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March 17, 2022

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.


My first subtopic is the national controversial conversation on Igbo presidency in Nigeria, in 2023. And, of course, the second subtopic dovetails with the first, and it is about “What The Igbo People Of Southeast Nigeria Must Not Allow To Happen” in 2023. The main topic is my generic position on the representation of the Igbo race in the national political scheme. This is part 2, and, obviously, wherever there’s a part 2, there’s got to be a part 1 lurking somewhere nearby. This is my cue to give you the link to ‘un-lurk’ part 1. Maybe you wanno read it first before you continue on this piece. Here’s the link: https://nobullshiting.com/failure-of-the-igbo-race-in-nigerias-political-scheme/

If you want to skip part 1 until after this piece, then go ahead with the knowledge that part 1 is generic. It talks about my position that the Igbo race must not allow crooks to represent us in national political scheme. I prefer that we are not represented at all, than to be represented by crooks. In this part 2, I wanno go more specific to say that I’d rather have no Igbo president in 2023, than to have an Igbo crook in the seat, meeeeeeen!!!

Nigerians know the crooks, and some of them are scheming, as usual, to become the Igbo presidential candidates of various parties in 2023. They succeeded to thwart the people’s will to get into power when they had the power of murderous election rigging. Now, we are better armed with the recent electoral reform to reject the motherfuckers. And, that’s what we must do in 2023, or I would be very disappointed and ashamed of us. Well, mind you, I’m only being decent to say “…I would be disappointed and ashamed of us.” Really, I shouldn’t count myself in the blame and shame if we fail to reject the crooks. I am already doing my own part with my “widow’s mite” messages. If enough Nigerians do the right thing to push this campaign, then all will be well. We have the social media to thank for easy success in the project, meeeeeeeen!!!

So, if you are Igbo; are you giving your own widow’s mite to stop crooks from representing us in 2023? If nothing else, circulating this and other similar campaign messages is a good place to start. Mind you, one ain’t got to be Igbo, or even Nigerian, to join a progressive democratic campaign such as this. As a matter of fact, the inspirator of this piece has Igbo interest at heart on this topic, but he’s not Igbo. He is a Yoruba man from southwest Nigeria, named Dele Farotimi.

I watched a video clip of Dele, and he speaks on the current national conversation on the zoning of Nigeria’s presidential office in the 2023 election. He is vehemently in support of zoning the presidency to the Igbo race. Like other fair-minded Nigerians of all races, Dele cites equity and fairness for his support to Igbo presidency. I have the video for you here at the end of this piece. So, I’ll shut the fuck up, and let you hear from the horse’s mouth. The only price that you have to pay is the punishment of reading through to the end of my torturous piece, before you reach the video. Yeah, right, what a huge blackmail; right? As if you don’t know how to skip the torture and get to the video…hahahaha! Anyway, don’t mind me. I only trust that you’ll go ahead and take my torture, because it has become something that you kind of hate to love, or love to hate, meeeeeeen!!!

Now, I’ve got to tell ya, though, I am actually less interested in Dele’s support to Igbo presidency, than I am in his next position in the video. It starts with a question, thus: “But, who is going to be the Igbo president?” That’s when he touched some nerves in me. There and then, he earned my fondness when he bluntly, without bullshiting, speaks about integrity. We must not make the error of putting a crook in there to be a so-called Igbo choice, he posits. Then, he goes one more no-bullshiting step to earn beyond my fondness. He instantly earns my love, when he pointedly names Rochas Okorocha and Orji Uzor Kalu as persons who must not be allowed to get in that seat. Again, you will hear from the horse’s mouth in the video, shortly.

Dele practically forced me to drop everything and hit my laptop to start this when I first watched the video, because he touched on the subject that I already addressed a couple of months back. This is the kind of campaign that I’m talking about! The Igbo people must embrace it in the 2023 electioneering. It’s high time we stopped few Igbo crooks from damaging the Igbo integrity, name, and pride. I can’t get tired of repeating the good news that we now have a reformed electoral law for the battle. And, I’m not talking about just the Igbo crooks. I am talking about rejecting all Nigerians who are crooks from our national leadership, period! My national scope is topic for another day. The evil murderous rigging that put such persons in power is now drastically curtailed. All that we need now is to spread the message of total rejection of crooks from governance. And, not just the two samples in Dele’s comment; I mean all the crooks who have destroyed Nigeria, meeeeeeeen!!!

There should be no fucking political-correctness bullshiting in this campaign. To do it right, we don’t even need to be legally-correct either. We openly name the crooks that Nigerians must reject at the poll. It doesn’t fucking matter if they have been convicted in court, or not. Let’s see how they can sue millions of Nigerians on social media to court. Besides, when I artistically construct my own messages, they can’t even hold their hands on any violation that can stand in court against anybody. Dele has done his own bit in the coming video clip. He pointedly calls Orji Uzor Kalu a criminal; and, yap, he does have every fucking legal right to do so. There has been a court conviction to that effect. As for Rochas, the word ‘criminal’ does not even have to be said. The mere constant mention of some of his known, provable acts is enough to persuade Nigerians to reject him at the poll. Actually, when the campaign starts, any political party that fields such characters as candidates and hopes to win is a party of idiots, meeeeeeen!!!

We do have tons of brilliant men and women with some atoms of integrity to lead Nigeria aright, for crying out fucking loud! We certainly have many in Igbo land to represent the Igbo race without such characters as Orji Uzor Kalu and Rochas Okorocha. For instance, we have Kingsley Moghalu, a brilliant and accomplished man who can lead Nigeria aright. What he needs is a good media campaign professional to package his campaign. As a matter of fact, as I write this, it occurs to me that I should reach out to him.

          Anyway, Kalu has already been convicted as a criminal, and was only released on technicality to face retrial. Rochas is even worse. Beyond his numerous indictments for stealing and other crimes, his record of pointing a gun at INEC staff to declare him the senatorial seat winner in 2019 was phenomenal. Is this somebody that we should ever have as Nigerian president? The motherfucker is only walking freely about because ‘This is Nigeria,’ where shit happens, and bunches of flies flock around the shit. His type should not even win the seat of Local Government Councilor from 2023. And, thanks to the recent electoral reform, we can do it when our votes begin to count a little. But that’s if we shun bullshiting, meeeeeeen!!!

Congratulations, sir, ma’am! You have defied my torture and got to the end. And now, you have finally got to Dele Farotimi’s video clip.  But you may want to read my previous related treatise first, in case you decided not to follow the earlier link to read it:

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