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February 6, 2022

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Hahahahahaaah!!! Folks, I laugh because Nigeria’s Transport Minister, Rotimi Amaechi is now “Dan Amanar Daura.” It’s barely three weeks ago (January 14, 2022) when I blogged on the vanity among Nigerians about titles, and for titles. If you didn’t read it, not to worry; I’ve got it for ya! You may want to go through it first before you continue with today’s part 2. Here is the link to it: https://nobullshiting.com/vanity-upon-vanity-upon-vanity/

Now, folks, that’s what I’m talking about!!! I blogged about Minister Rotimi Amaechi’s terribly questionable character only a couple of days ago (February 4, 2022. You will get to it through this link, if you want: https://nobullshiting.com/nigerias-political-crooks-just-dont-know-where-and-when-to-stop-bullshiting-2/). And, a day after that blog, last night, I got the wind that he has just been “honored” with a big title. The title is said to be one of the highest in President Buhari’s domain, Daura, in Northern Nigeria. Mind you, Amaechi is a southerner, and he received a traditional title in northern Nigeria, meeeeeeen!!!

Now, don’t read me wrongly, though. People do actually receive awards, or honors, or titles across the oceans, on other ends of the world. My problem with such titles and “honors” in Nigeria are the dishonorable socio-political reasons, and the methods involved. I’m not very sure about the north, but if this was in southern Nigeria, I would take a million bucks bet on the foul nature of the title. I would bet that Amaechi must have paid through his nose, in cash or/and in kind, before he received the said title. It most likely ain’t got shit to do with any merits or uprightness, meeeeeeen!!!

Also, I am willing to bet, again, that the “Dan Amanar Daura” title and the hoopla behind it is part of Amaechi’s electioneering for Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election. That is typically Nigerian! The 2023 elections gladiators are spending huge funds and acquiring momentum in the name of “endorsement.” This is more so among the crooks among the gladiators, who believe that they can continue to buy their way into the elected offices. I tell ya, I would be totally ashamed of Nigerians if such crooks become our leaders in 2023. I may only forgive my people if President Buhari refuses to sign our pending Electoral Bill into a law. In that case, I would have no choice, knowing that the crooks would murder Nigerians, as usual, to rig themselves into power. Amaechi has declared his own intention to become a candidate in the presidential race. The “Dan Amanar Daura” turbaning in the domain of our president who has shielded him from crime-prosecution, is obviously one of his electioneering antics, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, if you recall part of my past blog, I did speak of the hypocrisy among contemporary Nigerians regarding titles and accolades. Specifically, I mentioned that titles in Africa used to be strictly by merit, and never given to criminals, in the good old days. Today, titles are “cash-and-carry, and one can carry as many as one can pay for, regardless if one is a worthless criminal.” As I started this piece, I read a statement that is credited to a former Deputy Majority Leader of the Senate (1999 to 2007), Senator Silas Jonathan Zwingina. He is quoted to have said that “The recognition of the Minister of Transportation, Right Honorably Chibuike Amaechi, as the “‘Dan Amanar’ Daura” by the Emirate and people of Daura in Katsina State is not politically motivated. It’s borne out of merits and the outstanding performance and leadership qualities of Amaechi.”

I’m like…Really? Amechi with “merits and outstanding performance and leadership qualities”??? What a laughable statement! Tell that to the Marines, I say! Mr. Deputy Minority Leader has conveniently forgotten all about all the indictments hanging over Amaechi for alleged stealing. I wonder if, and how much he was paid to tell us that bullshit. What a shame meeeeeeen!!!

It just occurred to me that I committed the same “Communication Without Communicating” error that I often criticize/critique. I actually have a series on that in No Bullshiting Blog, with this example: https://nobullshiting.com/communication-without-communicating-part-2/ that I have uploaded so far on this new site. Anyway, my point is that I said an English idiom, “Tell that to the Marines.” I happen to know, for a fact, that many of my readers who are African and live in Africa do not understand the message therein. The full idiom is “Tell it to the Marines, because the sailors won’t believe you.” Only the first part is commonly used in speech.

The Marines in question were Britain’s Royal Marines, not American, as many are wont to assume. The story of the origin is too long for this piece, but it simply denotes that the Marines were naïve enough to believe bullshiting words, and the sailors were too wise to fall for the bullshit. You may wanno ‘tune in’ when I blog on British and American idioms and slangs. Then, you will understand what made a typical Marine naïve, and the typical sailor wiser. All you need presently to know is that I am a “sailor” who is too wise to believe Senator Jonathan Zwingina’s bullshit about Amaechi’s turbaning reasons, I trust, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeen!!!



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