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June 17, 2022


This is “No Bullshitting,” and I am pissed off today that the madness of Nigeria’s Catholic Reverend Father, Ejike Mbaka, has surfaced again. His recent manifestation of madness is currently the most trending topic in Nigeria today. This is my commentary on the news. Nigerians already know about Father Mbaka. So, some of my words here are actually for my teaming fans around the world. As usual, my perspective is completely different from the perspective of many Nigerians. Whereas they are lambasting the mad man called Father Mbaka, my own problem is more with all the superiors of Mbaka in the Catholic Church. They are all full of shit, because they have failed to call the crazy man to order for too fucking long, meeeeeeeen!!!

One Cornelius Onaga is the bishop of Enugu Diocese of the Catholic Church in southeast Nigeria. He is Father Mbaka’s current boss. And, as I have said, the bishop is madder than the mad Father Mbaka. In fact, Bishop Cornelius Onaga is probably more immoral than Mbaka in this matter. Father Mbaka has been disgracing the Catholic Church with his evil penchant for the pursuit of money by all means possible. Yet, his motherfucking supervising bishop fails to either call him to order, or do whatever it takes to disrobe him from priesthood. In fact, Mbaka should have been sacked entirely from the Catholic Church, if possible.

Once upon a blog, I lambasted the Catholic Church for this same failure to call the mad man to order. Some idiotic, brainwashed, so-called Christians of Nigeria who worship their evil pastors or priests rained insults on me. Some more idiotic ones said that I am an anti-Christ, sent by the devil to fight “men of God.” And I asked; who the fuck is a man of God; Father Mbaka? Man of God, my ass! If Mbaka qualifies as a man of God, then I am the second Jesus Christ. Father Mbaka is a mad greedy business man. He is a Catholic crook, who copied the evil money-hunting immorality of the contemporary Nigerian Pentecostal Christian pastors. He modified the Pentecostal immorality into his own mad brand. The Pentecostal pastors and Mbaka do share a couple of evil commonalities. The first one is, Stealing in the name of the Lord. This is what the Jamaican reggae music star, Max Romeo, said about fake commercial “men of God,” way back in 1976. Not to worry, I have the song for you at the end of this commentary.

Mbaka’s second commonality with Pentecostal pastors is false prophesy. Their false claims that they are representing God’s word in all their criminality is pure evil…downright blasphemous!!! The Catholic principles do not allow the motherfucking Father Mbaka to steal tithe as the criminal Pentecostal pastors do. So, he devised his own peculiar style of using false prophesy to blackmail and coerce Nigerian leaders/rulers to give him money or contracts. His regular criminal pattern is to first come up with his false prophesy to endorse and exalt his targeted leaders. Mind you, he does not “prophesy” that his victims will be elected into the offices, no sir, no ma’am! He only sees his evil false visions after the election of his victims. He tells Nigerians in his televised church services that God told him that a particular leader/victim is the Messiah of Nigeria, or a given state.

Next, he approaches the leader for money, or for construction contracts, to make money. Without mincing words, the motherfucker pointedly demands the contract or money as a payoff for his so-called prophesy that the leader is great. When the leader denies his demand, he withdraws his fake prophesy and lambasts the leader, again, in his televised church services. It does not bother him that his ploy is very childish. He is too stupid to understand that a child of ten years is aware that his comments are vindictive, brought about by the fact that his target refused to pay his blackmail-extortion.

The mad Mbaka played this blackmail scam with President Goodluck Jonathan during his tenure. He has played it on a couple of state governors, too. The last time that I blogged about him was when he tried to blackmail the incumbent President Mohammadu Buhari for a contract. When Buhari became president, Mbaka employed his false prophesy tactic on him. He told us that Buhari was God’s choice as president to save Nigeria. Next, he made his move to approach Buhari for payoff with construction contracts. Typical of the religious bigot and hard-hearted Muslim, Buhari, and his ruling cabal, the presidency rebuffed Mbaka.

Now, listen to this, the motherfucking Mbaka made a 360-degrees turn-around. He shamelessly announced that God has suddenly withdrawn His earlier “endorsement” of Buhari. In other words, God has decided that Buhari is no longer Nigeria’s Messiah. Meanwhile, the Buhari who he had claimed to be God-sent Messiah, has been destroying Nigeria in various ways. This connotes, according to Mbaka, that God is a liar, because, rather than a Messiah for Nigeria, Buhari is a destroyer of Nigeria. I know that non-Nigerians may not believe all this account to be true, but it is true, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Hopefully, you are now beginning to agree with me that Mbaka is indeed a mad man. He is so lucky that our God is such a merciful and tolerant God. If I was God, I would have taught Mbaka a bitter lesson for using my name in vain and falsely. By now, I would have struck the motherfucking crook with a million volts of “Holy Ghost Fire.” Some idiotic Nigerian Pentecostal Christians frivolously beckon on that fire to strike their so-called enemies every fucking day. Father Mbaka deserves it more than anyone, if only I was God, meeeeeeen!!!

This time, Father Mbaka picked Peter Obi for his blackmail-cum-extortion scam. Obi is a former governor of Anambra state of southeast Nigeria. He is currently a candidate in Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election race. I will give you links to news sites with the various relevant reports on Mbaka and Peter Obi at the end of this commentary. The gist of it all is that Peter Obi went to Mbaka’s church bazar. Mbaka tried to coerce Obi to donate some money to his church, as he usually does. Obi declined, and Mbaka’s madness set in. To make the long story short, Mbaka, in his bitterness, publicly announced Obi as a “stingy man” who does not give money to anybody. Mbaka apparently also implied that he would not pray for the success of Obi’s presidential bid. Mind you, this is a motherfucker whose prayers and prophesies never ever come true, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

When the drama was unfolding, I predicted the next action of the mad Mbaka. I told a friend that Mbaka would come up with another one of his vindictive false prophesies against Peter Obi. Sure enough, the crook did not disappoint me. He soon came up with his mad false prophesy. He obviously got enraged by Obi’s rebuff, and he fired his verbal venom at Obi. He said that Obi will never become president of Nigeria. How stupidly and criminally vindictive can this scum of the earth that they call man of God get, meeeeeeen!!!

It truly annoys the hell out of me that the Catholic Church fails to live up to its responsibility in this matter. I believe that something is seriously wrong with the bishop. No wonder, I say that he is madder than the mad Mbaka. Really, how the fuck can any bishop in the Catholic Church claim to be sane, when he has allowed a mad man on rampage to remain as a Reverend Father for so long, huh? If Pope Francis himself happens to know about this madness, and has not had Mbaka disrobed, I would equally call the pope a mad man, too. And, trust me when I say that God and Christ are with me on this one. I do know that many so-called “men-of-God” are far more sinful than some of us who don’t even go to church at all, meeeeeeen!!!

If you know me, then you must know already that I am going somewhere with all this. Yap, I have gone through all that, just to make the point that our clergy must be lambasted when they are wrong. It is my argument, therefore, that the bishop of Enugu Diocese, or whoever the fuck it is that is supposed to call Mbaka to order, is probably as criminally immoral as Mbaka. They are benefitting from Father Mbaka’s criminality of blackmailing and extorting Nigerian leaders and rich people. So, they don’t really want him to stop. All branches of every church, Catholic or not, do pay some of the Sunday offering collections to their headquarters. The crux of my allegation, therefore, is that Bishop Onaga is probably overly enjoying huge contributions from Mbaka’s loots to his headquarters, at the expense of morality in Christianity. He can’t disrobe or fire Mbaka because Mbaka is a big cash-cow for Onaga’s Diocese.

So, Bishop Cornelius Onaga and his people are stupidly repeating the same fucking song that they have been singing each time that their mad dog called Mbaka bites someone. “The Catholic Church, Enugu Diocese, disowns Father Mbaka for his attack on Peter Obi,” they said yesterday, as always. And I’m like, motherfucker, you have sung that idiotic song too many fucking times. If you guys are too stupid to understand the true definition of “disown,” I will tell ya. The only “disown” that is Godly and Christ-like, which makes any sense, is to boot Mbaka out of the Catholic Church, period! Anything short of this is suspect to me, meeeeeeen!!!

Yeah, I know, you probably think now that Harry is going too hard on a “man of God.” Hogwash, I say! When a so-called man of God does not do what looks Godly to me, he has to be told, point-blank. Please don’t blame me if you don’t want to unshackle yourself from the repressive hush-hush mentality of the 13th to the 19th century “Inquisition” Christianity. We are now in modern time Christianity, and popes can no longer burn people alive for speaking the truth, meeeeeeeen!!!


For my readers who may not know, the “Infotainment” segment of NBB is where I give you a little music for the soul. I call it “Infotainment” stands for INFOrming with enterTAINMENT. This time, I wanno entertain you with the reggae music of Jamaica’s Max Romeo. And the information is in the relevancy of the lyrics of the song to my blog topic today. Crooks like Father Mbaka and Pentecostal pastors in Nigeria are “Stealing in the name of the Lord.”

It starts with, “My father’s house of worship has become a den of thieves, stealing in the name of the Lord. They fed our mothers with sour grapes, and set our teeth on edge, stealing in the name of the Lord. Strike the hammer of justice, and set my people free. Strike the hammer of justice, or let my people be. They tell us of heaven, where milk and honey flow, stealing in the name of the Lord.”

I will stop here, and let you hear the rest of the song from the horse’s mouth. Max said all that back in the 20th century, 1976, when Christianity was not even anywhere near the contemporary commercialization. I wonder what Max would have said then if he could predict the criminality of this 21st century Pentecostal Christianity. He couldn’t possibly predict today’s tithe-stealing Pentecostal pastors in Nigeria, such as Enoch Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo, Chris Oyakhilome, and Chris Okotie, to name just the four! These are the crooks who the orthodox Catholic priest, Ejike Mbaka, has copied, in his own peculiar crazy blackmail-cum-extortion style.

Okay now, enough of the Info, here is the Tainment part for ya:


Here are the links to my relevant references:

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This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

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