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September 24, 2022



Greetings, folks!

That opening laughter was on the media team of President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria. I’m especially laughing at an old fool whose name is Lai Mohammed. But Nigerians have renamed him Liar Mohammed. This came so natural for two reasons. One is that his Hausa first name ‘Lai,’ is pronounced exactly as the English word, ‘Lie.” The second natural reason for renaming him ‘Lair’ is the fact that he is a chronic and atrocious liar. He has turned himself into a national laughingstock. He’s one of those characters that you can’t believe anything they say. You need to look at your wristwatch to verify his sincerity when he tells you the period of the day. If he says that it’s morning, you’d better check your wristwatch, because it might well be midnight. If I ain’t looking, and Liar Mohammed tells me that an object is ‘black,’ I would be willing to take a wager against that! I would probably bet everything I own, that the object is ‘white’! That’s how bad the dude has become in the past seven-and-odd years.

Mind you, I’m going through all this for the benefit of my teaming global fans. Nigerians already know that I speak facts about Liar Mohammed! Wait a sec, the son of Adam confessed it himself. Once upon a press conference, he made a joke on it. He said that his little grandson once asked him how come that people call him Liar Mohammed. The son of a gun simply enjoys contradicting, and twisting, and bending the truth about Buhari, until the poor truth completely breaks into pieces, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Not to worry, I will get to my reason for laughing at Liar Mohammed, in due time. You probably have guessed from my titling anyway. Now, for my readers who may not know, I’m talking about the dude who Nigerians call Nigeria’s Information Minister. Nigeria’s Information Minister my ass!!! The son of a gun is Buhari’s Chief Propagandist! He is not working for Nigeria and Nigerians as our constitution requires him to do! He’s the dude who tells the world, that “Mohammadu Buhari is the best thing that has happened to Nigeria since independence.” Even idiots all over the world can tell you that he is a liar to say that! On the contrary, Buhari is worse than the worst hurricane that ever hit any country in the world! The entire world does know the reality of the present hell in Nigeria. The world knows that Liar Mohammed’s propaganda lies are evil, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

The fundamental extreme contradiction of known facts justifies my calling him an evil propagandist! I dare him to sue me to court, meeen! With his known extreme lies, any uncompromised judge would rule on my behalf against him in court. The judge does know about Liar Mohammed’s lies, too! The judge also suffers the hell that Liar Mohammed is telling the world that it does not exist in Nigeria now! The delusional, lying motherfucker virtually tells us that Buhari is among the seven wonders that have happened to the world since Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

And now, let’s gradually approach my earlier promise to tell you why I was laughing at Liar Mohammed. Recently, President Mohammadu Buhari said that his media aides do not promote his achievements. I agreed with him, right away! Of course, the trio of Shehu Garba, Femi Adesina, and the king of all liars in Nigeria, Liar Mohammed, do not promote Buhari’s legacy/achievement. He has truly achieved quite a number of feats in his 7-and-odd years in office. And Liar Mohammed and co are lying to the world about his legacy. Yes, in a very ironic way, Liar Mohammed and Femi Adesina, truly, are not ‘promoting’ Buhari’s legacy/achievements, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Please note the ironic fact that a legacy or an achievement can be good, or bad. Umm huh! President Buhari does have a legacy and record-breaking achievements to ‘celebrate,’ albeit in all the terrible ways! For instance, it’s not an easy feat to beat the record of the late General Sani Abacha in autocracy and illegality in rulership; is it? Buhari has beaten that record, and it’s an achievement/legacy! What’s more, Buhari is a civilian president in a democracy, and Abacha was ruling as a military Head of State. Yet, Buhari has been more autocratically lawless in a democracy, than General Abacha ever was in his military rule. That’s an achievement/record by Buhari!!

He has also broken any existing record as the most religiously bigoted and the most clannish ruler that Nigeria has ever had. That’s another achievement/record for Mr. President!!!

Buhari broke another record as the president who has ruled Nigeria into being the “poverty capital of the world.” No other president in the history of Nigeria has ever achieved this terrible negative feat. Nigeria had never been this poor in her entire history. She had never held this record, ever! So, that’s another record-breaking achievement by Mr. President!!!!

The worst security problem that Nigeria has ever faced is also during Buhari’s reign as a lawless, clueless, terrorists-sympathizer. That’s another achievement/record!!!!!

And we can’t horridly forget about Buhari’s record-breaking achievement of ruling Nigeria into the most ethno-religiously divided condition that she has ever been, meeeeeeeen!!!!!!

Mind you, the presidential candidate of Buhari’s APC party, Bola Tinubu, is proud to announce to us that he will “continue Buhari’s legacy.” I have said it time without number that I will not enter Nigeria again for a long time if my people actually vote Tinubu as president in 2023.  Anyway, as I said, a legacy is a legacy, whether it is a positive or a negative legacy! It’s time to tell you why I laughed and still laugh at Minister Liar Mohammed. The foolish old son of a gun has been lying his ass off in his evil propaganda for Buhari. He has been negating every fact that I mentioned above about Buhari. All those factual ‘evil-black’ elements of Buhari’s misrule, Liar Mohammed and Femi Adesina, and co, have painted into false ‘lily-white” for Buhari.

Now, here’s the funny laughable thing about Buhari’s recent statement, as it relates to Liar Mohammed. While Liar Mohammed is busy painting Buhari’s true ‘terribly-black’ image into ‘lily-white,’ Buhari says that the liar is not doing enough promoting of his achievements. The “achievements” that Buhari spoke of obviously exist only in his delusional world. Those are phantom achievements that he cooks up in his own mind. He has gotten Liar Mohammed and his propaganda gang to sell his delusional achievements to the world. Whatever good that Mr. President believes that he has done for Nigeria, nobody else but he and his evil propagandists seem to see the phantom achievements! And yet, Buhari has just told us that he hasn’t seen any good promoting of his achievements by his media team, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

This got me into my wild, crazy thinking. I analyze the admonition to mean one of two things. One possibility is that Buhari is saying that Mr. Liar Mohammed is not lying enough for him. He wants him to tell the world more atrocious lies to launder his ineptitude and failures. Here’s the second possible implication of Buhari’s statement. It takes me back to my previous commentaries on my understanding of the man called Buhari. But, this time, I am only making a joke out of that personality that I do sincerely believe to know. The basis of the joke is the fact that Buhari is very insensitive to public feelings. Buhari does what Buhari wants to do, period! Anyway, that’s the end of the fact; the rest is my satire out of the fact, comprising a lot of my ‘maybes.

So, here is what people may not understand. Maybe Buhari enjoys the negative achievements that I have listed above as examples of his terrible legacy. Rather than shut the fuck up, Mr. Liar Mohammed and his evil gang of propagandists are virtually lying their asses off as they deny those Buhari failures. They are telling the world that he is the best thing that has ever happened to Nigeria, and the best thing to happen to the world since Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad. Maybe, just maybe, Buhari doesn’t want Liar Mohammed to lie for him. Maybe Buhari gets some kicks out of hurting Nigerians, and Liar Mohammed is spoiling his joy by lying that he is performing well. Maybe, just maybe, Buhari is offended that Liar Mohammed is making him to look too good for his liking. Weird things do happen in this world, you know! The world does have sadists, who are only happy when they’re making people suffer and sad, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

If you’re my regular reader, you may recall that I have often said that Buhari seems to enjoy it when people know that he is being bigoted, clannish, and mean to Nigerians. So, he probably wants Liar Mohammed to stop deceiving the world that he is improving Nigeria. Maybe he would rather have Liar Mohammed and co to tell the world about the damages that he is doing to Nigeria. Maybe, projecting his damages would make him feel good. But instead, the motherfuckers are busy lying their asses off, praising him as a great performer in economy, security, and everything else. They call him the best thing that has ever happened to Nigeria in governance. Maybe, what they don’t understand is that Mr. President probably doesn’t want to be seen as a good president of the people of Nigeria. Maybe he wants Liar Mohammed to praise him as a great Fulani president. Maybe he wants Liar Mohammed to promote the fact that he (Buhari) is trying to grab everything that he can in Nigeria for his Fulani race. Maybe that would raise his status among the Fulani oligarchs of Nigeria and beyond.

Why all those ‘maybes,’ you may rightly query. Well, because nothing else makes sense to me upon hearing Buhari’s recent admonishment. It doesn’t make sense to me at all! Not after all the lies that Liar Mohammed has disgraced himself with, in his evil propaganda to launder Buhari’s ineptitude and humongous failures! So, I had to come up with the foregoing tragi-comic postulations. I had to wonder why he would say that his media team doesn’t promote his achievements enough. He said this while commissioning one road project or so, in Imo State of southeast Nigeria. “What achievements?” I first asked myself. Maybe the construction of a small-town road or two by an APC governor is another great milestone in his phantom achievements. Then, I decided to dig into his insensitive mind to construct my tragicomedy of maybes.

You must wanno know what all those tragi-comedy postulations are all about. Well, just a frantic but futile effort to make some sense out of some nonsense. I’ll tell ya, at the end of it all, President Buhari’s admonition still beats my imagination to thy kingdom come! Why would the president say that his media team is not promoting his achievements, huh? If I ever imagined that he would speak on media coverage, I would think that he might caution Liar Mohammed to stop lying too much to promote him. But here we are! Mr. President seems to have said that Liar Mohammed ain’t even lying enough for him yet! So, I laugh at Liar Mohammed because the beneficiary of all his evil lies neither even recognizes nor appreciates him, meeeeee…hahahahaaaa!!!

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