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NOTE: First published on February 18, 2021. The publishing date that appears on the tab is actually the date that it was uploaded on this new site. The point is that, although issues herein may still be current (depending on…), please don’t mistake this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshitting” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

This blog was incited by the news that some concerned Nigerian citizens have an initiative to search for a solution to the growing insecurity in Nigeria. The news instantly gladdened my heart because of the dire need to save the country from IMPENDING DOOM. But, sadly, my joy was soon deflated; in fact, it was completely killed as soon as I heard the name of the leader of this group—Retired General Abdusalami Abubakar—because I don’t believe that he has what the initiative will take to yield any positive result. Naturally, I will tell you the reason for my great disappointment on hearing his name, but do take a chill pill for a short while as I establish my foundation, meeeeeeeeeen!!!


To get to the reason for my disappointment about Abubakar, I’ll first tell you that I would have great confidence if Retired Generals TY Danjuma and Olusegun Obasanjo were in the forefront of the solution team. These are the two persons in the forefront of telling President Buhari the truth about the jihadist Fulanization agenda of SOME evil Fulani citizens and the foreigners that they are inviting to prosecute the jihad. Do remember that I have always talked about the possibility that President Buhari himself MAY NOT necessarily ADVERTENTLY be part of the Fulanization agenda; that he may have been emboldening the jihadist INADVERTENTLY. There are doubts about his role in the jihadist agenda, and I prefer to give the benefits of those doubts to him. Hence, if indeed, the president’s negative body language, actions, and inaction in some cases are not actually intended to support the planned jihad that too many Fulanis do not mind to openly threaten other Nigerians with, then, comes my second postulation that evil members of Buhari’s cabinet and cabal are the real causes of Nigeria’s impending civil war of the Fulani tribe against the rest of Nigerians. Unfortunatly, too many innocent non-jihadist peace-loving Fulanis would be dragged into this war by the evil jihadists. If the war does happen, God forbid, it is very unlikely that the Fulani race would win it without the total support of the nation’s armed forces. That brings up another issue: Is it likely that the entire armed forces of Nigeria would support the jihad even though a Fulani is their Commander-In-Chief? Only a mad person would say yes to this question.

No sane person can possibly believe that a Yoruba soldier or police officer, an Igbo soldier or police officer, or a Middle Belt soldier or police officer would be crazy enough to pick up a gun on the side of Fulani forces and start shooting his own people just because he has a Fulani Commander-In-Chief. In fact, there are actually non-jihadist Fulani and Hausa military and paramilitary officers who are VERY UNLIKELY to fight the war on the side of the RELATIVELY FEW jihadist Fulanis. My point is that the jihadist Fulanis, with or without the personal support of President Buhari would not win the war that they are boldly threatening…VERY IMPOSSI-CAN’T!!! Sure, Buhari has put Fulanis in all the top positions of the armed forces, but neither he nor his commanders in those positions can possibly make all members of the armed forces to fight for them. MUTINY is a common military term, whereby junior officers revolt against their commanders, meeeeeeeen!!!

These are facts that the mad evil jihadists don’t seem to consider when they are idiotically carried away by the mindless euphoria of their Buhari’s presidency. However, WIN-OR-LOSE, the wind of war does not blow nobody in Nigeria any good. Anybody who witnessed the Biafra war knows that there came a time when even the mighty Nigeria was as eager to stop the war as the little disadvantage Biafra was. So, the right thing for everybody is to ensure that no more war happens in Nigeria…ever!!! The only way that I see to achieve this is that somebody who President Buhari respects MUST tell him the truth that he has to be SINCERE and call the jihadist members of his race to order. If he is SINCERE but TOO NAÏVE to understand what is going on, then, somebody must wake him up to consciousness to see the clear writing on the wall. And, if he does know what is going on but has been CONSCIOUSLY supporting it, then that same somebody that he may listen to MUST persuade him to change his bad ways and do the right thing, meeeeeeeeen!!!

And when I heard that people of substance are coming together to make sure that the IMPENDING jihadist war does not actually happen, I thought that the group will be led by people of proven COURAGE and SINCERITY of purpose. Now, let’s get to the reason for my shattered hope and joy when I heard that Abdusalami Abubakar is in the forefront of the project. The man has a history of failure to achieve anything in all the previous so-called ELECTIONS PEACE-INITIATIVES that he headed. I wrote twice about his failure in that respect in 2019, and I will summarize my position now.  The man is either a coward, or a very insincere person. He is VERY UNLIKELY to look Buhari in the eye and tell him to call his jihadist tribesmen to order.  He would rather play the annoying Nigerian POLITICAL-CORRECTNESS of beating about the bush, and not come out with blunt statement of telling Buhari the FACT that every Nigerian already know, which, indeed, the jihadists themselves are BOLDLY PRONOUNCING EVERY DAY that they own Nigeria, and, therefore, have the right to grab people’s lands and commit any mayhem that they please in the process. Forget about the warnings of sincere courageous persons such as Obasanjo, Danjuma, and millions of other Nigerians about this fact, Abubakar himself CANNOT CLAIM that he has never heard the claim by the jihadists that they own Nigeria. The question is: Can he look Buhari in the eye and challenge him to do the right thing about this fact to avert a terrible civil war. My answer is: I don’t think so, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Just few days after the so-called PRE-ELECTIONS PEACE-TALKS that Abubakar brokered or led, members of the ruling APC and other parties openly violated the key prescriptions of the peace accord. Verbal threats of election-wars actually got worse among the gladiators than they used to be. Of course, I did not expect Aubakar to go and shoot the peace-accord violators, but I was definitely literarily aching to see and hear him to openly and bluntly condemn the violators, as well as call for them to be sanctioned. Sadly, I waited in vain; Abubakar did absolutely nothing, at least, not to my knowledge. And if he did without my knowledge, it was still the same as not doing anything, because his condemnation should be public and loud enough in order to make any sense. And, sure enough, the peace accords amounted to nothing; Nigerians were still massacred in those elections as a result of rigging.

Finally, I have to say that the most annoying thing about the jihadist Fulanis is the Fulani race was the very last to migrate to this geographical space that we now call Nigeria. It is a fact that the Fulanis are less than 240 years in Nigeria; and, in terms of numbers, they are among the smallest, with less than a quarter of the Igbo race, less than a quarter of the Yoruba race, and less than a quarter of the Hausa race. So, the question is: Except absolute insanity; what is the basis for any member of the Fulani race to have the audacity to pronounce that they own Nigeria? That’s absolute bullshitting, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

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