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February 27, 2022

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Long time, no NBB Praise-Worship Sunday-Sunday Medicine.” I have it for you today, and it is the music of Don Moen of the USA. It’s a long compilation of songs, which he titles Songs For Hope & Healing.” I want to speak on one of some bad doctrines that too many Pentecostal Christian pastors inculcate in their flocks. And, I picked Don Moen’s compilation to suit my topic. I am talking about stupid faith among Nigerian Christians. I have addressed this issue from various perspectives in the past, and you can easily find them here. This time, I want to approach it from the angle of stupid belief in the potency of the word of mouth.

This was incited last night when I listened to another one of Nigeria’s commercial pastors, who I call Funky Pastors. I was browsing the TV when I chanced upon him on a channel, feeding his flock with some “Prophesy By The Word of Mouth” crap. That was the title of his sermon, and the gist is this: “No matter what you are going through; all is well.” On the contrary, Don Moen’s music, today’s Sunday Medicine, talks about “Hope and healing.” Unlike Nigerian pastors, Moen’s songs talks realistic faith. They do not lie to you that all is well. Instead, they tell you to have hope, and, with faith and prayers, you will be healed of your ailments. They do not lie that you’re already healed, while you are still ill, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

My regular fans already know the history of, and the reason for NBB Sunday-Sunday Medicine mini-series. If you are new, and you don’t know, not to worry. The background information is still yours for the asking. The link to the past edition that contains it is at the end of this piece. Meanwhile, I can briefly tell you the idea behind Sunday-Sunday Medicine Praise Worship series. It is to show my Christian fans that I am not a blasphemer; that I definitely believe in God. Yeah, I know, I just dug the hole deeper for myself. Of course, you now wanno know why I need to prove to my fans that I am not a blasphemer; right? You will have to visit the previous edition that I have mentioned, through the link below. I can tell you now that it has to do with NBB’s “radical” criticism of the contemporary Christian clergy, especially the Pentecostal pastors. My main beef with them is that they have commercialized Christianity. They have turned the Christian Church into their jet-paced business franchises, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Yes, indeed, I am quite hard on erring pastors, as well as their ignorant flocks who they brainwash and mislead in Christianity. But, I am definitely not blasphemous. Only ignorant Pentecostal Christians and the funky pastors that brainwash them claim that I am, because I condemn the tithe-stealing pastors. I stopped going to church because I can no longer stand the commercialization and the other evils therein. And, since I do believe in the teachings of Christ as a way to Godliness, I opt to call myself a Practicing Christian. All I need is to make effort to follow the teachings of Christ, and God’s Ten Commandments, without going to church. I started the Sunday-Sunday Medicine series just to share my kind of worship with NBB readers. My own worshiping happens in my home, comprising Praise Worship music, meditation, and prayers. I play my gospel songs for a couple of hours, or longer sometimes, with my spirit tuned to God. I dance some of the danceable gospel music, and this doubles as my physical exercise for the day. And then, I kneel down and pray.

Well, enough of the background info. And, time to embellish my condemnation of the “All is well” bullshit of Pentecostal Christians. Surely, I do believe in motivational speeches. Yap, I do believe in the power of positivity in what comes out of our mouths. Nope, it is not good to speak negativity onto our lives. And, yap, it is great to be positive and optimistic when one talks about one’s life. But, please, don’t give me the crap that I often hear from the mouths of some so-called Christian pastors in Nigeria today, meeen!!! I listened to one of such crap yesterday, on TV, from one of those funky pastors. The dude titled his sermon “Prophesy By The Word Of Mouth.” His gist was that his flock must never say that things are bad for them, even when they are in terrible situations. The motherfucker is obviously living large with the “tithe” that he emotionally extorts from his flock. So, he can afford to recite their stupid “All is we’ll, even inside a well” bullshit, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

You know, some of those who have bought that misguided definition of prophesying that all is well, truly don’t know when to become sensible. I mean, what do you think of a person who comes to seek financial favor from you because he/she is dying of hunger. And he or she does not hesitate to tell you that “It is well.” So, I’m like…Fool, if all is well for you; why the fuck do you come bothering me for help. All is not perfectly well for me, I’m just barely okay. But I would probably share some of what I’ve got with you, but not when you tell me that all is well for you. You come to ask for help from me; all is well for, and all is not quite well for me. Are you out of your fucking mind? I would kick your butt out of my sight if I could, meeeeeeeeen?!!!

All is not well, motherfucker, and lying about your sufferance in the name of prophesying wellness in your life is absolutely stupid! If you want to be sensible, admit that you do have a problem or problems, and then prophesy that “All will be well soon, by the grace of God.” Your positivity comes from your belief that you will soon be okay, and certainly not by lying that all is well while you are going through hell. Bear in mind that no problem gets solved, spiritually or physically, if the person with the problem refuses to admit that it does exist. As you believe that the God of health and wealth will hear your “It is well,” call it faith, and then He will make everything cool and dandy; how about the opposite possibility? As I always say, maybe the gods of wealth and health who the Almighty God delegates to solve some human problems, believe that all is well for you when you say it. So, they leave you and move on to help the next guy who declares that he/she needs help. Think properly about it, and you’re likely to agree that I ain’t bullshiting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

And, here’s the link to NBB’s Praise Worship Sunday-Sunday Medicine for today. It’s the music of Don Moen, titled “Songs For Hope & Healing”: https://youtu.be/vEfblYYR8Hc

Here’s the link to the Sunday-Sunday Medicine edition that speaks more on the reason for this mini series: https://nobullshiting.com/sunday-sunday-medicine-im-not-ashamed-of-the-gospel-of-jah-by-shasha-marley/

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