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April 24, 2022

This is “No Bullshitting,” addressing “The stupidity of ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Doctrine, Part 2,” in today’s NBB Sunday-Sunday Medicine, the Christian Praise Worship. Greetings, folks!

No Bullshitting Blog (NBB) is pledging a total solidarity today with the global call to stop violence against women, in no-bullshitting style. This is another edition of No Bullshitting Blog (NBB) “Praise Worship,” through gospel music and songs. We call the songs, NBB “Sunday-Sunday Medicine.”

As usual, I have my little philosophical tit-bit prelude to today’s Sunday Medicine. Today’s medicine is in memory of the recent casualty-victim of Domestic Violence in Nigeria. I have “The Cry” for ya, by the late victim herself, the popular Nigerian gospel music star, “Osinachi.” My titbit focus is the nonsensical “‘Til Death Do Us Part” Christian doctrine.

Osinachi’s The Cry is a very soulful gospel music and song. She is currently trending as a casualty-victim of domestic violence. Indeed, her case is a classical demonstration of the sad fact that some masochistic fools actually take that nonsensical Christian marital doctrine literally, all the way! Like many of such fools, Osinachi stayed married to her abusive husband for donkey years of physical and emotional torture. She was too foolish to quit, until her death finally did them part, through his hands.

I have to tell ya, in my book, such women are masochistic idiots. Um huh, they are the ones who want to stay in marriage and get battered every day. Like Osinachi, many of such fools are eventually battered to death. If that’s not masochism, then I wonder what is! For my readers who may not know, a masochist is a person who enjoys torture and pain. It is primarily related to sex. So, it is said that a masochist is one who derives sexual gratification from their own pain. Unbelievable as it may sound, there are actually women who don’t enjoy sex if they are not in some kind of pain…an absolute fact! Yeah, men, too; but more women than men. And, to be frank with you, I don’t really cry over a woman that saw death and chose it over life. I can’t cry over anybody who is too stupid to quit a deadly marriage, meeeeeeeeen!!!

The Christian Religion is supposed to free Christians from shackles, including ones like masochism. But sadly, what we have among some misguided Christians is the exact opposite! The nonsensical Christian doctrine of “‘Til Death Do Us Part” in marriage is a perfect example. Misguided masochistic Christian women tend to hide behind this stupid doctrine to live in hell. They allow their evil husbands to completely enslave and batter them every fucking day! They do this in the crazy name of ‘Till-death-do-us-part Christian doctrine, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

I started this blog last night out of anger. I got angry listening to one of those  masochistic fools that I speak of. I listened to a young lady on TV, who allowed her husband to terrorize and batter her for several years. She had physical deformation marks all over her body to show for it. At a point, I wanted to turn off the TV because my disgust turned into a fury. I stayed on only for the benefit of citing the story for this blog. And then, I truly got furious when she got to the part that her mama made her do it. Her idiotic mother was presented with a situation of choosing between what her church members would say if her daughter left her husband, and saving her daughter’s life. And, the motherfucker was more interested in what her church members would say. The idiot didn’t give a fuck about her daughter’s life!, meeeeeeeen!!!

The death actually did almost do them part more than once, when she was rushed to hospitals at the point of near death. Yet, each time, her evil idiotic mother forced her to stay in the marriage. She emotionally blackmailed her daughter with that nonsensical “‘Til death do us part Christian doctrine. “Marriage is ‘Til death do you part’ my daughter,” she always told her. At this point of the story, I now got confused who to direct my anger at. Should I be more angry with the idiotic mother who valued her nonsensical and hypocritical Christian doctrine than her daughter’s life? Or, should I be angry with the masochistic fool who continued to go through hell because mama said so, meeeeeeeeen?!!!

Apparently, my anger with the young lady did actually overwhelm my anger with her idiotic, hypocritical mama. I found myself yelling at the TV, with something like, “You masochistic fool! Why didn’t you tell your mama to go to hell and fuck herself and your evil husband there, if she wanted to, huh? I highlight the last statement because I truly believe that respect to parents must have some limits. No woman should allow her parents to keep her in a bad marriage. If the parents insist, I hereby declare that neither God nor Christ would fault you if you bluntly tell them to go to hell, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Don’t ever allow yourself to go through such hell in the misguided name of respect to your parents. Such parents are simply evil in the eye of God and Christ. Do tell them that Harry says so, and, God Himself told me so, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

This blog is actually just a conclusion of my two previous blogs on the matter. My position is properly embellish in those previous blogs. You will read my facts to convince you that the “‘Til death do us part” Christian doctrine is nonsensical. They are definitely not from God or Christ. So, please go ahead and click the following link to the previous blogs. Part one will link you to part two: https://nobullshiting.com/the-stupidity-of-til-death-do-us-part-doctrine-part-1/

Of course, you may choose to watch the Sunday medicine of the day first, before going to the blogs, or vise versa. Here’s the soulful Medicine, from Nigeria’s fallen gospel singer, Osinachi. It is titled “The Cry.” When she was alive, she was crying in various ways about the hell that she was going though in the hands of her evil husband, but nobody rescued her:


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

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