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April 4, 2020

This is “No Bullshitting,” with a topic of, “The Stupidity Of ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Doctrine in Christianity. Greetings, folks!

Once upon a day in contemporary Nigeria, a working woman had to leave office earlier than usual, because she suddenly took ill at work. When she arrived home, her husband was already home. He was conversing with somebody on the telephone, unaware of his wife’s return. She overheard him talking about his plot to kill her for a sacrificial ritual to acquire wealth.

The woman’s spontaneous reaction was to quickly pack up her stuff and run as far away from the guy as possible; naturally! Only ‘Mrs. Tree’ would hear that ‘she’ is about to be chopped down and still remains where ‘she’ is, because trees can’t move!  Don’t ask me how a tree gets to hear that it is about to be killed. Ask my mama from whom I first heard that wise saying. Unfortunately, you can’t even ask her now, except through a séance—if indeed séances can actually wake a dead person to hold a conversation. Besides, maybe trees do actually hear us talk…we may never know for sure, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, the woman in my story was not a tree; so, she did instantly think of running away from her husband. However, there was one little problem—she’s a devout “born-again” Christian! And, according to the Christian scripture; marriage is till death do us part. Now, I can tell you that ordinary inanimate ‘Mrs. Tree’ is probably wiser than the woman in my story. ‘Mrs. Tree’ would have taken to ‘her’ heels and run away as fast as possible, if only trees could move, meeeeeeen!!!

So, here is a poser for all my Christian brethren, and also non-Christians all over the world: If you were the woman; what would you do? Or, if she was your sister, your mama, your daughter, your aunt, niece, or just a friend; what would you advise her to do? Would you tell her to stay in the marriage, or quit? Before you respond, please note that her husband is an unrepentant heartless evil man. So, let’s not talk about possible repentance, and all that crap. He would most likely kill her if she stays. So, what do you say to this woman who is in imminent danger of extinction through money-making ritual? Would you try to save her from her own self and her misguided biblical “‘Til Death Do Us Part” doctrine?

Now, I have twin-thematic questions, thus: Is it really true that Jesus Christ actually said that Christian marital couples must remain together until parted by death? Did Jesus really say that Christians must never divorce their spouses for any incompatibility reason? Did he really say that the only option is death? If you ask me, and even if you don’t ask me, I still say that it’s impossible…simply impossi-can’t, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Check this out—according to that purported position of Christ on marriage, the only allowed ground for divorce is adultery. So, if a man or woman tries to poison or stab his/her spouse to death, and God saves her so she survives it; there must be no divorce. Even if the attempt happens repeatedly; she must still stay in the marriage?! If a man or woman burns down the property of his/her spouse; there must be no divorce! Indeed, no matter what atrocity a person commits, his or her spouse has no right to divorce him or her, except and only if there is adultery! And, it doesn’t matter how many gazillion times the evil happens? Really?!!!

Please, tell me my people; does it really make sense to you at all???????????? Hell doggone no! It does not make any atom of sense to me, not one bit!!! And, it shouldn’t make sense to any sane person, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!! 

If I ever get married in a church, nobody would ever make me say that nonsensical phrase—Til Death Do Us part; forget it! I ain’t letting her kill me; no way!!! People actually do die in marriages in the hands of their spouses. The victims refuse to quit impossible marriages until it is too late—their spouses eventually kill them. The fool had enough warnings to quit and stay alive. But they stayed until death parted them through spousal violent abuse. Give me my good-old American typical human rights view any day—when the marriage ain’t working, then take a walk while you are still ahead, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Before you hurry to dub me an anti-Christ or something similar; you should hear my argument in my next blog on the topic. I am not challenging Christ; I only insist that there has been a huge misunderstanding somewhere, period!

Before you hear my argument in the next blog; what do you think so far?

And, here is the link to part 2, to conclude my story/views:


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

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