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NOTE: First published on October 28, 2021. The publishing date that appears on the tab is actually the date that it was uploaded on this new site. The point is that, although issues herein may still be current (depending on…), please don’t mistake this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting“, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

This is No Bullshitting (NB), and, today, the NB trinity of ‘Me’, ‘Myself’, and ‘I’ are unveiling the first draft of our logo. As you can see above, it is a simple hand of ‘Mr. No Bullshitting’, which is pointing a WARNING FINGER at bullshitters, urging them to stop their bullshitting, because ‘Mr. No Bullshitting’ is watching, meeeeeeeen!!!

So, in today’s topic or subject, ‘Mr. NB’ is admonishing or urging the security armed forces of Nigeria not to bullshit, and ensure fairness and integrity in their assignment at the coming Anambara State gubernatorial election of November 6, 2021, meeeeeeeen!!!

Yes, indeed; there is certainly a need to urge our security agents to operate with utmost integrity as they carry out their assignment at the polling areas in Anambra State, and, I will tell you why. Going by several existing facts, the possibility of terrible misconduct by our security forces in Anambara is very high. Not long ago, President Mohammadu Buhari expressed his disposition about the Igbo race. He called the Igbo land a mere “dot in a circle”, and the people of the “dot” must be “dealt with in the language that they understand.” The infamous utterance of our president seems to continue to resonate in the minds and brains of his security agents. Mind you, and this is very important for my objectivity, our president PROBALY did not mean that security agents must brutalize and kill innocent Igbo persons whenever and wherever they engage them. But, unfortunately, too many of his agents seem to understand that he actually directed them to do so, meeeeeeen!!!

Let’s face it, since the day that Mr. President uttered that infamous statement, Nigeria’s security agents have been victimizing and brutalizing and often murdering INNOCENT Igbo persons. And, whosoever that does not admit THIS FACT is being very insincere and unfair to the Igbo race. Please note my use of the word AGENTS advisedly, instead of the word AGENCIES. My point is that the victimization is UNLIKELY to be systemic, or, I want to believe that it is not systemic. Rather, it is LIKELY to be individual acts of some rogue agents who are not following the directives of Buhari and the bosses of their agencies. This does happen in every society of the world. One resounding example is the police killing of George Floyd in the USA on May 25, 2020, for the mere reason that he was a black man. A sorry difference with the Nigerian Igbo situation, however, is that the relevant authorities are NOT PERCEIVED to be cracking down on the rogue officers to prevent or at least cut down such criminality, as American authorities do, meeeeeen!!!

I will cite just one example among several incidents. A couple of days back, I listened to the National Chairman of Zenith Labor Party, Chief Dan Nwanyawu, as he narrated on Africa Independent Television (AIT) channel, another evil deed of a non-Igbo police officer in Igbo land just last week. The officer brutalized a news reporter simply for wearing Igbo native or traditional clothe. In case you wonder, the officer did express his reason for the brutality to the poor victim; the same way that many of them regularly boast to their victims that they “can kill you right now and nothing will happen.” Mind you, according to Nwanyanwu, the young man was not clothed in IPOB, or ESN, or Biafra flag material, which are unnecessarily prohibited by Buhari’s government; no sir, no ma’am! He wore just an Igbo traditional clothing! This supports the allegations that many Nigerian so-called security officers out there are brutalizing and/or kill innocent Igbos out of DEEP-ROOTED ETHNIC HATRED, once they identify them to be Igbos. They are doing this with whatever evil excuse that they deem fit. MOST LIKELY, Buhari did not direct such agents to be so evil, but some of his utterances imply to their twisted minds that he wants them to commit those atrocities. According to Nwanyanwu, the evil officer eventually apologized to Nwanyanwu for his evil deed, and, as always, the officer is not known to have received any punishment, meeeeeen!!!

I have said all the foregoing to ask the following two pertinent questions about the integrity of the security that Nigeria’s armed forces will offer for Anambara election on November 6, 2021, thus: (1) Will there be brutalization and killing of innocent people by the gazillion security agents that are being sent to ensure that the Anambara gubernatorial election will hold, against the threat of IPOB to disrupt it? (2) Will APC use the armed forces to rig the election in favor of its candidate?

I can tell you one thing that I strongly believe; if APC happens to win the governor’s seat of Anambara State on November 6, 2021, it would be MOST LIKELY that it has used the armed forces to rig the election, and, I will tell you why, pronto! It is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE for APC to win a free and fair election in Anambara State, definitely not while Buhari is still president. Hey, don’t read me wrongly, though, I am only telling you my observation and prediction, based on the massive justifiable disapproval of APC under Buhari in Igbo land, and this is due to Buhari’s clear unfair and inequitable disposition about the Igbo race. You do know that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeen!!!

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