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NOTE: First published on June 26, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking it as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

“Deal ruthlessly with bandits and troublemakers”, said President Buhari to his armed forces. But how sincere was/is he in dealing with troublemakers, if Nigerians believe that his jihadist Fulani herdsmen kins are protected, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

The last NBB of June 21, 2021 was on the “Doublespeak of President Buhari on War Against Fulani Killer-Herdsmen”, which encourages ethno-religious clashes in the country. My “doublespeak” means that he seems to deliberately attempt to disguise the truth when he expresses his position on the herdsmen-cum-jihadists’ atrocities in Nigeria. He tries to make the truth about his nepotic disposition more palatable, employing AMBIGUOUS and often CONTRADICTRY language. But, this political-correctness disguise actually fails woefully, because his NEPOTISM and BIGOTRY are too deep-rooted to be concealed effectively. And, let’s face it, it is evident in various ways that Mr. President doesn’t know how, nor does he want to pretend about the venom of hatred inside his soul for the non-Fulani peoples of Nigeria, especially the Igbo people. The man is proud to let the world to know that he is an evil bigot, as well as the most sinfully nepotic being on planet earth, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!


That was a brief look at the last NBB of June 21, 2021. Today’s edition is a sequel to that last blog, and their common denominator is “Buhari’s Evil Nepotism For His Fulani Atrocious Herdsmen”, who are called jihadists by many Nigerians. My topic is Buhari’s order to Nigeria’s armed forces to “Deal ruthlessly with criminals and troublemakers”, and its complementary “Shoot-at-sight” order. I will start with few thematic questions under two categories, thus:

(1) Is the EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLING that comes with the “Shoot at sight” order good in a democracy?

(2) HOW SINCERE is Buhari about the orders, and, HOW FAIR and RIGHTEOUS are the operatives of his armed forces in carrying out the orders? Is the allegation by some Nigerians true, that there is DOUBLE-STANDARD in the application of the orders in favor of some Fulani troublemakers?

I will hinge my discourse on Sheikh Gumi’s recent statement on the POSSIBLE NON-NEUTRALITY of Buhari’s government in the “ongoing tribal war.” The Sheikh recently released another one of his controversial statements on “Arise TV”, which says that “a tribal war (jihad) is already on in Nigeria, and the Nigerian government has taken one side.” If Gumi’s statement is anything to go by, it lends credence to a popular opinion of Nigerians that Buhari’s order to the nation’s armed forces to “Deal ruthlessly with criminals and troublemakers”, and the complementary order to “Shoot-criminals-at-sight” do not apply to Fulani jihadists-cum-herdsmen. And, considering Gumi’s antecedents, his statement should certainly be taken seriously. But, before I get into that, let’s look briefly at my first thematic question on the legality of Buhari’s orders in a democracy.

Obviously, “shoot-at-sight” cannot be legal in a democracy. Surely, it negates some principles of the judicial system in Nigeria’s democracy. It circumvents the law court and promotes extrajudicial killing, in violation of the democratic principle of “Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.” Such violations should only happen under a “Martial Law”, which would suspend the nation’s constitution in order to address a dire EMERGENCY situation. But then, President Buhari has no regards or respect for the nation’s constitution, anyway. Buhari the dictator does whatever Buhari wants to do, regardless what Nigeria’s constitution says. He has the nation’s number one public enemies, the leaders of the loot-makers that are called lawmakers, wrapped around his left little finger with blackmail over their past crimes, and they don’t dare to challenge his decisions. However, legal, or not, I actually agree with President Buhari on those orders to hit hard at all the criminals who have turned Nigeria into an ungoverned killing zone. Extreme situations call for extreme measures, they say.

If you ask me, or even if you don’t wanno ask me, I will still tell you that, at this point, I would vote for any measure that will stop the hellish, rapidly escalating insecurity in Nigeria now. I actually wonder how come President Buhari has not declared a Martial Law yet, in order to legitimize his “shoot-at-site” order. I shouldn’t wonder, though, because, as I said, the mean dictator doesn’t give a damn about legitimizing his order. But, as I also said, I don’t really mind his illegality this time. Yes, indeed; if I have to vote for one, between the current insecurity and “shoot-at-sight” order, I would vote in favor of “shoot-at-sight”, if it will help to sanitize Nigeria. If I don’t want to be shot at sight, then I stay away from the horrible crimes that attract shoot-at-sight, period! If everybody in Nigeria could do the same, then there would be no need to shoot anybody. Unfortunately, this position of mine brings me to the second thematic question above, which doubts the INTEGRITY behind Buhari’s “Shoot-at-sight” order. Here are the thematic questions, once again:

(1) How SINCERE are Mr. President’s orders of “Deal ruthlessly with criminals and troublemakers” and “shoot-at-sight”? And, (2) How HONEST and RIGHTEOUS are the operatives of his armed forces in carrying out the orders? Are they EVIL, or are they officers with INTEGRITY and the fear of God? If I don’t want to be shot at sight, and therefore stay innocent, am I actually safe, or would I still be shot simply for the reason that somebody hates my tribe or my face? Is the allegation by some Nigerians true, that there is DOUBLE-STANDARD in the application of the orders in favor of some Fulani troublemakers, and detrimental to other tribes?

Let’s start with the reasons for the public doubt of Buhari’s sincerity. I touched this in passing in part one of Buhari’s “doublespeak.” Now, I want to zero-in on it, specifically, from the perspective of DOUBLE-STANDARD. If you ask OBJECTIVE Nigerians about the sincerity of Buhari in those orders, many are wont to give you responses that are neither ‘black’ nor ‘white.’ They would give you some ‘grey’ areas in an analytical form, which would put into consideration all the NEPOTIC and BIGOTED utterances and body language of Mr. President. For this disposition, it is difficult to conclude that he is sincere in his orders. Indeed, it is very easy for any objective analyst to lean towards the possibility that he is NOT SINCERE. And, anybody who does not consider his publicly displayed nepotic and bigoted disposition is anything but sincere; indeed, such person is hypocritical, period! Note my legal-correctness caution in choice of words, considering that nobody has actually tried Mr. President in a court of law and obtained a judgement. But, yes, based on known FACTS, I do have the legal right to express my SUSPICION that he, POSSIBLY, ordered his armed forces not to shoot Fulani herdsmen-cum-jihadists at sight, as they do other criminals. As I said, Gumi has just INCREASED this suspicion quite significantly, meeeeeeeen!!!

I have stated the contents of the following summation several times, and I’m still stating them again, because REPITITION of some key positions has good effects on the public in SUBLIMINAL ASSIMILATION, thus: (1) There is no doubt that Buhari has shown gazillion nepotic or clannish tendencies in favor of his Fulani tribe and his Muslim religion; as well as terrible bigoted acts against members of other tribes and other religions of Nigeria. (2) It is also a clear fact that SOME of his Fulani herdsmen constitute a HUGE threat to Nigerians, worse than any other source of security threat across the nation today; and, the IMPUNITY that they display is derived from Buhari’s encouraging body language and utterances. So, the nagging pertinent question is: Are Buhari’s armed forces “dealing ruthlessly” with, and ”shooting at sight” the land-grabbing AK47-toting Fulani jihadists-cum-herdsmen as they do other criminals?

The answer, according to the information in my possession long before Gumi’s recent statement, is n-o, no! And now, Gumi has added more POSSIBILITY OF CREDENCE to this vote of no-confidence in Buhari’s government on this matter. Hence, THE VERDICT IN THE PUBLIC COURT OF POSTULATIONS, which are based on known facts, is that, rather than apply the orders across the board, operatives of Buhari’s armed forces SEEM actually to be protecting and defending the killer Fulani herdsmen-cum-jihadists when they attack communities across the country, especially so in southern Nigeria. In other words, they are not “dealing ruthlessly” with the AK47-toting killer-herdsmen, and they are not shooting them at sight either.

On the OPPOSITE EXTREME, according to an Igbo Elders’ Association Meeting in Abuja last week, and a letter by an International Igbo Youths Association, which was addressed to the cowardly weaklings called southeast governors, the armed forces are “GENOCIDALLY, INDISCRIMINATLY, ‘abducting’, persecuting and shooting INNOCENT Igbos in the guise of ‘Shoot-at-sight’ order in Igbo land, Buhari’s ‘Dot in a circle’ who must be treated in the language that they understand.” The Igbo Associations simply quoted Buhari’s own evil utterances, which, to a military genocide culprit, could justify any evil act against the Igbos. So, even if Buhari did not expressly say that the forces must persecute innocent Igbos, his bigoted un-presidential language was inciting enough for sadistic officers who enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on innocent people.

Before I drop my pen, I want to repeat my IMPORTANT POINT in the last blog, that Igbo people are not complaining about killing of criminals in Igbo land; what they condemn is the torture and killing of INNOCENT Igbos who are indiscriminately tagged as members of IPOB, with no shred of evidence.

Their only crime is that they are young men who COULD BE, or MAY BE members of IPOB. All this information was contained in the communique of the Igbo Elders meeting, which they presented to the public in a press conference in Abuja. A former governor of Anambra State, octogenarian Elder Statesman, Emeka Ezeife, aka Okwadike, was among the featured elders.

I have only cited the “unholy” activities of the armed forces in Igbo land to make my points on bad application of Buhari’s “Deal ruthlessly, and shoot-at-sight” orders, and I made the choice based on the peculiarity of Nnamdi Kanu and his proscribed IPOB. Yoruba and other lands have their own stories, too.

For one instance, Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State often laments his own bad Fulani herdsmen experience on TV, and I have never heard of one recalcitrant herdsmen ever being shot. I trust, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeen!!!

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