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July 8, 2022


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

Folks, you must be aware by now that terrorists attacked the convoy (motorcade) of Nigeria’s president, Mohammadu Buhari, on July 5, 2022. And, you do know that No Bullshitting Blog (NBB) is not about news-breaking. Instead, we are about analytical look at news topics. And yes, we do lambast bullshitters who are involved in the news that we analyze. Obviously, this Buhari’s convoy’s attack news is a good one to talk about. Umm huh, a great one indeed, and you already know why it is a must, for NBB, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Here is the NBB thematic question: Do Nigerians give a damn about the terrorist attack on President Buhari’s convoy? My summation from observation is—Hell fucking no! Let’s face it, without bullshitting—most Nigerians don’t give a fuck about the attack, period!!! Why should they care, huh, huh, huh??? Nigerians are dying in their thousands every fucking day, caused by the clueless Buhari and his terrible rulership (not leadership). Anybody who tells you that Nigerians give a damn about what happens to the convoy of the man who has brought this hellish situation upon them is a motherfucking hypocritical liar, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Umm huh, I have looked at the reactions of Nigerians on social media and everywhere else, and I am yet to see any comments that care about the safety of President Mohammadu Buhari. If anything, the people are now petrified that absolutely nobody is safe in Nigeria, if the “number-one-citizen” is so brazenly attacked by terrorists. Nigerians are progressively angry with Mr.  President for destroying Nigeria. He created the terrorism that is progressively turning Nigeria into hell on earth. It is therefore unnatural for anybody with any brain to expect the same Nigerians to sympathize with the president when the monsters that he created attack him. If anything, Nigerians only feel sorry that some innocent security agents were the ones who suffered injuries in the attack.

The only set of Nigerians who condemn the attack on Mr. President’s convoy, are members of his cabinet and the few people who benefit from the boiling molten hell that he has immersed Nigerians in. As a matter of fact, most of those people are actually being hypocritical, and “politically-correct” in their comments. This is either in order for them to retain their jobs, or to continue to benefit from Buhari’s atrocious government, or both. They do not sincerely sympathize with the president. I have had a couple of federal judges, for instance, who reached out to me to hail me for speaking their minds on issues. They confessed that they would love to be so blunt in expressing their anger with Mr. President and his team. But they cannot do it, due to their positions. When such people express their views or anger about this atrocious government, they have to be cautious and “politically-correct.” “No Bullshitting” takes their anger and puts it in the no-bullshitting manner for them. So, my blogs are not necessarily all about the feelings of Harry Agina; no sir, no ma’am! Mine is to observe facts, feel the pulse and the feelings of Nigerians, and embellish them with my own views, and then state them in no-bullshitting style, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Meanwhile, some topmost idiotic beneficiaries of Buhari’s atrocious government, like Lai (Lair) Mohammed and Femi Adesina, are still praising him. Every time that they open their evil smelly mouths, the motherfuckers insult us that Buhari’s government is the greatest since Nigeria’s independence. They constantly aggravate us that Buhari is the best thing that ever happened to Nigeria after the birth of Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Once upon a blog, I addressed the complicity of the crooks and loot-makers in Nigeria’s federal parliament, who are called lawmakers. That was just a few weeks back, on May 27, 2022. I also addressed their stupidity to believe that the few police officers who surround them as security details can save them from the terrorist monsters that they created. Otherwise, they would not come up with their evil madness of banning ransom payment to free kidnap victims of the terrorists. Yes, I did say that Nigerians, including I, would love to see them kidnapped and tortured, in order to taste their evil law on them. Yes indeed, a majority of Nigerians do want the loot-makers to suffer the result of their evil rulership, meeeeeeeeen!!!

At the end of this blog, I will link you to my May 27th blog. By the way, I must explain my accusation of complicity against the crooks who are called lawmakers in Nigeria. This is necessary for the benefit of my new fans who have not been following my consistent commentaries about those crooks. Nigerians gave them our sovereign power to hold in custody for us, and act in accordance with our collective will. One of the most important of our directives to them as their employers and bosses, is to get rid of any president who misrules us. Rather than get rid of Buhari for us by way of impeachment, as our constitution says, the motherfucking crooks work with Buhari to destroy our country, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

For instance, why won’t Nigerians want the crook called Ahmed Lawan, the current Senate President, to suffer the result of his current evil leadership of the Senate? The motherfucker had the audacity to tell us, repeatedly, that his Senate must endorse every policy of President Buhari. This, obviously, is against the will of the people who are his employers. His criminal endorsement is the reason for the all-round terrible situation in Nigeria, including terrorism. So, rather than other innocent Nigerians to continue suffering for his evil, Senator Lawan should be kidnapped by the monsters that he has created. That’s the feeling of the people! And why the fuck not, huh? It is only fair that a man suffers the consequences of his evil acts. Innocent Nigerians should not be suffering for a man’s criminality and evil rulership, while he remains safe, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Or, you wanno tell me that I should pray for the safety of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila? Innocent Nigerians are suffering his evil rulership, and you want me to be hypocritical and say that I want him to stay safe…hell fucking no! I would rather see him kidnapped like yesterday already, than hear of anymore kidnapping of poor innocent Nigerians. For avoidance of doubts, I will state my point a bit differently. I hate to see anybody, not even my worst enemy, to suffer or die. I swear in the name of God that I cannot, and do not watch any of the gory scenes of atrocious killings or sufferance of Nigerians since Buhari became president. I can’t stand the sight of human blood or torture without shedding tears. I do terribly wish that nobody dies anymore in Nigeria through the escalating terrorism and jihad, including Gbajabiamila and Lawan themselves. However, if anybody has to suffer the evil rulership of Gbajabiamila and Lawan, then I pray to God that they be the ones to suffer, and not innocent Nigerians, period!!! Sue me to court, if you will; and I would boldly repeat this statement, any fucking day, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

As I promised, the following is the link to my May 2022 blog about those crooks who are called lawmakers. That was when they came up with their idiotic and criminal law to ban ransom-payment to free victims of kidnapping. The motherfuckers endorse Buhari’s policies that established terrorism in Nigeria, and then they banned ransom-payment. That makes them murderers of sorts, as far as I am concerned.

The point that I want you to take away from here is that what I said in my previous blog is already happening. I did say that, very soon, the security details of the loot-makers can no longer protect them against the growing bold attacks of the terrorists in Nigeria. It is happening now already! How can the loot-makers be safe, when the president who has ten times their protection is being attacked, huh, huh, huh??? Maybe, with the increasing audacity of the terrorists, they may soon surround the loot-makers at the National Assembly one day, and kidnap all of them. I can bet you my blokos that those motherfuckers are presently more petrified than “ordinary” Nigerians. They all shit in their pants now when they hear ordinary clap of hands around them. They are scared shitless that it is an attack on them. Umm huh, I pray that they will all get so shitlessly scared, that they decide to abandon their seats and run away from Nigeria. Why? So that decent Nigerians would replace their criminal asses; that’s why! I trust, that you do agree, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

And now, here is the link to my previous blog about the crooks who are called lawmakers in Nigerian, when they announced their mad anti-ransom law:


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