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Note: First published on February 24, 2020. The “published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this info is to avoid your mistaking the piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.


This is the story of a criminally-insane university Vice Chancellor, who thinks that he is running a mafia fiefdom. The Vice Chancellor flagrantly thwarts law and justice through intimidation of the students of his university. If, like I, you are truly sick and tired of the growing military impunity of leaders in Nigeria’s demo-crazy, then, you must share this piece, and others like it, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Corruption is the bane of Nigeria, and even the most idiotic-idiot on the entire planet earth today who knows Nigeria, knows this fact already. President Buhari once said that “corruption will kill us, if we don’t kill corruption.” But, sadly, the same President Buhari, advertently and inadvertently, encourages corruption in Nigeria in various ways. A simple look at Mr. President’s cabinet composition alone, gives credence to this assertion. Indeed, the fact that Adams Oshiomhole is still walking the streets today due to his position as Buhari’s party chairman is a glaring example. And, naturally, when corruption is rewarded, it festers with impunity.  No wonder, too many leaders in Nigeria’s civil service are corrupt in various ways, and, with utmost impunity. I speak presently of one particular leader in the Education Sector.

The Murderous Corruption Of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Vice Chancellor:

One son of the biblical Adam and Eve who brought sin into this world; a man called Professor Greg Nwakoby, is my bullshitting man of the day. He is the current Vice Chancellor of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) in Anambra State, Southeast Nigeria. Nwakoby’s Criminal impunity in handling a criminal case in his university clearly makes him one of the corrupt agents of destruction of Nigeria. I attach so much importance to this, because the man is operating in our education system where we are supposed to nurture our youngsters to grow upright.

Professor Nwakoby committed one of the worst violations of the nation’s “Conflict Of Interest” Law.  He victimized, all over again, a female victim of his criminal, murderous, apparently cultist nephew, in an evil bid to protect his nephew from the law. It’s a case of “double-whammy” for Nwakoby’s innocent victim, a young female student of COOU named Oluebubechukwu (Oluebube) Oramasionwu. “Conflict-Of-Interest” is defined variously as:

  • “A conflict between the private interests and the official or professional responsibilities of a person in a position of trust.”—Webster Dictionary.
  • “The circumstance of a public officeholder, a business executive, or the like, whose personal interests might benefit from his or her official actions or influence.”—Dictionary.com.

VC Nwakoby has violated this law in its worst form, and must not be allowed to get away with it. He tried to intimidate Oluebube not to seek legal redress against his apparently criminally-insane distant nephew, who had attempted to murder her. VC Nwakoby also tried to intimidate Oluebube’s father with a stupid threat that he (the VC) is a lawyer, with the power to suppress his case anywhere. Who knows, VC Nwakoby was probably paid to protect the young criminal by any means necessary. Sadly, he is too dumb to try more acceptable means of settlement. And, what kind of Igbo name is that, anyway? Nwakoby, ending with a ‘y’ rather than an ‘i’ as it should be? Some Igbos are truly messing up our Igbo names these days with some stupid “Englishnizing” alterations in spelling, meeeeeeen!!! They bastardize Igbo names so badly that the names make no more sense in meanings. I leave this important cultural-destruction madness topic for another day.

Meanwhile, yes, indeed, Vice Chancellor Nwakoby is apparently running Ojukwu University as his corrupt fiefdom, with total disregard for democracy and the rule of law. The story of Oluebube’s ordeal in his hands makes the man satanic. He is completely devoid of human sympathy or empathy, totally devoid of human conscience, a devil’s incarnate, if you will. Forget political correctness here, if you would, for a No-Bullshitting bluntness. It is absolutely evil of Nwakoby to further-victimize a victim of attempted murder, meeeeeeeen!!! In fact, Professor Nwakoby has got to be totally mad, too; totally insane, I mean, really bunkers, “kolo” in the head. Otherwise, he would not, for even one moment, actually think that he would get away with such blatant evil act of Conflict-Of-Interest in the present Nigeria.

Do pardon my outburst here. You most likely would do the same if you were talking about your own daughter as the victim of this evil man. Yes, indeed, the victim is my own daughter. Well, she’s my daughter in the great African (Igbo, Nnewi) tight brotherhood culture. She is actually my niece, the daughter of my cousin. If you haven’t heard the story of this heinous sin and crime yet, you must be wondering, ‘what the heck has Professor Nwakoby done to deserve so much bile from Harry’; right? So, let’s spare you further suspense with the gist of it, which I heard directly from the horses’ mouths—the student and her father. Read it, in brief, and weep:

Miss Oluebubechukwu (Oluebube) Oramasionwu is a 300 Level Chemical Engineering student at the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) in Anambra State. And, Emmanuel Philip Chijindu is a 400 Level Computer Science student of the same school, where Professor Greg Nwakoby is the current Vice Chancellor. Both students live off-campus, renting separate apartments in the same house. Here is a summary of the account of the incident, in the victim’s own words:

“I got stabbed on Wednesday 11th December 2019 by a boy of 22 years old whose name is Emmanuel Philip Chijindu. We were both living outside our university, in a unisex hostel arrangement, in separate rooms. On that fateful day I came back from school, Emmanuel was blocking the entrance to my room with his property. I asked him to excuse me to pass and enter my room, but he refused to clear off the things he was blocking my entrance with. I had to go and fetch a man whom they call Prophet to come and talk to the boy. He talked to the boy, and the boy cleared those things to allow me entry into my room. Then, I stepped out of my room a little later and found that the boy had gone back to his position of blocking my entrance as soon as “Prophet” left. I raised my voice calling “Prophet” to come back and talk to the boy again, but “Prophet” was no longer available. He had gone out.

“The boy told me that the house was not my father’s house, that he had the right to stay anywhere he wanted to stay. I asked if he had the right to block the entrance to my room, leaving me no way of leaving or entering the room. He ignored me. My room has iron security protection bars at my door. As I tried to open it to go out, the boy jumped up and slapped me on both cheeks. I angrily pushed the protector to push his bed, table and chair that were blocking my entrance. I wanted to push them off my door entrance so that I could go out. Then, he drew out a knife and stabbed me on the left side of my forehead. He then said that I could not do anything to him because he was related to the VC, that they are from the same village. As I was crying, I raised my voice calling on my neighbors. The boy fled away as my neighbors ran to my rescue and saw me with a pool of my blood on the floor. The neighbors chased the boy, and he jumped into the bush. As this was happening, my neighbors called a commercial motorcyclist to take me to the hospital. On our way to the hospital, a God sent man named Honorable Kingsley Obi stopped and took me from the bike, and rushed me to the hospital in his car.

“After about four hours of treatment, Honorable Obi took me to the police station and made an incident report. When the police saw me, they said that the boy must be arrested and charged to court for criminal and occult harm assault. Then, I was sent back to the hospital. I was in the hospital for days before my parents could know what was happening. When the boy came back after some days he packed his bag to run away but the caretaker caught him. He lied that it was some refuse that he wanted to set ablaze to dispose it. But the caretaker searched his property, only to see that it was his clothes he packed and wanted to flee. Luckily for me, it was the day I was discharged in the hospital, the Honorable Obi and police men got the boy arrested and he was charged to court.

“The boy and the present VC of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (Prof. Greg Nwakoby) are related. He reported to the VC that I charged him to court. And the VC instructed the anti-cult squad in my school to bring me to him. I was called out from the laboratory where I was performing some of the experiments that we were taught. They informed me that the VC wanted to see me. On Wednesday 29th January 2020 I went to Igbariam campus with my dad to see the VC. When we got to the VC’s office, he asked me what happened, and I told him exactly what happened. Then, he said that I have a very good case, but I should not have involved the police; that I should withdraw the case. He added that the boy would not go to the court. I told him that the matter was in court already before it was reported to the school authority. He then said that a student has no right to call the police for a fellow student; that I must withdraw the case. When the case came up three times, the boy did not attend.

“On Monday, 3rd February 2020, we went back to the court again. Then the magistrate gave out a bench warrant, and on that Monday evening, the police got the boy arrested again. On Tuesday morning being 4th February 2020, I got a call from the head of the anti-cult in school, saying that I’m too stubborn, that I did not obey the VC to withdraw the case. They informed me that the management said that I should look for another school. I thought it was just a prank. When we got to the court I brought to the notice of my lawyer the call I received from school. When it was mentioned in the court the Dean of Student Affairs (Ezenekwe Ifeanyi) who was sent by the VC to the court denied that I was told to leave the school. So the magistrate told them that anybody that is threatening me with expulsion is putting him or herself into trouble. The case was later adjourned because they said they wanted to look into the case as the Dean said. But, to my greatest surprise on the day of my examination, being Thursday 13th February, the head of my department showed up with a letter saying that I have been expelled from school. He chased me out of the examination hall. Again due to the injuries I sustained from the knife stab it affected my eyes, which resulted to eye problem since then. I started using glasses. I am writing this because I know that you will help me fight for my right.”

Now, can you understand my frustration and outburst? Professor Nwakoby is clearly more evil than his murderous cultist nephew. It’s unbelievable that the son of a gun actually went as far as instructing a criminal to shun the court, meeeeeeeeen!!! Of course, the boy knows how evil Uncle Greg is; no wonder, he’s quick to threaten his fellow student that he could kill her, and nothing would happen. I wonder how many criminal incidents of this cultist in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University that have gone unreported, thanks to his protection through intimidation by a crook that is supposed to be the father and protector of all the students of the school.

The good news is that Anambra State House of Assembly has gotten involved, and has summoned the evil Professor for interrogation on Thursday, February 27, 2020. Before this, the court case is coming up for hearing again on Wednesday, the 26th of February, 2020. Let’s see if the evil VC will instruct his cultist boy to continue shunning the court.

I can bet you top dollars right now that VC Nwakoby has publicly criticized corruption in Nigeria, at least once, as a leader. He probably also blames Buhari’s government for the corruption-induced travails of Nigeria today. And, he most likely sermonizes against corruption to his subordinates in the university every day; and yet, as the hypocrite that he is, he is corruption personified. You know, that’s one of the things that really piss me off about many Nigerian leaders; too many are too doggone hypocritical…and that’s what I call a whole bunch of bullshitting, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

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