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February 4, 2022

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

I truly do feel insulted by Nigeria’s Transport Minister, Rotimi Amechi, whenever he opens his foul mouth to vomit some rubbish. The motherfucker often talks to Nigerians as though we are all stupid and mad like him. When he does, all I wish is that I can get close to his face, give it a dirty slap, and damn the legal consequences. I have just seen the latest of his mad, idiotic, insulting lies! And, the words that came spontaneously out of my mouth were; “Has this fool truly, completely gone crazy, meeeeeeeeeen?!!!”

Actually, I once heard a rumor that the man actually suffers from schizophrenia. But, hey, I say that it is a rumor, and I can’t prove the claim, because I am not his doctor. Also, I haven’t heard it directly from his doctor. Neither has a court of law certified him to be schizophrenic…just a rumor. So, don’t you go out there and start calling the man a schizophrenic on account of my rumor here, meeeeeeen!!!

In any case, a schizophrenic is a person with a serious mental disorder, who is often interpreting reality abnormally. Schizophrenia results in hallucinations, delusions, and extreme disordered thinking. I am wont to believe the rumor that Amechi does suffer from schizophrenia. Otherwise, why would he open his foul mouth to say, and I quote, “I have told Nigerians that I am not corrupt. I repeat today, that I am not corrupt, and I don’t like money.” You will hear from the horse’s mouth yourself at the end of this piece, when I send you to his madness on YouTube with a link, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

So, what the fuck is that motherfucker doing with all the billions of naira that he is alleged to have stolen if he does not like money, huh? I am always cautiously conscious of legal-correctness in my words and syntax. And, I consistently make effort to always be legally correct. Hence, I have to state that Amechi has never been convicted of any crime that I know of in Nigeria, because he is being shielded from prosecution. However, there are indisputable facts that present him as an apparent crook. I do have every legal right to mention those facts, and I also have every freedom-of-speech right to arrive at some conclusions about the man through speculations and postulations. This has been my standing position about Nigeria’s crooks who become billionaires in government. Here we go:

FACT NUMBER 1: Rotimi Amechi was Rivers State governor for eight years, from 2007 to 2015.

FACT NUMBER 2: Amechi was just a struggling peasant when he entered Nigeria’s political arena. He was definitely not a billionaire when he became governor in 2007.

FACT NUMBER 3: Amechi became a billionaire at the end of his eight years as governor of Rivers State of Nigeria.

FACT NUMBER 4: Nobody in the world can become a billionaire in eight years from legitimate remunerations as governor of a state, not even as a president of a country. Hence, convicted in a court of law, or not, Amechi’s present billions cannot possibly be legitimate money.

FACT NUMBER 5: Amechi was indicted by the government of his successor, Governor Nyesom Wike, for stealing Rivers State funds. Unfortunately, our so-called anti-corruption president, Mohammadu Buhari, has shielded Amechi from prosecution. Rather than allow the anti-corruption agency, EFCC, to prosecute Amechi, Buhari rewarded him with the post of Minister of Transport. Indeed, in 2016, Justice Ahmed Mohammed of the Federal High Court, Abuja Division granted “an order of mandamus seeking the arrest and immediate sack of Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, over allegations leveled against him by two justices of the Supreme Court.” The applicant for the order was “Human Rights Foundation International.” Yet, our fake anti-corruption fighter and lawless president, Buhari, continues to protect Amechi.

VERY BELIEVABLE ALLEGATION: Buhari’s government has been shielding Amechi from prosecution because Amechi co-funded Buhari’s 2015 election with some of the funds that Wike accused, and still continues to accuse Amechi of stealing. It is common knowledge that such escape from justice has been a key element in the bane of Nigeria through corruption and looting. Nigerian crooks steal the country dry with impunity. They know that all that they have to do when caught is to spend a fraction of the loot to “settle” the powers that be. Adams Oshiomhole confirmed this in 2018 when he was the National Chairman of Buhari’s ruling APC political party. The motherfucking, grandstanding Chief of alleged and indicted looters told us that any criminal is automatically forgiven upon becoming an APC member. The motherfucker did not mince any words when he announced this, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, to the point of this piece. Amechi’s madness of opening his foul mouth to tell us that he is not corrupt is bad enough. However, it is not really my beef here, because every Nigerian political crook commonly denies being a crook. My beef with Amechi is the madness of telling us that he does not like money. I’m like…If the motherfucker is not mad, then, he is at least most likely to suffer from the schizophrenia that rumor carries him to have. He must be delusional, at best. If Amechi was not mad, he would at least stop after saying that he is not corrupt. All corrupt Nigerians deny being corrupt. But for him to go as far as saying that he does not like money, that’s taking it criminally, insanely, and insultingly too far. So, I ask; why the fuck did that motherfucker steal all that money that he’s accused and indicted of stealing, if he hates money? That’s the height of mad bullshiting, meeeeeeen!!!

And now, the motherfucker is presenting himself to become Nigeria’s next president in 2023. Our only hope to prevent such crooks from continuing to rule Nigeria is the passage of the pending Electoral Act Amendment Bill. So, the big question is: Will our so-called anti-corruption president endorse it? I hope that he does, but I won’t be shocked if he continues to come up with excuses not to. You do know that I ain’t bullshiting ya, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

And, here is the link to Amechi’s criminal lie: https://youtu.be/Y9FpaF6XpPo

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