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NOTE: First published on November 25, 2020. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

I will start with my position that the foremost anti-democracy agent of Nigeria, the Information Minister, Mr. Liar Mohammed, would love to return Nigeria to the  evil days of “Papal Inquisition” and “Spanish Inquisition” of the 13th to the 19th century, when people were tied to the stake and burned to death for expressing any view that was contrary to the evil and myopic views of the establishment (comprising the Popes &  The Monarchs).

        Ah, sorry o, I just noticed that I called the Minister “Liar” Mohammed, instead of his name, Lai Mohammed; and, my system loves it so much, that, even when I tried, it actually refuses to erase and change it. But, hey, you shouldn’t really blame me, considering that his reputation as a HUGE LIAR confuses my mind. Besides, I didn’t name him liar; other Nigerians did, and I found out that the name actually suits him much better than his real name, plus the fact that the pseudonym sounds very much like the real name anyway. And, I’m aware that the motherfucker can lie his own ass off, meeeeen!!! There is actually an internet site titled “The Top 50 Lies Of Lai Mohammed.” If you didn’t know, and you don’t believe me, then check it out yourself, at: https://ezeja.com/top-50-lies-lai-mohammed/

 The motherfucking son of the sinful Adam and Eve who brought sin into the world, illegally muscles and suppresses Nigerian media houses through the NBC and their unconstitutional code; and, for some idiotic reason, he actually believes that he can also

suppress foreign media. As I always say when I am sure of my facts, I dare Mr. Liar Mohammed to sue me to court for calling him a liar, because, evidence abounds about major lies by him.

        You know, when I listened to the dumb reason that Liar’s boy, the NBC DG, gave for sanctioning AIT and other Nigerian media houses, I almost wept for Nigeria, that somebody so dumb is in such position. His stupid reason was that “ordinary DJ” supplied the video that the stations aired. I was like… motherfucker, what difference does it make who supplied an undisputable live streaming of facts, huh, huh, huh??? Even if it was supplied by an “ordinary” mad dog, a fact is a fact, meeeen!!! I truly wished that I could crawl into my TV tube and slap the DG’s dumb face.

 And, my anger did/does not spare some program anchors/hosts who had the motherfucking NBC DG on their programs, and I will tell you why. Once upon a blog, I spoke about “My Problem With Many Nigerian Journalists.” The immaturity of too many of the so-called journalists truly pisses me off.

        Good examples abounded/abound in the manner that the idiotic DG was handled by some so-called journalists during interviews. As a professional, I ached for a chance to slap some of those stupidly immature journalists who could not challenge the madness of Liar Mohammed and the NBC DG with the right questions and counter-statements. Annoyingly, many journalists failed, and still continue to fail to ask the idiotic DG what difference it makes that, in his idiotic language, “ordinary DJ” or even an “ordinary” monkey, streamed the real-time Lekki army atrocity video, live? They should have asked the motherfucker such mature journalistic questions, and tell him that a fact is a fact, no matter who supplied the fact, meeeen!!!

        In particular, I was terribly angered when the anchor of a program that I hitherto enjoyed, hosted the fucked-up DG and his Director of Public Affairs, another fucked-up idiot (a lady). The show host was so immature that she did not include persons with opposing views to challenge the stupid NBC personnel, and the host herself was too immature and too unprofessional to ask the right questions and make mature statements to counter the idiot that Buhari and Liar Mohammed gave us as the NBC DG.

This time, Liar Mohammed is doing his mad propagandist best to launder all the uncoordinated, conflicting and irresponsible statements (lies) by Nigeria’s authorities, including the governor of Lagos State, and the Army, led by General Buratai.

        Mohammed has the crazy audacity to tell CNN that it must retract its factual report on the murder of peaceful protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos on the 20th of October, 2020. As a matter of fact, even if, miraculously, nobody died at the Toll Gate as they claim, it is atrocious enough that trigger-happy soldiers fired live bullets at the peaceful protesters, in a democracy (demo-crazy). Boko Haram and bandits are defeating our soldiers, and they are only powerful when they see unarmed citizens. And, Mr. Liar Mohammed is lying his ass off, as usual, to exonerate the murderous soldiers, meeeeen!!!

        And, of course, American media are too big, too democratic, and too independent to be cowed by millions of Lai Muhammeds, not to speak of just one fucked-up Liar Mohammed. So, CNN, virtually, told him to go to hell and fuck himself; and, instead of retracting the first report, it released a follow-up report. Let’s see what Mr. Mohammed thinks that he can do next. Will he sue CNN to international court with his bunch of lies as evidence; the same lies and cover-ups that the world is already holding against him?? The motherfucker is most likely to be in the list of the impending sanction by the UK, along with his colleagues in the fucked-up government of Buhari, which has given us two economic recessions within five years. And, this brings me to my list of the evil anti-democracy agents of Nigeria that I hope to be sanctioned by UK, and, indeed, all the other western countries, thus:

(1) I do hope that one of the first will be the Governor of Nigeria’s Central Bank, Godwin Emefiele. The motherfucker was in a hurry to violate the rights of Nigerians who were in the #EndSARS protest, by freezing their bank accounts. I postulate that Emefiele was blackmailed to freeze the bank accounts, and I will tell you why I believe so. Of course, Emefiele knows that what he did is very illegal, according to Nigeria’s constitution, which says that Nigerians have every right to protest. I do believe that, without being blackmailed, Emefiele’s conscience (if he has any) would not allow him to carry out such unconstitutional act. He would have told whoever it is that directed him to violate Nigeria’s constitution that it is wrong. So, it is my postulation that Emefiele had to obey the directive, otherwise, he would suffer some consequences.

        The first obvious consequence, as we all know about the cabal that runs Nigeria, would be to lose his job. Again, if he had any integrity and conscience, he would not mind losing the job in order to do the right thing of refusing to violate the nation’s constitution to please the lawless cabal. So, I posit that Emefiele gave up or sacrificed his conscience and integrity, because he is under blackmail.

And now, let’s get to my reason to hypothesize that Emefiele was PROBABLY blackmailed to sacrifice his conscience/integrity. As I have always said, you can’t blackmail a clean person, or a person that has no skelleton in his or her closet/cupboard.

        We all heard the allegation in 2019 that Emefiele embezzled N500 billion. And, quoting William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” I say, “If it were so, it was a grievous fault, and grievously has Caeser (Emefiele) answered it.” So, if indeed Emefiele actually embezzled such huge sum of money, then, Buhari and his cabal pardoned him to hold it as their ‘trump-card’ against, or a grip on him. Then, it is more than enough reason to blackmail him to obey whatever directive from the cabal, or he goes to prison. And, if he did embezzle the money, he probably stashed it in a bank in the UK (many Nigerian crooks do). And, if so, I sure hope that the UK government will freeze his stolen money in worse way than he stupidly and illegally froze the funds of innocent protesters, meeeeen!!!

(2) Most imperatively, all our federal lootmakers who answer lawmakers (especially the leadership) should be sactioned for becoming a “rubber-stamp” of the executive branch, and abandoning their oversight functions to checkmate the evil illegal act of the executive branch in clamping down on peaceful protesters.

(3) And, naturally, no sanction would be complete without Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff who sent soldiers to kill peaceful protesters. He was annoyingly boasting as though he is beyond any sanction when he responded to the conversation about suing him to the International Criminal Court for the atrocities of human rights violations.

(4) Not to forget Africa’s queen of fake news and APC’s evil propagandist, Lauretta Onochie. I gave her those titles when she first kindled my interest in her, by releasing a bunch of proven lies against Atiku Abubakar during the 2019 electioneering period. She has been consistent in her evil lies and utter disdain for Nigerians ever since. Idiots like her seem to believe that this evil government will never end. It will, and they will suffer for their evil, meeeee!!!

        Can you believe the latest release by that motherfucker, where she called CNN crew liars for their FACTUAL report on the Lekki Toll Gate atrocity by Nigerian soldiers? She twitted, “I’m not upset that CNN lied to the world about Nigeria. I’m upset that they think that we are stupid and will swallow their lies.” And, I’m like…Of course, you are stupid, you motherfucking half-baked evil propagandist!!! And, indeed, as you rightly said, other Nigerians are not stupid, we all know that CNN did not lie (including the evil ones like you who deny facts). Everybody knows that you, queen of fake news, are the evil liar. You are stupid to think that Nigerians listen to your bunch of propagandist cover-up lies that challenge the truth in CNN’s report…and, Nigerians know that I ain’t bullshitting, meeeeeeen!!!


As I always say, music has no language. If you are a music lover like me, then, all that matters is good rhythm that sounds great and titillating to the ears and the soul. Besides, since I’m such a nice dude I always help you to understand my music, anyway. Did I hear some “thank you, Harry”?…hahahahaaaa!!!

Today’s No Bullshitting infotainment music is titled “O Zulu Wenatadi.” It is done in the IsiZulu (or Zulu) language of the Zulu tribe of Southern Africa. IsiZulu is a southern Bantu language of the Nguni subgroup, with about 12 million native speakers, who primarily inhabit the province of KwaZulu-Natal of South Africa. Though a regional language, IsiZulu is most widely spoken in South Africa, where it is an official language.

“O Zulu Wenatadi” is generally a lamentation over disunity and squabbles or friction among various provinces of South Africa. It starts with “You have stories, mystery, controversies.” Then, it asks, “Why all the endless grudges? Why do your wounds not heal?”

      In essence, it generally speaks on inter-tribal or inter-ethnic (provincial) conflicts and grudges; the types that pervade in Nigeria, which has gotten worse today due to President Buhari’s highly divisive style of leadership.

      The song speaks of “The blood that is ever flowing” in the land. “The blood of innocent children. The blood of innocent old ladies. The blood of innocent souls.” And, it asks, “Zulu people (Nigerian people) where is your conscience? Zulu people (Nigerian people) where did things go wrong? Zulu (Nigerian) people where is your beauty and past glory? Where is your compassion? What happened to your beautiful history? What happened to your dignity…your inspiration? Where did things go wrong?”

        It says that precious things are disappearing…The graciousness of Zulu kingdom (Nigeria) is diminishing…You have become a laughing stock. You have become cannibals. You are destroying…exterminating each other…stabbing each other in the back.”

       “Enough is enough,” says the lead singer. “Let there be lasting peace.” And then, his back-up singer, a lady, ends it all by imploring God to bring down the Holy Spirit to restore peace, calmness and prosperity in the land.

But, will the evil members of Buhari’s cabinet and the evil federal loot-makers that we call lawmakers ever allow any holy spirit to restore peace and prosperity in this land called Nigeria? I seriously doubt it, meeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, here is the beautiful “O Zulu Wenatadi” music for your enjoyment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGPeQjFy6xw

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