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March 23, 2022

This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.


Here we go again with Nigeria’s “presidency” of President Mohammadu Buhari and its disgusting blame-game. This is the bullshit that Nigerians have had to listen to, since the inception of Buhari’s “presidency” in 2015. “The presidency” blames its woeful performance in governance on Nigeria’s major opposition political party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). I listened, in vain, for a reason for this claim. All that I heard from “the presidency” and its ruling political party, APC, has been nonsensical excuses. They claim that PDP already damaged Nigeria before 2015 when APC took power. Having told you that this blame-game disgusts me, then you must expect that I have commented on it before. You’re right; I did. Here is the link to my 2019 commentary: https://nobullshiting.com/the-blame-game-of-president-buhari-and-his-apc-part-1/

As I repeatedly say and emphasize the presidency,” you must have guessed that there’s a reason for it. Umm huh! I want to underscore the fact that I hardly hear that Nigeria’s president said this, or said that. It is always “the presidency” saying everything, presumably as tele-guided by the ruling cabal. I mean, I often hear that President Joe Biden of America said this, or said that. I hear that Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain said this, or said that. Next-door neighbor’s president of Cameroon says this, or says that. And, the same about other heads of states, except Nigeria’s current head of state. It’s always “the presidency” said this, or said that. This time, “the presidency” of Nigeria has said that the PDP is plotting to destabilize Nigeria. And, it will hold the PDP responsible if Nigeria becomes destabilized.

I will quote one of my news sources, thus: “The Presidency on Tuesday (March 22, 2023) chided the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, over its comment on the economic situation in the country, accusing the party of plotting to destabilize Nigeria.”

Then, the news continues that, “The Presidency also said that Nigerians are not ready for another PDP ‘misrule,’ not now, and perhaps not for a long time to come.”

Hahahahahahaaah!!! Honestly, this laughter is not fake. It’s truly heart-felt, because the second paragraph in that quotation is so laughable, meeeeeeen!!!

Umm huh; it is quite laughable that Nigeria’s current “presidency” and the ruling political party, the APC, have this pipe-dream that APC will continue in power after 2023 presidential election. Well, actually, I shouldn’t call it a pipe-dream; rather, it is foolish wishful thinking gone bizarre! Yap, foolish wishful thinking, of course, because the APC and “the presidency know that they have performed woefully. They know that Nigerians can’t wait to kick them out at the poll in 2023. Now, in their typical blame-game since 2015, they are sounding so infantile to claim that “Nigerians are not ready for another PDP misrule, not now, and perhaps not for a long time.” So, they are telling us that Nigerians want the APC to continue in power. Wow! What a figment of imagination, meeeeeeeen!!!

Don’t get me wrong, though. I am not saying that Nigerians want the PDP in power. Not really! APC and PDP are actually exactly the same pack of bullshiters and terrible leaders. They are only recycling themselves. Worse than ordinary street prostitutes, they jump from one terrible ‘bed’ called PDP, to another humongous terrible ‘bed’ called APC. Yeah, I have just reminded myself to blog about the recent bold and great court judgement in Nigeria. It’s the best thing that has happened in Nigeria’s politics in a long time. I speak of the judgement against the disgusting prostitution of Nigerian politicians who jump from one party to another, at the drop of a hat. Anyway, my point now is that Nigerians would rather have a candidate for presidency in 2023, who is neither a PDP member, nor an APC member.

My last blog of March 21, 2022 was about the fact that Nigeria has totally collapsed under President Buhari and his APC party. In spite of this fact, APC still has this pipe-dream that it is going to win the 2023 presidential race. That’s where my thematic question of that blog became pertinent. I asked, “Does APC know any trick that Nigerians are not aware of.” The question became/becomes pertinent because it is clear that Nigerians hate APC due to its woeful failure in governance. And yet, for some strange inexplicable reason, the same APC has its pipe-dream of continuing in power in 2023. As usual, I have the link to that blog for ya, thus: https://nobullshiting.com/nigerias-criminal-power-of-incumbency-part-2/

Now, “the presidency” and its party are once again in their blame game that started since 2015. They had told us in 2014, in their electioneering lies, that they wanted power to bring a major change in the socio-political and economic misfortune of Nigerians. When they came into power in 2015, their tune changed to this infantile blame game that I complain about. They have paid more attention to blaming the opposition party, the PDP, than they have done to quality governance. Hence, the change that they had promised has become a change from bad to terrible situation for Nigerians! We asked them how come we were not seeing the positive “change” that they had promised us. And, their response has been that PDP had performed so badly before they took power. My first reaction to this blame-game when it started in 2016, as you will find in the blog referenced above, was absolute shock, meeeeeeen!!!

Yeah, shocked, because I was like…”Hold on just one fucking minute, motherfuckers! Of course, we know that PDP did some damages, thanks to Olusegun Obasanjo’s terrible foundation. But, ain’t that exactly why we voted you in when you told us that you were coming to bring a change? So, what the fuck are you talking about now, huh, huh, huh? Stop your fucking blame-game already, and give us the doggone change that you promised, already, I mean, like yesterday already, meeeeeeen!!!”

Now, let’s check out the reason for Nigeria’s presidency’s claim that “PDP is planning to destabilize Nigeria.” PDP said that “President Buhari needs to be reminded of his duty to Nigerians, to in the least, show some empathy, competence, and concern as our country rapidly drifts towards a looming precipice. The frustration in the country is already degenerating into a nationwide restiveness that may result in the breakdown of Law and Order if allowed to fester.”

Hello! Somebody, please wake me up and tell me that I was dreaming, would you! So, APC is saying that PDP is “planning” to destabilize Nigeria because of the above comment? Where the fuck have these people been all this while, huh? You mean, they don’t know what the PDP is talking about? And, you wanno tell me that they still live in Nigeria? They don’t know that Nigerians are dying of hunger and all other socio-economic hardship because everything has broken down in the country? You mean, the APC leaders needed the PDP to inform them that “a hungry man is an angry man”? They didn’t know that Nigerians are so angry now, that law and order may soon completely break down? Heck, the doggone law and order already broke down, with hungry masses turning into terrorists and bandits. Sadly, though, the terrorists and bandits are victimizing innocent hungry Nigerians like themselves. They are not really attacking the criminal leaders that destroyed the country, meeeeeeen!!!

Here is another way of putting the barrage of questions that I have above: Are the APC and the presidency saying that the PDP made them to perform so woefully, which is infuriating Nigerians? How did PDP do that? Did the PDP cause everything in the country to crash while the APC is in control for the past seven years? For instance, did the PDP crash the nation’s power grid, which has put the country in darkness for over one month, and still counting? Did PDP cause the current protracted diesel and fuel scarcity in Nigeria? Does the PDP cause the daily massacres by terrorists, which are currently escalating? Did PDP render Buhari’s armed forces impotent against the terrorists? How, how, how? How the fuck is the PDP “plotting to destabilize Nigeria with a simple statement that things are degenerating to a point where anarchy is inevitable, huh, huh, huh??? Can you see, as I see, that Nigeria’s “presidency” and its ruling APC party are truly bullshiting, meeeeeeeeen?!!!

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