and ethno-religious bigotry? Check this out; Buhari’s largesse to Niger Republic is, “To fight insecurity.” Can you believe that?!!! Buhari can’t do shit about the terrorism that is consuming Nigeria, but he constantly goes off fighting insecurity in other countries. A couple of weeks back, he jetted off to Liberia while his own country was on fire, literally! And his trip was for the most laughable reason of this century. A president whose country is being consumed by terrorism went to lecture Liberians on how to fight insecurity. If you missed my previous blog on this, the link is down below. Obviously, Buhari is more interested in the welfare of other countries than Nigeria, and he can’t even protect his own country, meeeeeeen?!!!

Let’s recap what makes Buhari’s Father-Christmas gestures treasonable and wicked, again, thus: Buhari has turned Nigeria into the “Poverty capital of the world” within his 7-and-odd years as president. Harry Agina did not say this, mind you. It was from international bodies that monitor global economies. Buhari has squandered the billions of dollars that he met in 2015 in Nigeria’s treasury, without achieving shit with it!  With his mental-absentee-leadership, he allowed the crooks in his team to steal it all. And Buhari has  borrowed billions of dollars from China. Again, his people and he squandered this without achieving shit with it! Yeah, I know, somebody must argue that he achieved something, somehow; right? Hogwash!!! Whatever little that Buhari supposedly did for Nigeria, he destroyed a gazillion times more,  meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Furthermore, Buhari’s apparent complicity to terrorism has made it impossible for Nigerian farmers to produce food for the nation. This is one of the major causes of the hunger that is killing Nigerians every fucking day. The prices of the little available foods have risen out of the reach of the masses. The education workers’ association in Nigeria, ASUU, has been on strike and the education of our youths has halted for six months. Why? Because President Mohammadu Buhari refuses to fund education. Why, again? Because Buhari is so archaic in mindset, that he is apparently not interested in education. He seems more interested in cattle-herding. Sadly, he is more interested in ancient herding than modern ranching. No wonder, he fought hard to retain the ancient Fulani open grazing mode, meeeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, my point here is that Buhari is not so particular about education.  He apparently doesn’t give a fuck that our youngsters have been kept out of school for six fucking months!!! Maybe he prefers that every Nigerian goes to military academies as he did, or go herding cattle, instead of pursuing university education. After all, he is a sympathizer of Boko Haram terrorists who forbid “western education.” Do remember that I am never frivolous with words on serious matters like this. So, yes, Buhari is on record as a Boko Haram sympathizer. I didn’t cook it up. In 2013, he went as far as accusing the then President Jonathan of “injustice to northern Nigeria” because Jonathan was fighting the Boko Haram terrorists. He said that Jonathan had no business sending the military to kill the Boko Haram terrorists. Mind you, the battles were initiated by those Boko Haram terrorists. But Buhari insisted that nobody should kill them, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, let’s get back to, and conclude the main matter of hunger and terrorism, which  are ravaging Nigeria in Buhari’s reign. Yet, in that dangerous clannishness that I speak of, Buhari is borrowing billions of dollars and giving away to other countries that have his Fulani and Muslim “first cousins.” If that ain’t wickedness to Nigerians, then the word ‘wickedness’ should not exist in the dictionary, meeeeeeeeen!!!

To pour salt unto Buhari’s injury to Nigerians, his motherfucking Finance Minister, Zainab Ahmed, tells us that there is nothing wrong about Buhari’s lawlessness. The idiot has the audacity to tell us, so disdainfully, that it is Mr. President’s prerogative to give away our wealth to other countries while Nigerians are dying. And, with impunity, she actually confirmed that Buhari has been doing it regularly. Prerogative, my ass! Of course, Buhari has no such unlawful “prerogative” under our laws! He is bound by law to get approval from our National Assembly. In turn, the crooks who we call lawmakers are actually supposed to seek the permission of Nigerians, by way of public opinion, before they endorse such heavy and wicked moves for Buhari. Instead, Mr. President is blackmailing the leadership of the lootmakers with their criminal records. The crooks, therefore, allow him to break every fucking law in the land. We all saw a week or so ago, how the most criminal of them all, the Senate president, Ahmed Lawan, vehemently shut down an attempt to impeach Buhari.

And the second crook-in-command, the House Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila, always complements his co-traveler in endorsing Buhari’s lawlessness. I can only hope that they will suffer for what they have done to Nigerians. Specifically, I hope that the terrorism that they endorsed Buhari to nurture into a monster will consume them, rather than innocent Nigerians.  And, hey, I always say that I would love them to sue me to court for praying that their evil against Nigerians will consume them. And, morally speaking, if you think that my prayer is wrong, I don’t really give a fuck, meeeeeeeeen!!!

By the way, I must say that the recent impeachment move by the lootmakers was way beyond stupidity. What makes it so stupid, and what defines it as the hypocritical facade that it is, will be topic for another blog, soon. As always, I do trust, that you do trust, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!





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