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NOTE: First published on May 18, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site.


This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

There are so many great things in this world, but, unfortunately, most, if not all of them, come with bad sides or bad effects…even the very things that keep us alive, like foods and medicines, too. For instance, chairs are great for us to sit down; right? Doggone right! But, doctors and chiropractors are wont to tell you that sitting for a long time ain’t great for ya. Also, many bad things actually come with some good sides, too…the irony of good sides of bad, and the bad sides of good, I say. This blog is about the bad side of Nigeria’s good new Notional Identity System initiative, and the system’s National Identity Number (NIN).

NIN is administered by National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). President Mohammadu Buhari recently stated that the NIN initiative will help to solve the security problem of Nigeria. And, by Joab, the man is right, of course! But, unfortunately, foreigners are now being registered in large numbers as Nigerians in the process. This is the terrible side of an otherwise great initiative, which counters the security-advantage of NIN…um huh!!!

There is a plausible Fulanization conspiracy-theory, which posits that “Buhari’s Minister for Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, is following a script to use the NIN initiative to illegally register large number of foreign Fulanis as Nigerians.” This allegation is scary, especially for the reason that, as very apparent, many of the foreign Fulanis that have recently flooded Nigeria, intend to destroy Nigeria and her indigenous peoples. In fact, some persons claiming to be Fulani jihadists have openly boasted that NIN is part of their plot to infest and populate Nigeria with their non-Nigerian Fulani brethren from all over Africa, in pursuit of their Fulanization jihad. Such declarations are circulating; if you haven’t seen them, I have. The complicity allegation against Patami may or may not be true, but it is plausible, considering that he is a known and confessed sympathizer for jihadists. No mortal has the ability to determine for sure whether he has truly changed his disposition as he claims.

However, I must state the truth, that, beyond Buhari’s statement on the security-advantage of NIN, and despite the conspiracy-theory scare, the NIN initiative does have numerous advantages, and hence, it is very desirable. In fact, the initiative has come very late in the 61-years life of Nigeria as a contemporary nation…amazingly irresponsible! We have the “Giant of Africa” that has no system of identifying her nationals!! But, as they say, “it’s better late than never,” meeeeeeeeeen!!!

In many ways, Nigeria’s National Identity Number (NIN), and its administrator, the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), are, or should be similar to America’s “Social Security System,” and its “Social Security Number.” Such system serves several social purposes in addition to identification of the nation’s citizens, including administration of social security economic support to citizens who cannot cater for themselves. The wise and humane people of America and other western nations who created the Social Security Support (or “Brother’s-Keeper”) System probably copied the idea from God’s commandment on tithe (ZACAT, as Islam calls it). The idea, as the Christian Holy Bible puts it, is to ‘feed’ the poor in the society from “food in a storehouse,” contributed by those who can contribute to the “storehouse.” Sadly, even when we have the NINs in Nigeria and create a counterpart of America’s Social Security (“Brother’s-Keeper”) System, our leaders will loot the ‘Social Security’ funds, just as the crooks that call themselves pastors are stealing God’s Social Security that is called tithe, to buy private jets. But, we do have to start somewhere, and then try to sanitize the system afterwards. The place to start is the NIN.

So, yes, NIN is very inevitable in a growing Nigeria in a contemporary world. Unfortunately, Buhari’s otherwise correct statement that NIN will enhance security in Nigeria, is rendered null and void, if indeed war mongering foreign jihadist Fulanis are being registered as Nigerians, who want to claim Nigeria as their own, by violently displacing indigenous Nigerians from their ancestral lands.

The gist of this blog, therefore, is that NIN is a great idea, which, unfortunately, may be serving an evil purpose. Some conspiracy-theorists posit that “The Fulanization agenda purpose of populating Nigeria with foreign jihadist Fulani migrants through the NIN system is obvious.” Some of the theorists conclude with, “No wonder, Buhari and his cabal are defending, and will never sack Minister Pantami who has been exposed as a known and confessed sympathizer of terrorists, because the purpose of his Ministerial position is to populate Nigeria with foreign Fulanis, for the planned jihad. After all, he confessed that he enjoyed the mayhem caused by terrorists, and happy whenever infidels are killed,” the theorists conclude.

Yeah, I know, those are quotes from other people, and you probably want my own opinion; right? Well, I can tell you that anybody who simply waves aside such public observations, jihadist declarations, and all the ongoing jihadist activities is either totally naïve, or a person who, in one way or another, for one reason or another, sympathizes with Fulanization agenda, to say the least. In other words, he/she is a hypocrite who knows the truth but pretends not to know, for devious reasons. For kingdom sakes, Fulani persons constantly and consistently, torment us by openly declaring their Fulanization plans. They boast, with utmost impunity, that Fulani must own Nigeria, and their attempt is already happening. I don’t know about you, but my mama didn’t have a fool, so I know a threat when I see one. Trees and their cousins in the plant world are the only living things that stay put when threatened to be chopped down. Animals, ants, birds, and sane humans don’t ignore or underplay or wave aside threats to their lives.

As a matter of fact, come to think of it, I recall that some plants actually instantly react as soon as they sense danger. You don’t believe me, huh? So, how about the plant that I played with as a small boy, in my village. Don’t ask me its botanical name; I ain’t got any doggone idea. I knew it only by the practical name that we called it—“Touch and die”—because it pretends to die when you touch its leaves…all the leaves instantly go dry like withered leaves. In few minutes, when the plant feels that there is no more threat or danger in the air (if you don’t touch it anymore), the leaves all come back alive. My point is this: If ordinary plant can sense danger and pretend to die in order not to be killed (presumably), why the hell are some Nigerians waving aside the clear jihad threat? It scares me that there are too many of such people, and it’s even scarier that the lootmakers that we call lawmakers at the National Assembly, as well as other so-called leaders, don’t even want to talk about it. Everybody wants to pretend that there is no jihad threat. I wonder what the fuck they call all the land-grabbing destruction escapades around Nigeria by so-called herdsmen of the Fulani extraction.

Typically, Nigerian Christians are quick to pass their security responsibility to God, with silly statements such as, “God will save us.” I’m like…motherfuckers, God did not save His favorite children of the ancient Israel whose era you have in your bible, He empowered them only when they made efforts to defend themselves. God did not give the “Touch and die” plant the capability to fight back or run away from threat, so, it only pretends to die in effort to avert death. But Nigerians that God equipped with the capacity to protect and defend themselves are too busy reverting the responsibility to Him in foolish prayers, meeeeeen!!!

Mind you, and in conclusion, I’m not necessarily saying that the conspiracy-theory allegations against Pantami and the federal government about NIN is true, but it is PLAUSIBLE. And, I am saying that it is foolish to underplay its possibility, especially considering Pantami’s antecedents, and all the jihadist utterances and activities that are presently going on. Sadly, our president, Mohammadu Buhari refuses to say anything to assuage the fear of the people who believe that our government has a hand in the Fulani jihad, as alleged by some Nigerians, as well as confessed by some self-acclaimed Fulani juhadists. All that we get are propagandists who constantly lambaste Nigerians, practically telling us to shut the fuck up and accept whatever that is dished out to us, like conquered slaves. I do trust that, as usual, you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!


Folks, as he describes how different his style was from the rest in the following song, my late ‘boy’, Ras Kimono, the “Rub-A-Dub Master” of Nigeria says, “Mi no smoke ganja (aka marijuana) but mi love the aroma…mi no congregate on Sunday, but ina mi time mi pray to Jah…” Like me, as the song says, Kimono didn’t go to church on Sundays, but that had nothing to do with the fact that he believed in, and prayed to God. If indeed there is life after death, I believe that he is resting in peace because he was a good enough dude to make heaven, without going to the totally fucked-up Christian churches of contemporary Nigerian Christendom of hypocrites.

I have featured Ras Kimono in past NBB Infotainment, hence, no need to go over his background now…but, hey, who am I to suppress the human urge to repeat the boast that my friend Charlyboy Attah and I discovered Kimono, and sponsored his 1989 debut album? No wonder, I call him ‘my boy,’ in the buddy-buddy sense, and not my boy in the subservient sense. Actually, I got into this background stuff because I suddenly felt the urge to promote my favorite music genre, reggae, and I was looking for a good excuse. My point of ‘attack’ is that, contrary to the holier-than-thou attitude of too many Christians in my fatherland Nigeria, it’s not all reggae musicians who smoke ganja, and Kimono was among the exceptions, as you will hear in today’s song. And, I have never seen, nor heard of reggae music itself smoking any doggone ganja either. So, holier-than-thou Christians of Nigeria should wake up and join the rest of the global Christendom to smell the coffee. Darkness is gone, the morning has arrived with sunlight, and the smell of coffee is strong in the air. Love the sweet rhythms of reggae without the foolishness of branding it “ganja-music.” God owns all music, ganja or Satan owns none.

Every piece of music with decent lyrics is Godly, regardless who made the music or what he was smoking when he made it. So fucking what if the musician smokes ganja; what makes you think that you are a better person for that, huh, huh?? Oh, by the way, ganja, or marijuana is a gazillion times better than alcohol and cigarette, with great medicinal benefits…a fact!!! The story of how come more harmful alcohol and cigarette were legalized, but not marijuana, is for another day.

Hahahahahaaah! I laugh because I can’t help but imagine what some (maybe even most) of my readers are wondering as they read this…does Harry smoke ganja, since he is painting it so good? Ha ha, it’s for me to know, and for you to keep wondering. But, before you make up your mind, do remember that I am a “free thinker” with an objective mind to address issues based on reasoning, and not out of sentiments or personal interest or leaning. If anything is good, I objectively say so, even if I personally hate it. Now, if you have such time to spare, you may go back to wondering if Harry smokes ganja, or not…hahahahahahaaah!!!

CAVEAT: Hey, you young impressionable dudes out there who may read this, don’t you go thinking that Harry says that it’s okay for you to smoke ganja; you hear me so? Though it has benefits, it is very bad for you, because you don’t know the rules of consumption that make it medicinal and beneficial in other ways. And, wrong use is dangerous to you; you hear me so? Tell your mates and friends that Harry says so. Besides, don’t forget that, though now legalized in some countries, ganja is still illegal in Nigeria, meeeeeen!!!

And finally, here is “Kimono Style” for ya: https://youtu.be/BhL7q_mqRsA

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