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NOTE: First published on July 5, 2020. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

This is Sunday, so I wanno do a befitting No Bullshitting blog. Just check this out, would you!!! Pastor Enoch Adeboye has reopened his Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG) Churches worldwide, to resume church services, giving them the option to either congregate in their churches, or retain the virtual service mode that has been introduced for covid-19 social distancing. Then, he declared that he and his family won’t be attending any services in any church. And, he is bold to tell us his reason: He does not want his family or he to die of covid-19.

Now, here are some moral questions that Adeboye must be asked:

        1) Does his decision mean that He knows that people can actually contract covid-19 in churches?

        2) If Adeboye’s answer to question 1 is ‘yes’ (and I believe it is), why the hell doesn’t he just leave his churches shut, and encourage only virtual services for now, huh? Adeboye knows, for sure, that many, if not MOST of his churches, especially in Nigeria, will congregate, since they have been given that option; so, why didn’t he just direct his churches to stay shut, knowing what he knows and believes about covid-19? Why does he offer somebody else the poison that he would not take himself, albeit with cunning hypocritical double standard? Does he truly feel MORALLY JUSTIFIED to encourage other people and their families to congregate in the same churches that he would not enter with his own family? Are leaders not supposed to lead by example? Are war generals not supposed to be in the battle trenches with their soldiers? Did Peter, Paul, and the rest of Christ’s disciples that Adeboye is supposed to emulate not lead by example, huh, huh, huh???

        3) Finally, is Adeboye aware of THE FACT (contained in his bible), that the God that he “serves” actually commanded His people, the ancient Israelites, to lock themselves up inside their homes, when a plague similar to covid-19 happened?

I will now give my own No Bullshitting answers to these questions, but I wanno first say that this is not necessarily or primarily about whether or not the religious houses should open for service, though it is, too. I am only interested this time in Adeboye’s senseless error to go public with such hypocritical declaration.

My fundamental POSITION is that true and sincere worship of God does not have to be in church congregations, meeeeeeen!!!

     In fact, the so-called churches in the contemporary Christendom can be the worst places to worship, anyway, considering all the atrocities committed therein, these days. At a time like this, when it is necessary, all that a Christian, or any other religious person needs, is to follow all the teachings of Jesus, or Prophet Mohammad, that he/she professes to believe in…that’s all, shikena.

        If you congregate, or even live in the church or mosque buildings all day long, or all year long, but you are evil at heart; you ain’t done anything to worship God, meeeeeen!!! On the other hand, if you are what I call a practicing Christian as I try to be, without setting foot in any church or mosque for one day in your life, you have done your own SINCERE WORSHIPING of God, period!!! Anyone who tells you differently, is totally bullshitting you, meeeeeeen!!!

        Of course, if one goes to church for the SINGING and fellowship stuffs when it is reasonable and sensible, and also does the good deeds, too; then that’s great. But, being a church goer without being a practicing Christian is a bunch of bullshit.

        I personally don’t go to church anymore, due to some practices that I hate in contemporary churches. I now define myself as a practicing Christian.

        I define practicing Christian as one that follows the Ten Commandmts, and practices the good deeds that Christ taught, and not just a gaddamn hypocritical church-goer.

Now, I’ll give you my own answers to my three questions to Pastor Adeboye:

       1) Of course, by his own words, Adeboye knows that there is danger in any form of congregation, be it Christian, or not. Otherwise, he would not be scarred to be in his own church.

        2) The answer to my second question is that Adeboye is a business man whose business (his chain of churches) has been affected by covid-19 pandemic, and, like the rest of us, he was hurting financially for as long as church lockdown continued. He has private jets and other flamboyant lifestyle elements to maintain, which cost millions of naira every doggone week. And, he can’t maintain that lifestyle without his regular inflow of tithes, which are stolen funds from “widows and orphans and strangers in the land,” among other needy people, as stated in Deuteronomy 14:22-29.

        Sure, RCCG and the other 419 church businesses have set up online tithe payment systems, but they are not as effective as congregating inside the churches to constantly pound the emotional blackmailing tithe messages into the brains of the gullible flocks.

        Incidentally, Adeboye is one of those that blackmail and brainwash the gullible Christians that failure to pay tithe to pastors is automatic ticket to hellfire.

Please remember that I have never condemned tithe payment. In fact, for me, it is a must. But it is not for crooks in the name of pastors to buy private jets and exortic cars and mansions; instead, it’s commanded by God as a form of social security system, whereby the economically capable persons in the society contribute resources to take care of the needy. Read the Book of Deuteronomy, 14, verses 22 to 29, and it’s there in simple English, or whatever language your bible is…no bullshitting. It was commanded by God to all His Children, long before Christianity and Islam and the rest, and not just Christians. Muslims call it Zacat, and, unlike Christian pastors, Imams do not steal Zacat; no, sir!!! Muslims use zacat to help the poor, exactly as God commanded/commands it. The legendary Robbin Hood of the Sherwood Forest actually performed this duty in his own peculiar radical style, when he robbed the rich to feed the poor.

        Indeed, tithe is definitely not for church building or furnishing either…strictly to take care of the needy, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Since Christian pastors are thieves of tithes, Christians who want to obey God must tithe directly to the true beneficiaries according to God’s command. How? Very simple: pick a brilliant young student (or as many as you can afford) who would drop out of school due to lack of funds, and sponsor them; or feed as many poor people as you can, who go to bed several nights without food, or clothe those who have no clothes on their backs, or shelter the unsheltered; pay hospital bills for some of those poor folks out there who die every doggone day due to inability to afford hospital or simple medicines; help some poor widows and orphans, who are specifically mentioned in Deuteronomy 14:22-29.

I have only mentioned few of all the ways that you can truly tithe, and not giving your money to thieving billionaire pastors to buy jets. By the way, when you read Deuteronomy, you will find that there is actually another form of tithe that you and your family are supposed to eat yourselves. God apparently wants us to feast and make merry in his presence once every year. The passage says that you should invite your pastor (Levite of old) to partake in the feast, and only because “he has no inheritance.” It does not say that the tithe belongs to the thieving pastors. Many of today’s pastors that brainwash you to give your tithe to them have millions of US dollars in their bank accounts, meeeeeen!!!

It may interest you that once upon a visit to Nigeria in 2007, I tried, to no avail, to interview Pastor Adeboye about this tithe matter. The man simply refused to see me, meeeeen!!! I gave up after my fourth visit to his office by the Lagos-Ibadan highway. He knew why I wanted the interview because it was stated in my application letter, which I personally gave to his PA, together with the first edition of my book on the subject. The PA assured me on my first visit that he would arrange the meeting for me, but that was the last  time we met. After he went through my letter and book, it was one excuse after another, and another, and another, until I finally gave up.

        3) My third question to Adeboye is about the biblical fact that God Himself commanded the ancient Israelites, His own special children, to lock themselves up inside their homes for a period during a plague that can be compared to covid-19.

        I end with this point in order to condemn the bullshitting by hypocritical 419 commercial pastors of Nigeria (such as Oyedepo), and their 419 prophesies, who claim to hold meetings with God, and He told them that churches must open to serve Him. They are nothing but crooks preying on the religious emotions of ignorant gullible Christians, to maintain their evil jet-paced flamboyant lifestyles that make total mockery of the humility of the Christ that they are supposed to emulate.

Truly, if Adeboye had any common sense, he would not be so foolish to make such declaration of utmost hypocrisy and selfishness to the world, that he won’t enter the churches that he has opened for his flocks to congregate in. He would have at least pretended, by keeping his selfish decision to himself.

        And, you really don’t want to know what I think of Adeboye’s flocks, who, after his declaration, still go to congregate in his churches…that’s a whole lot of religious bullshitting, meeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!

Here’s a link to Adeboye’s bullshit: https://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2020/06/14/adeboye-says-he-wife-grandkids-will-not-attend-church-for-now/

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