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Note: First published on April 19, 2020. The “published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this info is to avoid mistaking the piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Hallelujah, our God is great, Nigeria’s worst enemy is dead!!!!!!!!!

As bad as this blog may sound to some Nigerians (hopefully not many), I preempt my critics by declaring that it is actually very patriotic. Yap, I am a believer in “One Nigeria,” but not without equity and justice for all Nigerians. Now, the Almighty Allah has given me rekindled hope for “One Nigeria” by removing the man that threatened the existence of “One Nigeria,” and I do rejoice over that. As a patriot, I believe that ‘One Man’ must not be bigger than “One Nigeria.” So, yes, if it was put to a vote to choose between the two, I wouldn’t hesitate one moment to vote in favor of getting rid of “One Man” to save “One Nigeria.” And, this makes me a very patriotic Nigerian, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Yes, indeed, covid-19 has finally taken the nation’s apparent incarnate of the devil, President Buhari’s Chief of Staff (or de-facto president), Abba Kyari. And, all peace-loving citizens of Nigeria should hit the streets in masses and rejoice that God has delivered Nigeria. This should be done in memory of all the citizens that died prematurely or suffered in various ways during the reign of Abba Kyari. Believe it or not (and this is morally important), I didn’t really wish Kyari dead when he fell ill; no sir, no ma’am!!! I don’t ever wish anybody dead, not even my worst personal enemy. But now that Kyari is dead without any contribution from me, I am happy, in the interest of “One Nigeria.” Don’t expect me to pretend to be sorry that he died; no way!!!

The man virtually killed himself with the same impunity that has almost destroyed Nigeria. He was above the law, and he refused to submit to covid-19 protocol when he traveled. A power-drunk de-facto president challenged covid-19 to a duel and lost; and I am expected to feel anything for him? Forget it, meeeeen!!! Good riddance of bad rubbish, is what I say. Every well-meaning Nigerian who has no personal sentimental attachment to that motherfucker should rejoice that God’s will is done. In His infinite wisdom, God has done it in a way that happens to favor us and “One Nigeria.” Kyari’s divisive ethno-religious injustice with impunity already pushed Nigeria’s non-Fulani tribes to the brink of breaking away from Nigeria.

Celebration of Kyari’s demise should have no tribal and religious boundaries at all among Nigerians. It shouldn’t matter whether you are Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Edo, or any of the three hundred (plus) tribes of our great nation. As long as you want peace, fairness/justice, and progress in “One Nigeria,” you should rejoice the death of Abba Kyari. I already discussed this with over ten friends of mine who are Kyari’s Hausa-Fulani kin. Every one of them expressed joy over the “evil man’s death,” as most of them put it. A Nigerian may rejoice secretly inside if he/she wants or needs to. The important things is that we should all rejoice.

As for me, the spirit of “No Bullshitting” Blog cannot allow me to play the typical bullshitting “political-correctness” game of Nigeria on this matter. I rejoice on roof-top, and I say it exactly as I feel it, no bullshitting!!! With Kyari’s demise, maybe Nigeria will get better after all; and maybe “One Nigeria” will survive after all. With that dude alive, I had lost complete hope for “One Nigeria.” The son of Adam and Eve that brought sin into this world did not even spare his own blood relatives, meeeeeeeeeen!!!!

The great Ahmed Issah of “Human Rights Radio” had told Kyari to his face and on Radio how evil he was; yes, indeed. My no-bullshitting hero, Ahmed Issah did this when Abba Kyari duped Abba Kyari’s own first-cousin in a business transaction. Bluntly stated, it was a 419 scam. Abba Kyari promised his cousin a contract for a bribe fee. The dude transferred the agreed sum into a bank account given to him by Abba Kyari. Abba kept the money, but did not give his cousin the contract. And, of course, even after Ahmed Issah’s public confrontation on Radio and telephone, nobody had the power to query the almighty Kyari. He was the law; he ran Nigeria, not Buhari. He owned Nigeria. In fact the police officers that investigated the victim’s allegation were severely punished. Do you want to know what virtually drove/drives me crazy about this? I’ll tell you with a generic question: What kind of human do you call any man who owns so much wealth, and still has the heart to dupe and deprive the little guys of their small wealth, huh? The devil’s incarnates, I tell you!!! And, I ask:

  • How come all the gazillion evil naira and dollars that Kyari acquired didn’t keep him alive?
  • How come he did not crush covid-19 with his mighty political power, huh?
  • How come his evil political power did not conquer and defeat Mr. Death?

Did I hear somebody say “speak not bad of the dead” or “don’t dance on somebody’s grave”? Bull-doggone-shit, I say!!! If a man was evil, say so when he dies. Forget Nigeria’s bullshitting “political correctness” that cowards hide under to avoid blunt and effective condemnation of evil. Watch out, you will soon be listening to some hypocrites showering this bad dude with stupid encomiums. That’s Nigeria for you!!! The Christian Holy Bible has an important verse, and I’m sure that Islam Qur’an has something similar, too. It says, “evil triumphs when the good people keep quite or do nothing” (Timothy 5:1-2 & Ezekiel 3:17-21). I add that evil also triumphs when so-called good men are hypocrites who circumvent the truth. So, please, don’t give me that nonsensical “speak-no-bad-of-the-dead” crap. Condemn evil people and spit on their graves when they die, meeeeeeeeen!!!

I heard somebody say that we should not rejoice over the death of any person because “we all at one point in time or the other could fall sick, skid, slip, and ultimately die…” bla bla bla? Another bull-fucking-shit, I say!!! I am not rejoicing the death of just any man. I rejoice the death of a terrible man that championed the making of Nigeria into the hell on earth that it is today. I rejoice the death of the man that was pushing Nigeria towards complete destruction and disintegration, which would happen if God did not remove him for us. Have you seen the campaign souvenirs with Kyari’s name, which went public as soon as his death was announced? Apparently, the son of a gun had hidden plans to succeed Buhari as president of Nigeria in 2023. Look what he has done to us as proxy or de-facto president for Buhari! So, imagine what he would have done if he metamorphosed into a legitimatized president through election-rigging in 2023.

Did I hear somebody say “may Abba Kyari’s soul rest in peace”? What soul? Did that motherfucker have any soul? The son of a gun seemed to have none, meeeeeen!!!! And, if he did have a soul, it couldn’t possibly rest in peace. It has gone to pieces in hell, and, hopefully, Nigeria will be in peace.

For the avoidance of ambiguity, please note that I still insist that God did not send covid-19 to consume evil people or “unbelievers,” as some ignorant religious persons believe. It is just a matter of the fact that something good often comes out of something bad, and this is one of those times that it happens. The covid-19 does not discriminate between good and bad people.  In its random rampage, it has saved Nigeria from tyranny and further degeneration of our demo-crazy…I ain’t bullshitting you!!!

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