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NOTE: This blog was first published on June 21, 2021

Greetings, folks!

For long, Nigerians complained that our president, Mohammadu Buhari, was/is an absentee autocratic RULER, with proxies who represent him by disdainfully TALKING AT, and TALKING DOWN ON Nigerians. Mr. President refused to address his people, even when it seemed (and still seems) that hell has broken loose, and its molten hot ruins are pouring down on Nigerians, meeeeeeeeen!!!

And then, suddenly, hurrah, our president has finally spoken, and repeatedly, too! Well, I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that Nigeria is much better off when Mr. President is virtually absent and saying nothing, because, whenever he opens his mouth, he pours fuel of division into the already raging fire of ethno-religious conflicts in the country. Mr. President simply cannot control his deep-rooted EXTREME ethno-religious NEPOTISM and BIGOTRY…such a scary disposition! I use and highlight the word ‘extreme’ to underscore the fact that ALL humans actually possess, or SHOULD possess some degree of nepotism, but certainly without the bigotry, though. Indeed, in my book, whosoever that is completely devoid of nepotism is the abnormal one. For a basic example, I dare you to tell me that if your mama and a stranger approach you for something, you wouldn’t consider your mama first. In fact, dude, or ‘dudess’, if you don’t RESEASONABLY favor your mama over a stranger, I would have to say, with all due respect, that something is wrong with ya! So, yes, Buhari should have some SENSIBLE degree of nepotism for his Fulani kindred.

The problem is that the man simply doesn’t know where and when to draw the line, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

When Mr. President finally spoke to us, he SOUNDED as though he couldn’t control the bigoted disdain in his heart for Nigerians. He, un-presidentially, spitted fire and brimstone at everybody, except his Fulani kinsmen, some of whom constitute a major problem of insecurity in the country.

 I have a summary of the highlights of his recent spoken venom, embellished with my extrapolation of what the public perceived of him, thus: “We will deal with the dots in a circle in the language that they understand…and, the southern governors are talking nonsense if they say that they have banned MY PEOPLE’S open grazing…oh, and by the way, although I am the one in control of the security forces, the governors must take care of the security problem in their states anyway; I’ve been thinking about it, but now that they have pissed me off with their stupid ban on MY PEOPLE’S open grazing, I have to say it out…also, you people should stop complaining about the railway that I am building into Niger Republic; I have the right to do it, because my cousins are there…” And so on, and on, and on, all of which are further dividing Nigeria, because, most of what he said favored his Fulani race in one form or another, except when he told us that he has lifted 10 million Nigerians out of poverty. What a boo-boo that was, considering that, according to the World Bank, he actually PLUNGED over seven million Nigerians into poverty in the period under review. Naturally, Nigerians are asking; where are the signs of the 10 million beneficiaries, meeeeeeeeen?!!!

And, is it just me, or does everybody else FEEL that Buhari, either WITTINGLY (knowingly), or UNWITTINGLY (unknowingly), has actually set Nigeria up for a war between Fulani jihadists, and the rest of Nigerians, huh? This was apparent in his recent “Arise TV” interview, on Thursday the 10th of June, 2021. Let’s start with two statements that came out of Mr. President’s own mouth, thus:

  • “Don’t wait for me to fight Fulani Herdsmen, defend yourselves”, said he, to state governors.
  • “Recently, two governors from the south-west came to tell me that the cattle rearers in some of the forests there have killed the farmers while the cattle were eating up their crops” also said Mr. President. “But I told them, you campaigned to be elected and you were elected. So, I said go back and sort yourselves” he concluded.

Recall that a couple of years or so ago, Mr. President said similar words to Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State, when Ortom approached him to intervene in the incessant attacks on farmers in Benue State by Fulani herdsmen. Meanwhile, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association’s leadership openly, with utmost IMPUNITY, justified the herdsmen’s atrocities, with the allegation that their cattle were rustled (stolen) by criminals. Many things define that position to be unbelievably evil, including: Sane, God-fearing persons do not go on rampage, massacre villagers and destroy farms, for the crime of some criminals, WHO PROBABLY DIDN’T EVEN COME FROM THOSE VILLAGES, and, just for the reason that cows were stolen. Have you ever tried to imagine what would become of Nigeria if all Nigerians who have ever been robbed of their possessions should pick up AK-47 rifles and start massacring innocent citizens everywhere? Banks get robbed, for instance, but the owners of banks and their workers do not pick up arms and go on rampage on innocent Nigerians, for robberies by criminals. Miyeti Allah seems to forget that herdsmen are not supposed to take the law in their own hands; no one reminds them that police should arrest cattle rustlers. Only in Nigeria can you ever hear people comparing cows to human lives, meeeeeeen!!!

When Buhari said to Ortom, “accommodate your country men”, amid herdsmen attacks, it was akin to endorsing Miyetti Allah’s justification of the atrocities of the herdsmen. Indeed, Nigerians saw it as endorsement, otherwise, members of the leadership of Miyetti Allah would have been prosecuted for their utterances, which were akin to “aiding and abetting” the crimes of their herdsmen members.

Naturally, Mr. President’s position continues to ENCOURAGE the herdsmen’s atrocities to worsen. And now, he has said to governors, “Don’t wait for me to fight herdsmen, defend yourselves.” So, many Nigerians insist that Buhari is setting Nigeria up for full-blown tribal war between Fulani jihadists and the rest of Nigerians. I concur, but I am objective, so, I wonder if he is doing it WITTINGLY, or UNWITTINGLY? But, if he is not aware of the implications of his words and actions, then what does that say about the optimal functionality of his cognitive senses, huh?

Mind you, all things being equal or normal, everybody would agree with Buhari that the state governors should protect their peoples, because they are the Chief Security Officers of the States. However, as everybody knows, all things are definitely not equal here. Mr. President’s pronouncements to the state governors are DOUBLESPEAK, because he knows that the governors cannot get the centralized armed forces to “defend their people” without his approval. So, a pertinent question is, does Mr. President have something else in mind as he admonished the governors? Allegations are rife, that, often, when the governors invite the armed forces, they wait forever, in vain, for “orders from above” to approve their requests. Some Nigerians insist that, “As soon as vigilantes go after the jihadists, the armed forces spring into action to stop them without waiting for the orders, which IMPLIES that they already have a standing approval ‘from above’ to protect the herdsmen.” And, don’t forget that the vigilantes and other outfits that the governors can deploy are not even allowed by law to bear arms, and the jihadists openly possess AK-47 assault rifles. Hence, the allegation, especially in the south, is that Buhari’s federal armed forces challenge state security outfits, ALLEGEDLY in defense and protection of the herdsmen. Some allegations are supported with video clips that LOOK convincing. So, to such Nigerians with the allegations, Buhari’s recent statements to the governors are more like a mockery.

Critics insist that “he does not really want them to challenge his jihadist kindred.” Indeed, he has repeatedly insisted that the AK47-toting jihadists that are called herdsmen must be allowed to continue their open grazing of cattle, under which guise some commit atrocities across Nigeria. He openly condemned the governors for banning open grazing, yet he declares that they should “go and defend themselves”, meeeeeeeen!!!

The nagging question, therefore, is: How the hell are the governors supposed to do that, huh? With poorly-armed vigilantes, who also have the armed forces to contend with? So, yes, it DOES LOOK to many Nigerians that Buhari has set Nigeria up for a war between Fulani jihadists and the rest of Nigerians. What I can’t say, I repeat, is whether he is doing it WITTINGLY, or UNWITTINGLY.

So, I can’t help but wonder, if full-fledged jihad war breaks out, God forbid; what role would Nigeria’s armed forces play? Would they be AGAINST THE JIHADISTS, or FOR THE JIHADISTS, or NEUTRAL? Hopefully, they would choose neutrality, but, even then, there is still the matter of how to apply the neutrality.

Can soldiers stop a war without shooting at one side, or the other, huh? Which side would our soldiers choose to shoot in their “neutrality”, huh?

The bottom line is that, WIN OR LOSE, such a war is definitely no good for anybody in the country. It must be avoided at all costs. But how, with a president who portrays himself as being only interested in the interest of few members of the Fulani nation who mean Nigeria no good? In his excessive brand of diehard nepotism, he is talking about directing his Attorney General to exhume and activate a dead ARCHAIC 1963 grazing-route gazette, which has long been made null and void by several laws in our constitution. It was actually valid only in northern Nigeria then, but, guess what? If Buhari sends such bill to our number one public enemy, his rubber-stamp National Assembly (NASS), they would pass it into law for the entire Nigeria. Uum huh; the compromised and APPARENTLY BLACKMAILED NASS leaders would BULLY the rest of the loot-makers that we call lawmakers to pass it into law. Some of them, especially among the leadership, would most likely end up in prison for their past crimes if they turn down Buhari’s desire. We have seen them consistently approving every DEMAND (not request) that the president places on their desks, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Unfortunately for the Igbo people, their ass-licking, self-serving COWARDS who are called governors have already brought a war to Igbo land. They refused to establish a security outfit like the “Amotekun” of the southwest. And, Nnamdi Kanu’s Eastern Security Network (ESN) stepped in to fill the void. This has given Nigeria’s armed forces a good excuse to lay siege on Buhari’s “dot in a circle…to teach them the language that they understand”, because IPOB is proscribed as a terrorist organization. Mind you, the Igbos would not complain so much if the armed forces DISCRIMINATELY descended ONLY on IPOB members. But, no, to them, every Igbo man is IPOB member who deserves to be INDISCRIMINATELY harassed, tortured in some cases, or killed. Remember that this persecution includes Igbos that actually hate Nnamdi Kanu’s approach to Biafra Republic, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

If you ask me, or even if you don’t wanno ask me, I still have to tell you that, for the foregoing, and other reasons, the southeast governors are actually the worst enemies of their own Igbo people now. I repeat, they have, in their self-serving COWARDLY IDIOCY, brought federal persecution upon their own people, by refusing to establish an “Amotekun” counterpart for security in the region. This failure created a security void, and a proscribed IPOB tried to fill the void, which justifies the siege on Igbo land by armed forces, who, unfortunately, indiscriminately victimize Igbos who are not IPOB members. In contrast, the armed forces cannot find any good excuse to lay siege on Yoruba land for the reason of “Amotekun”, because it is a legitimate security outfit. If they do, then it would be tantamount to an open declaration of war against the Yoruba race.

Finally, there is no question on my mind that it ONLY takes a simple change of Buhari’s extreme nepotic and bigoted disposition to stop the Fulani herdsmen atrocities and the impending tribal or jihad war in Nigeria. I can bet anything that, as soon as he SINCERELY orders his law enforcement officers to “deal ruthlessly” with the killer herdsmen-cum-jihadists, as he ordered them to do with other criminals, the jihad would stop! It is going on now only for the reason that he has emboldened the jihadists, either WITTINGLY, or UNWITTINGLY. My expatiation on this is story for another day, when I address the matter of SINCERITY, or INSINCERITY of President Buhari, in his recent twin orders to his armed forces to “Deal with criminals and troublemakers in the country”, and “Soot-at-sight” in dealing with them. You’ve got to know by now, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeen!!!

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  • […] Folks, I am totally pissed-off that Nigerian politicians are dilly-dallying on the matter of decentralizing policing in Nigeria. And, I have always been even more pissed-off that Nigerian people who own the country are allowing this to continue. According to Nigeria’s constitution, “We, The People,” own the fucking. But we have allowed few self-serving politicians to continue to rule, instead of lead us. I emphasize ‘rule’ and ‘lead,’ because if the politicians were leading us, they would do what we want them to do, every rime! “We The People” have virtually been a conquered people to those motherfuckers since the inception of the “Fourth Republic,” meeeeeeeen!!! […]

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