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Note: First published on November 20, 2019


This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Christmas is here again, with all its wonderful atmosphere of joy. Sadly, it is also time again for the continued destruction of the African Culture in Nigerian villages. It is time again for the madness of some Nigerians, in the ignorant, misguided, mischievous, and insane name of Christianity. They say that Africans have “Ancestral Curse” because our ancestors committed so much evil. Their stupid solution to their concocted problem is to destroy the African Culture. To the idiots I ask: How about Europeans whose ancestors committed worse evil than the African ancestors? How come they never speak of having ancestral curses, huh? And, to those who claim that the African Culture has un-Godly flaws, I ask: What culture in the world has none, meeeeeeeeeen?!!!

As the world grows in knowledge and wisdom, certain traditions in all cultures become obsolete. Such traditions have to be modified or deleted, while the culture and all its good sides remain. We don’t see Europeans or Chinese destroying their own cultures. Only a fool throws his or her baby away because the baby is a little dirty. You wash the baby, throw away the dirty water, and keep your baby. Pentecostal churches in Nigeria are in a culture-destruction madness. Sane Christians must reject this madness, and save the African Culture from extinction.

The African Culture is being destroyed all over Africa for various ignorant and mischievous reasons. Among the reasons is a mad claim that Africa is engulfed in “Ancestral Curse” due to some evil deeds of our ancestors. This madness is more prevalent in Nigeria than any other African countries, for two reasons:

  • Nigeria is the headquarters of the rampaging crooks who are called Pentecostal pastors. I believe that over 99 percent of pastors in Nigeria today are crooks, and I call them Funky Pastors. I have a book on this topic, which I title The Invasion of The Funky Pastors.”The subtitle is “Church Business At War With African Culture.” The bigger the pastors, the more crooked they are. Indeed, the biggest Pentecostal pastors in Nigeria are among the biggest crooks in the country, period! And, some of them are among the richest persons in the world. The culture-destruction rampage emanated from their misguiding interpretation of the scripture to suit their money-making ventures. The fools who they brainwash, obey their instructions to destroy all Afri-Cultural elements, in the stupid name of cleansing. This has gotten most prevalent in Southeast Nigeria.
  • Nigeria is also the headquarters of  gullible, ignorant, indeed, often stupid (zombie-like) miracle-hunting Pentecostal Christians. They are the easy prey of the crooks that they call pastors.

History has it that the ancestors of the Europeans and the other races of the world committed as much evil deeds as the African ancestors, even worse, according to some views. Yet, we never hear those races ever say that their ancestors bequeathed them with any curse. But ignorant Africans who are led by mischievous crooks called pastors, insist that our own ancestors bequeathed or left us with everlasting curse. Their pastors tell them that cleansing rituals must be performed, and they cost money, of course. Those who are crooks know themselves, and I owe them no apology. A true pastor has no reason to be offended by my words. Instead, those few true pastors should speak up against the crooks, meeeeen!!!

Charity begins at home, they say. So my primary interest is to save the African Culture and cultural traditions from the crooks who invade my own village of Akamiri in Nnewi town, Southeast Nigeria. The motherfuckers do this every Christmas season. It is also about saving the African Culture in the entire Nigeria and Africa. Most Pentecostal churches in Nigeria today are business ventures that are set up to defraud gullible ignorant Christians. The so-called pastors are only interested in making money, and Godliness or salvation has nothing to do with it. As long as the crooks continue to promise one crazy miracle or the other, they are in business. Their “born-again” victims will continue to come, and continue to pay.

Yes, indeed; Nigerian Christians have gone absolutely wacko in pursuit of miracles. Rather than work to make an honest living, they prefer to troop to their new-wave Pentecostal churches in search of miracles. The barren are promised “fruit of the womb,” the blind are promised sight, and the poor are promised wealth. However, to acquire the miracle-wealth, the gullible poor fools must empty their bank accounts and their pockets to the crooks, every last naira and kobo!!! They call it “sowing seed,” which is better described as money-doubling ventures by the fools. Some of them actually borrow, or even steal in order to continue paying to the pastors. The crooks come up with all manner of tricks to give them the mirage-hope that the miracles will soon arrive.

I have never heard of any miracles that ever happened; the money is never doubled, nor anything else. How can miracle happen when the brainwashed bunch are worshiping and paying ordinary human beings for miracles that are supposed to come from God? And, of course, God only gives miracles to people that deserve His miracles, by His own standards. Many of those miracle-hunters commit all manner of sins as soon as they step out of the churches. In fact, while inside those churches, many are probably thinking of how to kill their brethren. Others are probably thinking of how to sleep with the wives or husbands of their brothers and their sisters. The list of possibilities can go on forever. Sadly, they believe that miracle will come, as long as they worship their pastors and pay tithe to them, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

It bothers me, but I cannot prevent some fools who want to worship crooks who they call pastors, and give them every naira that they make. I also can’t do much to protect fools who are deceived to believe that all their problems are caused by their own ancestors. Nor can I help fools who are brainwashed to believe that their mamas or papas or children or brothers or sisters or wives or husbands are their spiritual attackers. It also bothers me that the crooks called pastors brainwash the gullible idiots in their churches not to go to doctors to cure themselves when they are sick. They pay the crooks for so-called healing prayers, and they pay them for so-called anointed oil and holly water. But I cannot do much about that either. If the fools choose to die in such stupidity, then, so be it. And, quite a lot do die in that stupidity of shunning hospitals and medication, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

But, it does concern me, and should also concern every African when the Pentecostal fools start destroying our African Culture at the command of the crooks that they call pastors. They are on rampage in my village, Akamiri, for instance, destroying every cultural element of the land. Their casualties include all the ancient historical trees with tourism potential. Their only stupid reason is that some fraudulent pastors say that the trees are possessed by evil spirits and ancestral curses. Mind you, a true anointed pastor would invoke “Holly Ghost Fire” to consume the doggone spirit, and not to cut down the tree. I always say: You fool, if indeed a spirit was in the tree and you chop  the tree into pieces, the spirit simply enters another nearby abode. In fact, in vengeful anger, it might make you the new abode, to torment you as punishment. And then, what do you do next; hack yourself to pieces, too?

We are destroying our culture because it has flaws. But we don’t see Europeans, Americans or Chinese destroying their own cultures. They all have flaws, too. The African Culture is our common heritage, and we must not allow ignorant bunch led by self-serving crooks to destroy it, meeeeeen!!! Our forefathers passed the culture and traditions to  us. At the rate that the Pentecostal Christians are going, we would have nothing to pass on to our children. In fact, we already don’t have much left now to pass on to our children. The crooks called pastors have brainwashed their zombiefied followers that every single problem that they face is caused by “Ancestral Curses.” When a trader’s business goes bad due to business errors that are clear to be his/her fault, he chooses to blame it on “ancestral curse.” If a woman is barren due to understandable biological facts, her family chooses to blame it on “ancestral curse.” And so on, and on, and on!!!

And, of course, the crooks called pastors of the Pentecostal churches have planted the seed of “Ancestral Curse” madness in the people in order to extort money. The game is simple: Make them believe in the ancestral curse bullshit, and then charge them money to pretend to remove the curse, shikena!!! The common tactic is to pretend that there is something hidden somewhere in the location that the crook has chosen. Naturally, they have to show something as evidence, so they plant the evidence themselves. In some hocus-pocus theatrical performance, they produce their concocted, wayo-wayo fake evidence of “ancestral curse.” This trick has been exposed several times, yet, some brainwashed fools are still bringing the crooks into the village every yuletide season.

If only it was possible, the solution to the African (especially Nigerian) religious fraud and stupidity is to ban all Pentecostal churches. I believe Islam has not bought into the culture-annihilation madness; I believe that Muslims are pro-culture. And, to a good extent, the Catholics are pro-African Culture, too. I’ve heard of Catholic churches that feature masquerades in church on special occasions. Nigeria’s key enemies of culture who are merchandising the “ancestral course” rubbish are the new-wave, money-hustling funky pastors of the Pentecostal churches. The more “ancestral curses” they claim to cleanse, the more money the brainwashed fools pay. The Anglican Christians seem to be unsure whether to follow the Catholics, or the Pentecostal churches. And now, the African culture is in clear and present danger of extinction.

Check this out: Once upon an argument with a couple of my Anglican cousins in my village on this matter. I mentioned that the Pope himself would sit and enjoy and clap for performing African masquerades in Rome. Guess what one said: “What do Italians know about Christianity these days?” And the other concurred with: “Yes, na true. Nobi them dey get homosexuals for church? This means, “Yes, it’s true. After all, they have homosexuals in their churches.” What a classical example of Africans being more catholic than the pope!!!” What a bunch of bullshiting, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

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