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March 28, 2022

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.


On March 20, 2022, I had a cause to rejoice about Nigerian Pentecostal Christian Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). Um huh, the pastor launched a Political Department in his church. I hoped, and still hope that all the other churches in Nigeria will join in this initiative. Indeed, I do hope that all the other religions in Nigeria, not just Christianity, will get involved in encouraging Nigerians to shun political apathy. I hope that they will all mobilize their flocks to actively participate in choosing the right leaders for Nigeria. This is very important, now that Nigeria has a reformed electoral law to make people’s votes to count, at least reasonably so. If you missed my previous blog on this, don’t worry. Be happy, because I’ve got it for ya. Just do the clicking: https://nobullshiting.com/sunday-sunday-medicine-weeping-by-the-soweto-gospel-choir/

I did say in that blog that I did not have the detail of Adeboye’s RCCG political initiative, and I still don’t have it now. I understand that the “Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)” has bought into Pastor Adeboye’s initiative of mobilizing Christians to be active in politics. So has the “Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN).” Now, what I wonder is how the RCCG, PFN, and CAN plan to run their Political Enlightenment. Specifically, I would like to know if they intend to mobilize Christians to vote for good Nigerian candidates, or to vote for Christian candidates. I do hope that they are talking about mobilizing Christians to vote for good competent candidates, and not for Christian candidates. We need this in Nigeria’s new dawn of democratic revolution. I ache for the day that the prevailing demo-crazy, which Olusegun Obasanjo founded as president from 1999 to 2007, will finally become dead. And, without mincing words, I will tell you right now that I will call Adeboye (or any other pastor) an unGodly man, if he preaches to his flock to vote for only Christian candidates. The same goes for any Imam who preaches to Muslims to vote only for Muslims, meeeeeeeeen!!!

And, this brings me to the man whose story provoked this blog; a man named Tunde Badmus. He is said to be marketing Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s presidential bid with some stupid divisive Islamic sentiments. I hate his type, in all religions. They destroy Nigeria by brainwashing ignorant masses with their religious extremism, which often set the country ablaze, literally. I understand that Badmus called for Muslims to rally around and vote only for Muslim candidates in the coming 2023 general elections. In particular, he urged Muslims to vote Bola Tinubu for president. In essence, Tinubu and his campaign team believe that religion is important in presidential campaign and leadership. If this is Tinubu’s mentality, then I already disapprove of him based on it.

          Nigeria does not need another divisive extremist religious mentality as her president again. Nigeria needs a president who will repair the damage already done to her ethno-religious unity in the eight years of President Buhari. To me, it doesn’t matter much whether the messiah is Christian, or Muslim.

Badmus made his extremist call when he represented Tinubu at the Annual National Conference and Pre-Ramadan meeting of the Supreme Council for Shari’ah in Nigeria (SCSN). For my non-Nigerian readers, Tinubu is one of the major aspirants for the seat of the president of Nigeria in 2023. He is presently the National Leader of President Buhari’s ruling APC political party. And, he is a man with very controversial integrity history, and a bad debilitating political baggage, meeeeeeeen!!!

But, let’s forget about Tinubu’s character and image in this particular piece. I am interested in the extremist Muslim, Badmus, and his kind, in both Islam and Christianity. They are destroying the unity of Nigeria with religious stupidity and evil selfish tendencies. They want a member of their religion to be president, regardless of presidential qualities. We presently have a Muslim president. What have we benefited from that fact that he is Muslim, huh? If Buhari’s religion mattered, how come Islam did not craft him into a great leader, huh? In the NBB Objectivity-cum-Sincerity principle, I am always quick to balance my points. So, I have to ask my own Christians who want a Christian president; what the fuck did President Goodluck Jonathan, and President Olusegun Obasanjo before him, do for Nigeria? What about them, as Christians, reflected anything that Christ taught anybody, huh, huh?? Nothing great, that’s what!!! So, how come Christianity did not craft them into great leaders, huh, huh??

In other words, my point is that Christianity and Islam do not rule a country. They are ordinary human concepts, which can’t do shit on their own. Mosques and church buildings can’t do shit either; they are just inanimate structures. Some good people who subscribe to any of those religious concepts are good leaders. The late Musa Yar’Adua gave us a glimpse of good leadership before death took him from us too soon, and that’s because he was a good man and a good leader, and not because he was Muslim. And, many bad people who subscribe to the same Islam concept are terrible leaders. To say that we should vote for a person as leader just for being a Muslim, or for being a Christian, is absolute madness. It is absolute stupidity, absolute idiocy, absolute ignorance, absolute…please, somebody help me, remind me of more degrading adjectives, meeeeeeen!!!

I have always expected the madness of religious extremists to start in Nigeria, in the current electioneering for 2023 general elections. Sure enough, it has started! The extremists have started their divide-and-rule campaign along religious lines. They don’t mind doing it to the detriment of unity, integrity, merit, productivity, and national progress. Rather than tell us about meritorious characteristics of candidates, the extremists are busy whipping up some idiotic religious sentiments. They brainwash ignorant Nigerians to vote for their cabal-chosen religious members. It does not matter to such destabilizing persons if their candidates are incompetent. It doesn’t matter if the candidates are incarnate of the devil, who will continue to destroy Nigeria, meeeeeeen!!!

Now hear this, in the book of NBB, anybody that talks about mobilization to vote for either Christian or Muslim candidate, is simply unGodly, period! In this new dawn of reformed electoral law, every sane well-meaning Nigerian should be interested in engendering a sane democracy. Enough of the demo-crazy already, we should all say! In fact, if Pope Francis should tell Christians to vote only for Christian candidates, I would call him bad names, too. If he tells me that God asked him to say such rubbish, I would look him in the face and tell him that he is a huge liar. But, I thank God that the pope is actually my kind of guy in such matters. I have heard quite a number of his progressive views, which I love like cooked food. And, based on those views, he does believe, like I do, that God does not give a damn about anyone’s religion. All that He cares for is to have good people. And, there are good people in all the religions, as well as terrible people, too. I don’t give a fuck if a Muslim or a Christian is Nigeria’s president. The important thing is to have a good man or woman. I highlight woman because I truly wouldn’t mind a woman to become Nigeria’s president in 2023. I always say my reason that Nigerian women are less criminal, less deadly, more conscientious and more humane than the heartless Nigerian men in politics so far.

I have already blogged about sectionalism in Nigeria’s politics from the tribal or regional perspective. I do want equity for my Igbo race in the presidency distribution. However, I cannot say it enough that I would rather have a good Hausa or Yoruba or Ijaw president, than to have an Igbo crook in the seat. My religious perspective is even more liberal, because I almost don’t even have any religion anyway. I am a Practicing Christian. I do not need to go to church on Sundays with a bunch of hypocritical church-goers, in order to validate myself to anyone as a son of God. All I need is try hard to practice the Godly teachings of Christ, bearing in mind God’s Ten Commandments, which He issued long before Christianity and Islam came into being. God wants Nigerians to elect good leaders, not Muslim leaders, and not Christian leaders, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, though; if Tunde Badmus wants to market his principal, Ahmed Tinubu, that’s fine with me. It is his job to convince Nigerians that Tinubu did not commit any sin or crime, that he is a great leader, or a saint. I wish him luck in selling that argument, and see how many of us would buy his ‘commodity’ through the votes. What I hate is his divisive religious madness, meeeeeeen!!!

Actually, some of the dudes that I have seen who are trying to market Tinubu are not doing him much good. They are much unprepared to do the right thing to represent him well. For one thing, it is absolutely stupid for any Tinubu campaigner or apologist to pretend that the man has no baggage that may militate against his chances of becoming president. He certainly does! And, rather than come up with an effective strategy to launder his image, some half-baked dimwits are looking in all the wrong places to market the man. As always, I will tell you why this is so—Election-Rigging mentality, that’s why!!! Nigerian politicians have been so tuned into election-rigging, that they ain’t got no fucking idea how to market a candidate for free and fair elections, meeeeeeen!!!

Before the story of the extremist Muslim brainwashing Badmus, I heard of another bad outing of another Tinubu spokesman during a TV interview. That one refused to answer questions about Tinubu’s escapade with bullion-vans in past elections, presumably for vote-buying. The dumb dude representing him was not prepared for the question. Apparently, he was disarmed by the impunity that nobody would dare to ask such embarrassing questions about “The Great Jagaban.” He forgot that it has become difficult to buy votes or rig elections in the new electoral law dispensation. So, they have to come up with a strategy to convince people to like and vote for the Jagaban. I do believe, that you do know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

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