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March 13, 2022

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

This is Sunday-Sunday Medicine, the NBB Praise-Worship series. My choice of medicine for today is truly a great favorite of mine, the song and music of Steve Crown. It is titled “You Are Great.” Honestly, whenever I listen to this song I do have goosebumps all over me. I ain’t shitting you. That’s how much the rhythm hits my soul. It’s even better on video. And, of course, it’s all about God. So, He’s the one who is said to be great. But, you already know the drill if you’re an NBB regular. If you’re not, then not to worry, I’ll tell ya, pronto!

Before we get to the sweet medicine of the day, there’s always a little philosophical titbit from yours truly. Today’s edition is on African Culture and the contemporary Christianity. There is no question about it, misguided Christianity is at war with the African culture, as my subtitle says. Yeah, I know, when a pick a particular battle in the “No Bullshiting” war against bullshit, I tend to harp on it, on and on, and on. Yap, I truly do harp on the war that Nigeria’s misguided new-wave Pentecostal Christians are waging against the African Culture. But, hey, it’s necessary, as long as I am looking at the topic from different perspectives each time.

This time, I want to pick it up from the perspective of the Afri-Cultural Entertainment Element, called masquerade. The new-wave anti-culture Pentecostal Christian warriors insist that masquerades are of the devil. This is my cue to bring in the pastor who inspired this piece today. I saw him on TV yesterday as he pursued his church business. I couldn’t get his full name. I only saw it as Pastor Osazuwa. Anyway, the dude actually said a fact, which is contained in the Christian Holy Bible. The fact is that Satan owns nothing in the world. This is contained in the Book of Hagai, chapter 2, verse 8. To be honest, I couldn’t ever recite this passage until Pastor Osazuwa quoted it. Yet, I have always argued for the content, because it’s somewhere there in my reasoning. It says that everything belongs to God. It’s we, the humans, who give things to Satan. In Nigeria, ignorant Pentecostal Christians are giving away our entire African Culture to Satan. They call every element and every tradition of our culture satanic, meeeeeeen!!!

Commonsense should tell anybody that Christ had no problem with culture at all. Um huh, every one of those Christians who are destroying culture should know this fact. And, if they don’t, then it is sad, because the evidence is in the bible that they carry all over the place. It’s a shame that they can quote the bible at the drop of a hat, but they miss out on, or choose to ignore the most important passages.

Christ loved and respected culture, because humanity cannot even live without culture. And, Christ’s first miracle, ever, was at a cultural event. I always bring this up in every one of my comments on this topic. He turned water into wine when the event ran out of wine. He didn’t scatter the event as he did the trading in a Synagogue. He hated the trading, and he scattered it. On the contrary, he loved what was going on at the cultural event, and he supported it with some wine so that it continued. I can’t stop wondering why the destructive Christian bunch do not think about this fact as they destroy the African Culture. They are destroying something that Christ loved, yet they claim that they are fighting for Christ, meeeeeeen!!!

Before I saw Pastor Osazuwa on TV last night, I had already received a video of an Igbo masquerade last week, which is dedicated to serving Christ and God. I had stored it away for a blog someday soon. And, when I saw Pastor Osazuwa, I said to myself…“Self, this is the time!” His words complemented the Christian-Masquerade video; and, together, they agree with my general philosophy on the subject. I have always insisted that the African Masquerades, like everything else, belong to God. There are masquerades in various cultures all over the world, too, and they all belong to God.

Unfortunately, misguided ignorant new-wave Pentecostal Christians of Nigeria suddenly came up with the stupidity that our own masquerades are satanic. Surely, there must be some masquerades that are associated with bad deeds, but so fucking what?! Name any human element that has no bad sides, before confronting me with such infantile argument. There are good and bad in everything, meeeeeeen!!!

Money has satanic applications, but that has not stopped us from using money; has it? Good people use money to do good deeds, and bad people use money for satanic purposes. By the same token, good people see the fundamental cultural entertainment values of masquerades, and bad people may also do satanic things with masquerades. Heck, people always do satanic things without masquerades. Sane people don’t fucking throw away the good with the bad, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, let’s get to the particular masquerade that I have introduced. I am glad that someone has applied the argument that I put forward over ten years ago, when the stupidity of destroying masquerades arose in my village in southeast Nigeria. Any masquerade that sings gospel songs automatically becomes a Christian masquerade. It becomes a Christian instrument to worship God. And, that’s exactly what the one that I have in the following video is. It does not belong to Satan, as misguided Pentecostal Christians want us to believe. All masquerades belong to God; the Pentecostals are the ones offering them to Satan, meeeeeeen!!!

Incidentally, one of the short songs that is sung by the masquerade is just about the same as today’s Sunday Medicine by Steve Crown. Like Steve, the masquerade also sings, “You Are Great,” in a different form, of course. Unfortunately, only the people who understand the Igbo language of southeast Nigeria can understand the masquerade’s songs beyond the first line. They are in Igbo language. To my readers all over the world, just be assured that all the songs that you hear from the masquerade are songs of praises to God. Now, tell me how the fuck somebody wants to tell me that the masquerade belongs to Satan, huh, huh, huh??? Think about it, and you may agree that I ain’t bullshiting, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

And now, here is the link to Steve Crown’s “You Are Great.” It is followed by the video of the masquerade:

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