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March 6, 2022

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Today’s NBB Praise-Worship Sunday-Sunday Medicine is truly a praise worship, not about requesting favors from God. I bring you the mellow, sweet music and song of Lenny LeBlanc, titled, “Above All Powers.” It’s a show of appreciation for the goodness of God, the king who is above all kings, and above all powers. And then, it appreciates the supreme sacrifice of Christ.

As always, before I send the Sunday medicine your way, I do have my brief philosophical titbit message. It was inspired by the very first message that I saw as I opened my WhatsApp this morning. I am chuckling now as I recall what Nigeria’s funky pastors would claim, if they were giving you this as their story. Um huh, our tithe-stealing, commercial, funky pastors would swear on the pulpit as they claim that God gave them the message. The motherfuckers claim to hold gazillion conversations with God every fucking day, yet, many commit all manner of evil, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, though; I do believe that God speaks to us, his children. To do this sometimes, He makes certain things to happen in certain ways. The problem is that, most times, we ain’t got no doggone idea that He’s the one speaking to us. I’ll give you an example: You are driving on a freeway, or highway. As you get to the exit ramp to the road to your house, you miss and pass the exit. Let’s take it to the next level, and say that you miss the exit because something odd happens. For instance, momentarily, a thought of one thing or the other drops on your mind. In that brief moment, your mind forgets to even think of any exit, let alone your own exit. The exact situations and conditions are various, of course. My point is that every human cannot be like the ancient Moses and Elisha, and their likes, who God certifiably spoke to, or spoke with. The rest of us have to make do with consciously making effort to read or hear God’s silent directions. I do believe that it does happens sometimes, meeeeeeeen!!!

Some motorists would quickly make effort to still take that exit, especially if they are not yet too far away from it. Some may even get into unnecessary trouble as they insist to take the exit. Most often, when I’m in my right senses, I won’t insist on that exit. Not as long as there is still another exit ahead. This dude here can sometimes see a divine hand in it. I believe that God is probably telling me not to take that exit today. He’s not just telling, but actually veering me away from the exit. If I take it, I may meet harm; so, He veers me away from the harm. I can spare the time to go the extra miles today in taking the next exit, and then double back, meeeeeeen1!!

Anyway, enough about the little, tiny, itsy-bitsy ways that God may be speaking to us, but we don’t always understand. No wonder, the prayer for “discerning mind” is a good one. Let’s get back to my little swipe at Nigeria’s tithe-stealing funky pastors. I’m saying that they need to tell a bunch of lies in order to brainwash their flocks to believe that they possess the powers of God. Heck, some really hooked Pentecostal Christians actually worship the crooks that they call pastors, even more than they worship God Himself. This image is very important to them. They need in order to brainwash the flocks to pay tithe to them. And then, they steal the tithe to live flamboyant lifestyles.

I continue to lament that Pentecostal pastors lifestyles make a mockery of the humility of the non-materialistic Christ who they claim to serve. Yap, their bunch of lies in their so-called conversations with God are getting out of hand. I can tell you that 99 percent of them, maybe even more, have no better conversation with God than you and I can. Note that my 99% rating means that I do believe that there are true prophets in the world. The problem is that they are very tiny few. The rest are false prophets, and the bible does warn us about them.

The Pentecostal Church has turned Nigeria into their den. We are fast approaching the time when there will be more pastors than the followers in Nigeria. And, hardly do I see any that seems to be a true “man of God,” as their flocks call them. They are all after tithe money to steal, meeeeeeeen!!!

And, if you don’t believe that most Pentecostal pastors are stealing tithe, then go ahead and read Deuteronomy 14, verses 22 to 29. When you read what God commanded/commands us to do with tithe, then please engage me in a mature, constructive, friendly, open-minded debate on the topic. I emphasize the above words to discourage any confrontational outbursts of biased, ignorant, quarrelsome Pentecostal Christians. Such people are never ready to learn any new information that goes against their traditional Christian beliefs and doctrines, many of which are false. Such people completely forget, or they are unaware of my favorite reference fact, which makes their close-mindedness very senseless. And, that’s the fact that humanity once believed that the world was a flat object. If everybody then and now was close-minded, no one would discover that the world is actually a globe, and not a flat object.

I would like whosoever that says that contemporary Pentecostal pastors are not thieves, to answer a couple of questions for me: Why are they diverting tithe from its God’s humanitarian purpose? Why do they put tithe to other uses, including their personal uses? By the way, note that tithe is not even supposed to go into building churches or running churches, or even buying a single piece of furniture for a church. No sir, no ma’am! It is strictly to take care of the needy in the society, meeeeeeeen!!!

So, yes, I have made a joke about my first WhatsApp message of the day, but it could have been true. God could have indeed led me to it, you know! He probably actually made sure that it was the first thing that I saw this morning. And He probably ensured that I was inspired to use it today. Folks, I speak of a letter that is said to have been written by a church in Kenya, East Africa, to a financial donor to the church. I have the letter for you to read at the end of this piece. I make a big deal of it because I have never seen or heard of a church that rejected money in contemporary Africa. And, that’s exactly what the letter from the church did. And, you can never guess to whom the letter is addressed. The current Kenyan Vice President, William Samoei Ruto, PhD, that’s who! It’s signed by the Right Reverend Bishop Samuel Kathanga of the AIPCA Gathaithi Church, in Kenya. When you read the letter, you will see the bishops expressed reason for rejecting the donation as unholy.

The name of the church sounds like a Pentecostal church. This is why I can hardly believe it, because Pentecostal churches in Africa are money-monsters. They accept the dirtiest money that they can find. And, of course, when it comes to such notoriety, that’s where Nigeria actually becomes the giant of Africa that we falsely claim to be. Very soon, the number of Pentecostal churches in Nigeria will be enough for one-man-one-church. And, they are all out to make money by any means necessary and possible. Rejection of “questionable money” is nowhere to be found in their evil book of commercialized Christianity.

Well, folks, the AIPCA Gathaithi in Kenya literally told the current Kenyan Vice President to go to hell with his dirty money. The bishop told him that the church believes that the source of his money is questionable. Hence, he rejects it. We’re talking about one million and two hundred thousand Kenya Shillings. That’s just under 10 thousand US dollars, meeeeeeeeen!!!

In Nigeria, Pentecostal funky pastors actually chase after money from crooked leaders, who they know, for sure, that their money is rotten. They go as far as proclaiming false visions for them, in order to attract the money. Some Catholic and Anglican priests have also joined the rat-race. They do whatever it takes for money, no matter how dirty the sources. I do know an Anglican priest in my own village, one Reverend Emeka Aralu, who practically sold his soul for dirty money in my community. And, a Catholic Church Reverend Father called Father Mbaka is very radical in his own quest. He goes as far as openly lambasting governors and presidents who fail to “reward” him for his so-called prophecies on their behalf. Mind you, overwhelming majority of the man’s so-called prophecies turn out to be false. The only one that I ever heard to come true was an easy prediction. I also predicted that one correctly, too. So did even near-idiots. Yet, the sinful son of Adam and Eve who brought sin into the world wants to be rewarded with contracts for predictions that he called prophecies.

          I have blogged about Mbaka more than once. In one of them, I was very pissed off with him for lambasting President Buhari. And, I was so pissed off for the reason that the motherfucker had been Buhari’s constant praise-singer on his pulpit earlier. He came up with his false prophecy that Buhari was God’s chosen, and shit like that. And, when Buhari refused to invite him to Aso Rock Villa for “rewarding” chat, the mad man got pissed off. He told us, “God has asked me to withdraw my support for Buhari and prophesy against him.” What arrant blasphemous nonsense! Here’s the link to my response to that madness: https://nobullshiting.com/sunday-sunday-medicine-have-mercy-by-mighty-diamond/

Let’s cite just one more example to end this piece. I have a story of one of the biggest scammers who are called Pentecostal pastors for ya! I speak of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. His own reception of dirty money made news, several times, especially in the early 2000s. I will cite just one, about a staff of EIB International Bank in Lagos. The fool donated ten million naira (about 80,000 USD at the time) that he stole from the bank to Oyakhilome’s church. And, believe it, or not, the fool did not own any automobile, nor a house. Yet, he stole the money not to purchase those necessities. Instead, he donated it to a church that is run by a man that owns private jets and mansions.

Now pay attention to this. The banker’s crime was exposed and the bank asked Pastor Oyakhilome to return the donation. The motherfucker simply said no, he wasn’t returning shit! His excuse was that the money “was not spent on tangible assets that could be sold to recover the sum.” He said that it was not the church’s policy to refund such funds from another unrelated source. Now, how about that for morality! And, how about that for impunity!!!

Finally, the medicine of the day for ya! The song and music of Lenny LeBlanc: https://youtu.be/5_cxhf5ISeg

Also, here’s the letter of rejection of “questionable money” by AIPCA Gathaithi Church, in Kenya:

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