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May 27, 2022


This is “No Bullshitting,” and the topic is Nigeria’s federal loot-makers’ new mad law that criminalizes ransom payment to kidnappers in Nigeria. I want to start by informing my readers who may not know that “No Bullshitting” is not a news blog. Instead, it analyzes news-making topics, without hush-hush bullshitting. The commentaries come either when the topics are breaking as news, or even years after.

Sadly, too many Nigerians in Nigeria have a very apathetic short-memory-syndrome. They are quick to forget unpleasant events and atrocities of some of the crooks who rule Nigeria. In fact, some of those crooks make jokes over this sorry fact about my people. “Nigerians will only make some noise for a week or two, and they forget all about the matter,” I once overheard a criminal ruler tease. He was conversing with his fellow crooks in Nigeria government during a public agitation against one of president Buhari’s many anti-people acts. My people have simply been too apathetic and too docile for too fucking long, and the crooks have been taking us for granted. “No Bullshitting” is here to jug the people’s memories from time to time, meeeeeeen!!!

But I must tell ya, we are truly getting better by the day, mush thanks to the impact of the social media phenomenon. Umm huh, we have recorded quite a number of successes in forcing our loot-makers to bow to our demands in recent time. And that’s why I am surprised that we seem to actually accept the scenario that I am about to sketch here about the lootmakers’ new law against payment of ransom to kidnappers.

First, some evil rulers told us to defend ourselves without any weapons, against terrorists and bandits who are with AK-47 assault rifles and worse weapons! Now our loot-makers tell us that we must accept to submit ourselves to death when terrorists kidnap us for ransom. And if we dare to pay ransom to save our lives, then we must go to prison, meeeeeeen!!!

This blog was inspired by a newsbreak a couple of days back, on May 25, 2022. The terrorists who bombed a train in transit from Kaduna to Abuja on March 28, 2022, issued an ultimatum concerning the passengers that they kidnapped from the train. They threatened to kill the victims if ransom is not paid in seven days. That will be on June 1, 2022, in the next five days. Going by the new law by our loot-makers, those poor innocent abductees must be allowed to die on June 1, 2022.

Folks, check the following scenario out and tell me what you think, will you! Well, I’m actually addressing my teaming non-Nigerian readers across the world. Nigerians already know what I’m talking about. But then, so do non-Nigerians who listen to world news, too. It goes like this:

Nigeria’s government woefully fails in its primary duty to protect the lives of Nigerians, since 2015. So, terrorists and bandits have been massacring, and kidnapping scores of Nigerians every fucking day for ransom. It is the duty of the loot-makers who Nigerians call federal lawmakers to prevail on the federal government to work efficiently to protect the citizens. And, if the federal government fails in that duty, it is the duty of the lawmakers to sack Mr. President on behalf of the people, by way of impeachment. That’s what “We The People” who own Nigeria have demanded our 9th National Parliament to do to President Mohammadu Buhari in the past several years, meeeeeeeeen!!!

But, did our loot-makers impeach Buhari? No fucking way! They can’t, because their leadership and too many floor members are too compromised to challenge President Buhari. Actually, the man Buhari has made enough booboos to warrant the impeachment of ten presidents. But no, instead, the loot-makers have recently decided to pass the buck of insecurity from the president to the citizens of Nigeria. The Senate came up with a murderous law to criminalize payment of ransom to free kidnap victims in Nigeria. One Senator Opeyemi Bamidele chaired the committee that considered and approved the amendment bill. And, on April 26, 2022, those motherfuckers passed the bill into law. Presenting it to the press, Bamidele said, “The passage of this Bill will save Nigeria from being included among countries in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Grey List, with its attendant negative consequences. This might ultimately result to international sanctions that would affect the image of the country in the committee of nations.”

I was so fucking infuriated when I read that bullshit from Bamidele. All of a sudden, the motherfuckers have become interested in pleasing the global community and the “Financial Action Task Force (FATF).” They now suddenly want to “save the image of Nigeria,” which they already damaged with their atrocities and failure as a National Parliament. And they conveniently fail to mention that the other nations that subscribe to the FATF provide reasonable security for their citizens, before they even think of anything like outlawing ransom payment.

So, now we have a terrible government that cannot protect Nigerians from terrorists, and an idiotic bunch of loot-makers who made a law to criminalize payment of ransom. The motherfuckers tell us that we can’t pay ransom to save our loved ones from death in the hands of kidnappers. Yet, they offer no solution against the daily kidnapping. This is where I have to say something that is quite sensitive and controversial. But I don’t give a fuck, because I have my no-bullshitting way to say it with legal-correctness. I pose it as a question, and I will give you a conversation that ensued when I posed the question on a social media platform. Here’s the question:

Is it bad for someone to wish that some Nigerian lawmakers who have just outlawed ransom-payment be kidnapped by the terrorists? I tell ya, I hardly finished pressing the send button when the first response dropped, thus:

“@EmmaJohn: O yes, it would be so good if most of the lawmakers are kidnapped. Then we can test their sincere resolve on the law against ransom. I would love to see what would happen. Would the lawmakers still insist that there must be no ransom payment for their own lives?”

Several more responses dropped within minutes, but I can’t accommodate them all here. Suffice to say that there was not one single response that did not support the kidnap of Nigeria’s lawmaker to test their sincerity in their new murderous law. Let’s give you just one more comment from one of the America respondents, thus:

“@AmericanBoy: The children or mamas or wives or husbands of the ‘loot-makers,’ as No Bullshitting calls them, should be abducted.”

That’s where I quickly came in again, to say, “But, ask yourself; did the children or wives or parents of the loot-makers make the murderous law? Why must they be the ones to suffer, huh? I don’t buy the notion or belief that ‘the sins of fathers shall be visited on their children,’ and all that stuff. Whoever does something wrong should suffer personally for it. Besides, if the children of the loot-makers are abducted, they don’t personally feel the pain. It will only cost them just a little fraction of their loots from our common wealth to pay the ransom. It would be more effective if the loot-makers themselves are abducted. When they go through the daily torture in the hands of the abductors for just a couple of days, their stupid song would quickly change. Nobody would ask them to renounce and denounce that stupid law. As soon as it affects them, they would even find all the other words that end in ‘…nounce,’ just to emphasize that they don’t want the law anymore. That’s how selfish those motherfuckers are, meeeeeeen!!!

My point here is that it is so easy for the loot-makers to ban ransom-payment when it does not affect them. They still believe that they are specially protected from kidnapping. They have surrounded themselves with the limited police officers who are supposed to protect the entire country, while the rest Nigerians are unprotected. But, very soon, nothing can protect them anymore. The kidnappers are beginning to eye them now. The terrorists know that the lootmakers have stolen enough money to pay large ransom. And their current security details can hardly protect them when the terrorists engage them with the kind of dare-devil operations that we have seen against military barracks. Then, we shall see their true resolve about their fucking murderous law, when they are personally under captivity themselves. It would be interesting to see their position on ransom when they are facing imminent death like other millions of victims, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

If the train-abductees die in five days as threatened by the terrorists who have them, due to non-payment of ransom, Nigerians should hold the lootmakers responsible. It doesn’t really matter if the president has endorsed the Senate’s Bill, or not. Their disposition is already being played out in the matter of the train-abductees by Buhari’s government. This is not a matter for just the blood-relatives of the abductees alone. All Nigerians should feel and show the pain. If you say today that it does not concern you, remember that it may become your turn tomorrow, meeeeeeen!!!

Our rulers are now in the election primaries season. Nobody gives a fuck about the train-abductees anymore. And some of the aspiring rulers were directly responsible for the assault. The now former Transport Minister, Rotimi Amechi, was in charge when the victims were kidnapped some weeks back. But, he doesn’t give a fuck about their lives anymore. His total interest now is to scheme and campaign to become president in 2023. He is currently blowing unbelievable sums of alleged looted public funds in the process of buying votes to become president. The motherfucker couldn’t do anything right when he was minister, and now he wants to become our president. Meanwhile, our incumbent president, insensitive as always, has jetted out of the country while the families of the kidnap victims are crying for his intervention, in vain,, meeeeeeen!!!

Amechi was stupid to tell us the bunch of shit that I heard from him when the train was bombed under his watch. He was a total hypocritical idiot to tell us that he requested approval to deploy technology to protect the rail lines, but Buhari and his gang turned down his request. Now, let me tell you why ‘Mr. No Bullshitting’ (not Harry Agina o) calls that motherfucker these bad names. He should have shown us just a little integrity, for once in his fucked-up life, and quit the fucking job when Buhari turned down his request, meeeeeeen!!!

Just look at it this logical analytical way for a moment, would you. If that motherfucker had resigned and made it public when his request to secure Nigerians was denied, those kidnapped Nigerians and the dead ones would still be okay and safe today. Oh yes, indeed! If Rotimi Amechi had shunned the evil selfish job-protection of Nigerians and quit, Buhari and his gang could have been disgraced into approving the security system that Rotimi had requested. Instead, he was caught by the syndrome of Nigerian public servants who never ever quit their public offices, no matter what. I am truly disgusted by this evil and disgraceful sit-tight syndrome. Now, several Nigerians have died, and several others kidnapped, because Rotimi Amechi had no integrity to force the hand of Buhari to secure our train system, meeeeeeen!!!

I heard the disgraceful news today that a group of Nigerians are asking the ruling APC political party to endorse Amechi as a consensus presidential candidate. Can you believe shit like that? What the fuck is wrong with some people of Nigeria anyway, huh, huh, huh??? How the fuck do such motherfuckers quickly forget or ignore some atrocities of some of the crooks that have ruled Nigeria since 1999. With the numerous crime-indictments hanging on Amechi’s neck, and his poor performance as Transport Minister, some Nigerians are talking about making him president, meeeeeeen!!!

I am so ashamed of such Nigerians. No wonder, I have repeatedly said that I would quit being a Nigerian if a majority of us are that stupid to vote Amechi or his kind into office as our president in 2023. And, I trust, that you know, that I ain’t bullshiting ya, meeeeeeen!!!T

This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

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