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Note: First published on June 27, 2020. The “published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking the piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

The figures in the list below are said to be the examination “cut off points (marks),” which qualify students in Nigeria into the nation’s Unity (public) Schools. It was published by Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Education, and, it has disparity in scores, according to states of the federation. I will set the stage by explaining the list. The first name on each item is the name of one of Nigeria’s federating 36 states. And there is one for Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. The name of the state is followed by the points that a student of the named state must score in order to gain entrance into high education institute. My non-Nigerian readers need to understand that the lowest scores in the list are for northern Nigerian students. So, most of the states with lowest scores are northern. This means that northern students are admitted into schools with much less academic scores than their southern counterparts. Also, in some states, the females are allowed into schools with less scores than the males. Note that some are under 10 points, as low as just 2 points, or just above 10. Those are all for northern students.

Naturally, I asked; “What the fuck is such disparity in scores all about?:

“Northerners are less educated,” I was told.

“So fucking what?” I countered. “So, the northern leaders in power actually believe that they are doing their students a favor by making them academically lazy?” I fumed. This is a good point to bring in the score list, before I embellish and then conclude my position, thus:

Abia State – Male(130) Female(130)

Adamawa State– Male(62) Female(62)

Akwa-Ibom State – Male(123) Female(123)

Anambra State– Male(139) Female(139)

Bauchi State– Male(35) Female(35)

Bayelsa State– Male(72) Female(72)

BenueState – Male(111) Female(111)

Borno State– Male(45) Female(45)

Cross-Rivers State– Male(97) Female(97)

Delta State– Male(131) Female(131)

Ebonyi State– Male(112) Female(112)

Edo State– Male(127) Female(127)

Ekiti State– Male(119) Female(119)

Enugu State– Male(134) Female(134)

Gombe State– Male(58) Female(58)

Imo State– Male(138) Female(138)

Jigawa State– Male(44) Female(44)

Kaduna State– Male(91) Female (91)

Kano State– Male(67) Female(67)

Kastina State– Male(60) Female(60)

Kebbi State– Male(9) Female(20)

Kogi State– Male(119) Female(119)

Kwara State– Male(123) Female(123)

Lagos State– Male(133) Female(133)

Nassarawa State– Male(58) Female(58)

Niger State– Male(93) Female(93)

Ogun State– Male(131) Female(131)

Ondo State– Male(126) Female(126)

Osun State– Male(127) Female(127)

Oyo State– Male(127) Female(127)

Plateau State– Male(97) Female(97)

Rivers State– Male(118) Female(118)

Sokoto State– Male(9) Female(13)

Taraba State– Male(3) Female(11)

Yobe State– Male(2) Female(27)

Zamfara tate– Male(4) Female(2)

FCT Abuja – Male(90) Female(90)

Now, to embellish my beef with the northern leaders who are currently in political and leadership power in Nigeria. Putting it bluntly, whoever among them that came up with such education disparity policy are idiots, and I will tell you why, pronto! They are idiots because they are destroying their children. They are making them academically lazy. It is a very idiotic policy that the northerners must be allowed to get into tertiary education institutions with stupidly lower scores in entrance examinations. They maintain that students in northern Nigeria are too dumb to compete favorably with their southern counterparts. And, their best effort for solutions was to encourage the northern students to be lazy. The architects of this policy are not worthy to be in the leadership positions that they occupy; they are too stupid, meeeeeeen!!!

They are so stupid that they actually believe that they are doing good for the northern youths. Rather than task their youths to catch up in school with their southern counterparts, the motherfuckers in power encourage the students to continue to be dumber. Some southerners call it “injustice” to southern students, because they have to work harder than their northern counterparts in order to enter the same schools. And, I say to the southerners who are complaining, “Weep not about this. Nope, you are totally, absolutely wrong; the injustice is actually to the northern students. Their leaders are destroying them academically. They are making them to be less intelligent than their southern counterparts.”

Naturally, the stupid disparity must reflect in performances between the northern and the southern products of our universities. And, that’s certainly not what Nigeria needs. I, personally, want students of all parts of Nigeria to be the best in the world, without the motherfucking, idiotic north-south dichotomy bullshit. And, the way to do this is to force every student to try their very best to be intelligent. You’d be surprised how good the so-called dumber northern students can quickly catch up when they are properly tasked and encouraged, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

I am a southerner, but I am very pissed off with our northern leaders who came up with this madness, because they are destroying our northern youths. They are too stupid to understand that Nigeria’s protracted north-south dichotomy nepotism-cum-bigotry, and the disputes therein, do not work in the northern favor in this particular matter. In their stupidity to favor their children to easily get into schools, they fail to understand that they are actually destroying our northern students. As for the southern students, it makes them stronger and better, so, the real injustice is actually to the northern youths. Their intelligence is being destroyed by some idiots in power, who idiotically believe that they are doing the youths a favor. That’s what I call a whole bunch bullshiting, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Here’s the link to part 2 on this subject;


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