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Note: First published on February 26, 2020. The “published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this info is to avoid your mistaking the piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

My story of a criminally-insane university Vice Chancellor who thinks that he is running a mafia fiefdom, where law and justice are thwarted through intimidation, continues. As always, I will give you the first story about how it all started at the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) last month, February, 2020. Here’s the link: https://nobullshiting.com/more-of-my-unending-stories-of-criminal-impunity-in-nigeria/

It is said that when you fight corruption, corruption fights you right back!!! Of course, it does, because it is a natural law of self-preservation. The Vice Chancellor of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Professor Greg Nwakoby is truly corruption personified. He is definitely living up to this assertion that corruption fights back. And, when “Mr. Corruption” fights, ‘his’ tools include propaganda of evil slime, half truths and outright lies. Sometimes, “Mr. Corruption” fights back with murder, too. We all know that this is common in Nigeria, and there should be no bullshitting in talking about it. I called Nwakoby many names in my first blog on this matter of his criminal impunity as a leader. And, I reassert and re-enforce my stand now, after seeing Nwakoby’s subsequent antics.

Prof. Nwokoby’s re-victimization of his innocent student, Oluebube Oramisionwu, to protect his cultist nephew, Emmanuel Phillip Chijindu,  is pure evil. Mr. Chijindu had critically stabbed and attempted to murder Oluebube. And, Nwakoby’s propaganda to absolve himself of blame is even worse. When he gets his day in court, I wish that the court would add a charge of multiple lies. There already are several possible charges against Nwakoby, including:

  • It is said that the apparent cultist is Nwakoby’s relative. If it is true, Nwakoby faces a charge for “Conflict-Of-Interests” Law violation, which I defined in my last blog.
  • Nwakoby also faces possible intimidationand injustice
  • Emotional and other damages, and more.

I want to start with slime or mud-slinging against a man who saved the life of Oluebube. VC Nwakoby instigated his COOU management team and idiotic sympathizers to castigate the ‘Good Samaritan,’ Honorable Kingsley Obi. This is a man that the VC should be grateful to, for saving the life of his student. Obi is the guy who rushed Oluebube to a hospital after Nwakoby’s criminally-insane cultist nephew attempted to murder her. And, rather than appreciate and thank Honorable Obi, Professor Nwakoby has apparently chosen to sponsor a smear campaign against him. Some half-baked propagandists are writing and circulating some infantile messages to rubbish Obi’s timely humanitarian intervention. Mind you, Honorable Obi’s mother had died earlier that day, and he left her corpse to save a living person to stay alive..

And, what is Obi’s sin against Nwakoby, you must wonder, and, I will tell you. Nwakoby and his team are pissed off with Obi simply because, after rushing Oluebube to hospital, he did the next right thing. He reported her attacker to the police for arrest and prosecution. That’s all, okwu-agwu, shikena, otito!!! His sin was that he, an outsider, violated Nwakoby’s undemocratic rule in his fiefdom, the university. The stupid rule says that no student may take any matter on campus to the nation’s police or law court. The stupid rule clearly violates a citizen’s constitutional right to seek legal redress for a crime. Besides, what has a university’s rule got to do with a non-student who was doing his humanitarian duty to the larger society, meeeeeeeeen?!!!

I want to refer to one of the propaganda pieces emanating from Nwakoby’s office. It was published in the school’s media outfit named “Ansugist Media.” The COOU “management” that is quoted in the article obviously believes that the rules of the university supersedes the nation’s constitution. No wonder, the “management” audaciously tells us that “It is important to let those who do not know that every living institution has its code of conducts guiding it.” That’s the “management’s” ignorant way of justifying Nwakoby’s violation of Nigeria’s constitution. He expelled Oluebube from the university for refusing to be intimidated to set free the man that attempted to murderer her. Ignorance can truly be dangerous, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Surely, such “internal-settlement” or mediation rules do exist in various forms in communities around Nigeria. And, I must admit that the idea does have its merits, too. In fact, we have it in my own village. The community members are encouraged to take disputes to the elders and chiefs of the village first. If the elders and chiefs cannot resolve them to satisfy all the disputants, then, the unsatisfied disputant may take the matter to court. Note my emphasis on the words ‘encourage’ and ‘all.’ My community heads have no power, whatsoever, to insist that we must abide by that rule. No citizen has the right to stop the constitutional police/court intervention if any of the disputing parties feels that it is necessary. That would be tantamount to saying that Nigeria’s constitution does not exist, or, saying that the rules of any small community in the nation supersedes the constitution. And, to say that is a crime that could be called treason, meeeeeeeen!!!

And, if Professor Nwakpby and his deceitful “management” team were not so dumb, they would have learned that the superiority of the nation’s constitution over “internal-settlement” is sacrosanct. This has already been asserted in a PDP Party case. The court ruled that PDP has no power to stop members from seeking police or court intervention in disputes. Nwakoby should be ashamed to boast that he is a lawyer, with which he threatened the father of his victim. He couldn’t wait to flex his muscles for his victims. He had to exhibit the typical infantile, power-drunk, oppressive “Do you know who I am” syndrome pf Nigerian leaders. This is a so-called “learned” University Don, who is apparently too dumb to know simple laws that already have precedence. He is so dumb to go as far as encouraging a cultist criminal to shun the court of the land, based on a stupid rule in his small fiefdom. He is either that dumb, or, he is actually aware of the law, but went ahead and broke it. This makes him exactly what I call him in my caption: A VC with Criminal Impunity!!!

Some may argue that I personally did not hear Nwakoby actually direct the boy to shun the court. My niece and her father swear to high heavens that he said to them that the boy must not go to court. I definitely believe them; but, okay, I admit that I cannot swear on it myself, because I wasn’t there; so I prefer to pursue an argument that I can win, thus:

Nwakoby is a leader, and should be a good role model for his students. For that position, he should have the simple prerequisite psychological commonsense to understand the weight of his utterances. He should know that his unguarded undemocratic utterances and threats to the attempted murder victim, were liable to encourage his cultist killer-nephew to shun the nation’s court. If he had any commonsense (obviously not so common), he would have known to pursue his fiefdom rules constitutionally. He is too stupid to know that he can only encourage his students to abide by his “internal-settlement” rule, and never to make it a must-obey rule. He absolutely has no power to enforce such rule under the Nigerian constitution. If he had any atom of management acumen, he would have made a humble appealed to the attempted-murder victim to withdraw the case. He would have offered to bear all costs, to appease the victim, instead, he chose the idiotic intimidation way out, meeeeeeeen!!!

I will now briefly address few of Professor Nwakoby’s bunch of ‘crimino-sinful’ lies. That son of a gun and his “management” can lie their doggone asses off, meeen! They got half-baked propagandists to write and circulate that he has never laid eyes on his victim Oluebube, nor her father, Bertram Oramasionwu. Wow!!!!!!! This is the same lie that they are telling reporters, too, who inadvertently propagate their huge lies. The lies were told to the team of a popular Southeast journalist, “Odera the Pen of the gods.” One of them responded to my first blog on the matter yesterday (25/02/2020), with his own report. He wondered about the veracity of some of my statements. His piece is objective, I must commend, because, with quotation marks, he made it clear that the huge lies belong to a mysterious “management” team of COOU. The truth, which the daughter and father told me, is that they had a meeting with Nwakoby on Wednesday, 29th of January, 2020. Indeed, there’s a landmark reference in the account of the meeting: A known Traditional Ruler visited Nwakoby while Oluebube and her father were with him. This is verifiable; but Nwakoby and his staff are telling Nigerians that he has never met or seen the father and daughter. I end this chapter with a note: Remember that where you find one huge disgraceful lie, you are likely to find more lies. What does that tell you about all the stuff that Nwakoby is spreading to counter statements of the facts about his evil deed. Sadly, he has corrupted or intimidated members of his staff and faculty to do his dirty job of spreading lies for him.

Another lie by Nwakoby’s staff as reported by Odera “The Pen of the gods,” is that “the VC and the boy have never met, nor ever had any reason to discuss.” I take you back to the meeting of Wednesday, January 29, 2020, narrated by Oluebube and her father. The cultist boy was present, meeeeeeeen!!!! Nwakoby is said to have actually slapped the boy twice in their presence, in angry expression of his disappointment with his evil act. Then, as if the slaps were enough punishment for the crime, Nwakoby went on to order Oluebube and her father, to withdraw the case from police and court, or she would be expelled.

Now, I fast forward to the latest on the case. “Mr. Impunity” has learned, the hard way, that his impunity is self-destructive. The court sat earlier today (Wednesday, February 26, 2020), and here is a summary of the session:

  • The Magistrate pronounced, as I knew and predicted in my last piece, that Professor Nwakoby is guilty of intimidation and He has no power to force the victim to withdraw the boy’s case, and no power to expel any student under such circumstance. The magistrate could not go any further than the verbal reprimand, because Nwakoby has not been charged to court yet. Naturally, the public reprimand opens the door for Nwakoby’s coming prosecution for damages. I am personally encouraging the family to commence this immediately. It is great that, according to Oluebube, our lawyer, whom I am yet to speak with, is a pretty smart guy.
  • The cultist, Emmanuel Phillip, was put in detention, pending his next court date.
  • Contrary to all the lies of Prof. Nwakoby and his conniving “management” team, the criminal had not been expelled by the school. The boy himself confessed in court today that he was not expelled; that he sat for all the exams from which his victim was expelled. You know that many, if not most cultists in schools are very dumb. This particular crazy and dumb dude who was probably high on some drugs, vomited the truth to the court that he was not expelled. His lawyer made frantic effort to stop him, but it was too late. Hahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!! What an embarrassing moment for Professor Nwakoby and the conniving liars of his school “management” who are telling the world that “both fighters were expelled.”
  • Contrary to the management’s stupid statement that “two students had fist-cuff,” the court has established that it certainly was not a “fist-scuff.” It cannot be so when a grown manblocks the apartment of a much weaker female for no just cause, and no provocation, and then slaps her around. He then critically stabs the unarmed weaker female who has no chance at all to compete or defend herself. Whosoever that calls this a fight or “fist-cuff” is as evil as the devil himself, or worse, meeeeeeeen!!! How come the coward did not engage his fellow male cultists, huh, huh, huh???
  • The father of the criminal was thrown out of court today by the magistrate, for bad behavior in court. He tried to defend his son in a way that angered the magistrate.
  • The boy’s next court date is set for March 17, 2020.
  • Finally, as I was concluding this blog, Oluebube sent me a letter of invitation by the school, which reads: “I am directed to invite you and also bring to your notice that your case will come up for hearing on Friday, 28thFebruary, 2020 @ Senate Admin Block COOU Igbariam Campus. Time: 10am. Thanks.” It’s signed by “Secretary, Student’s Disciplinary Committee.”

Medicine after death, and a whole lot of bullshiting, I say, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

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