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NOTE: First published on January 27, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking it as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings. Folks!

The thematic question of my first topic in the above titles was very spontaneous to drop in my head as soon as I listened to the most recent in the series of the verbal vomits of Nigeria’s Information Minister, Mr. Lai Mohammed. I can’t help but ask: Does that motherfucker have some kind of madness that bars him from comprehending the situation of everything in Nigeria since his brother and boss Buhari appointed him Minister, or, is he just the chronic evil liar that Nigerians have named him. I mean, how can any sane man tell so many boldface lies, meeeeeeeeen?!!!

Among other insecurity conversations in Nigeria, is particularly the current heated debate regarding the growing atrocities of SOME Fulani herdsmen and herdskids across the nation. And in all this, all that the motherfucker called Information Minister had to offer in his contribution to the debate was that Nigeria is safer today than before his Baba took over as president in 2015. Truly, that man’s head should be examined. You know, it would be very nice for Mohammed to experience just a little of all the atrocities going on in Nigeria today, and maybe terrorists would beat out his madness and bring him back to his senses. Maybe, if he pays some billions of his stolen naira in ransom to save his life, as several Nigerians are paying every fucking day, he would wake up from his denial madness. He believes that soldiers and police are protecting him and he is safe, but he is so dumb to forget that a governor has been attacked repeatedly and almost killed, despite all his retinue of armed guards, meeeeen!!!

I keep repeating the following point because repetition is an important principle of one of my professional Communications specialties of Advertising and Public Enlightenment: Buhari’s spokesmen and spokeswoman (Onochie) are the key problem of Nigeria, only second to the crooks at Nigeria’s National Assembly, who are wrongly called lawmakers. President Buhari’s errors as enemy of Nigeria is only in the third position, following those two groups. And, as always, I am ready to repeat my reasons for my ratings. I have stated the reasons so many times, so I will be very brief here because this is just a reminder summary, thus:

          The lootmakers are number one Nigeria’s enemies because they are too self-serving and too criminally compromised to represent us well. If they try to represent us well by doing their oversight job of checkmating the excesses of the president, many of them, especially their leaders, will end up in prison for their crimes. I maintain that the presidency is blackmailing them with their crime dossiers, which contain enough atrocities to send them to prison if they dare to challenge the president. As for the so-called presidential spokespersons, their sins are two-fold, too. First, they are very incompetent yes-sir persons who have nothing to offer the president by way of intelligent personal opinions. Since they have no brains to offer anything, they have no choice but to say “Yes, sir” to anything that the president says. Secondly, those of them who may have a little in their brains to offer, have no guts to look the president in the face and say, “Oga, your views on this and that matter are wrong; could we do things differently, the better ways?”

          And then, obviously, Mr. President himself fails in two ways, too: He has no leadership to offer Nigeria, and he is not smart enough to pick the right experts, and allow them to guide and support him well. I have always opined that the least intelligent person in the world can be the best president, as long as he or she is smart enough to surround himself with intelligent persons. President Buhari has obviously failed woefully in surrounding himself with intelligent persons. He is more interested in nepotically occupying all the positions with the most incompetent out of his Fulani people who are only interested in filling their bank accounts with public funds, meeeeeen!!!

So, what we have is a president that cannot lead; a National Assembly that cannot call him to order; and a bunch of incompetent and often evil spokespersons who do the president more harm than good. On the Fulani herdsmen’s atrocities, therefore, Mr. President is protecting and emboldening his tribesmen herders; Garba Shehu is so stupid and evil that he illegally tells us that the herdsmen cannot be ordered to quit other people’s lands and forests where they commit atrocities; thereby confirming the madness of Femi Adesina who had told us that we must all surrender our lands to the herdsmen in order to avoid being massacred; and then, we have Africa’s Queen of Fake News, the cantankerous fool called Loretta Onochie, who tells us that we are all victimizing innocent Fulani herdsmen. Meanwhile, the motherfucking chronic liar, Mr. Liar Mohammed crowns all the rubbish by telling us that Buhari’s government is the best thing that has ever happened to Nigeria since the coming of Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed. No wonder, Nigerians changed his Hausa first name, Lai, to Liar. Incidentally, in pronunciation, his Hausa word ‘Lai’, sounds exactly the same as the English word, ‘lie.”

Just check it out, people are being killed by terrorists in scores every fucking. The killings are even worse than during the nation’s civil war. Millions of those who survive the terrorist killings and kidnaping, are killed by hunger. The economy is worse than ever before in Nigeria’s history! Yet, the mad motherfucker called Lai Mohammed tells us that all is well in Nigeria, better than ever before! He tells us that Buhari has fixed all the security problems of Nigeria since he took over in 2015. What a crazy incompetent bunch of presidential spokespersons, meeeeeeeeeen!!!


Hurray, our slower-than-snail-speed president has finally woken from his slumber to change our incompetent Security Chiefs…hallelujah!!! His unbelievable nepotism is still very much alive in his choices—-no southeast or southsouth personnel qualifies in his highly bigoted mind—but, hey, at least, the man has finally changed the incompetent security chiefs. It just so happens that I am one of the Nigerians who believe much more in performance, than the tribe of the performer. So, let’s just pray that the new chiefs will perform, regardless of their tribes, meeeeeeeeen!!!


I bring you one of my gazillion “Lovers Rock” reggae songs for NBB Infotainment today. This is titled “Always Be My Lady,” by Sean (pronounced Shawn) Paul and Jimmy Cozier. My mood has been fucked up by Buhari’s mad gang that is led by Liar Mohammed, and I am unable to think right for the “Info” (information) half of NBB “Infotainment.” You just have to make do with just the “Tainment” (Entertainment) half, meeeeeeeeen!!!

All I can tell you is Sean Paul and Jimmy Coziers’s advise not to allow anybody to put asunder between you and your baby/spouse (either lover, or husband or wife). Many will not want to see you together with your baby because they are evil and jealous or envious; so, they do whatever it takes to put asunder. For instance, if you are a woman, and another woman comes telling you some bullshit about your man so that you may dump him. Very often, you are very stupid to listen to her at all. Chances are that she is envious of you, and as soon as you dump the dude, she would find a way to take over. Also, if you are a woman, and a man comes to you with some stories about your man, chances are that he wants you so badly, and he wants to destroy your man so that you may dump him, just so that he may have you. And, guess what; as soon as he sees you naked in bed and satisfies his animal lust, he starts treating you MUCH WORSE that whatever he told you about your former dude….and I know, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, here is “Always Be My Lady”: https://youtu.be/CubVl7PR8eI

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