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January 1, 2022

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina

Greetings, folks!

This has been my regular New Year message, which is modified every year as I feel it that year, but basically the same. I do start with the traditional recital of “Happy and Prosperous New Year” to all, because it is great to wish people well, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

But I always say something to my social media friends (on Facebook, whatsapp, and others). I want everybody to know this, so that nobody gets offended with me when I am simply being Harry, without bullshiting ya. And, Harry is the dude with some “unusual” attitudes to life, for which some friends actually sometimes call me crazy. For instance, some of my whatsapp friends do get offended that I do not respond to some funny messages that are circulated on social media these days during the yuletide seasons, and other seasons for that matter. And, the ones that I detest most are those ones that people ask you to forward all over the world, and then send them back to them if you love them, too; or some silly stuff like that. And, I’m like…Forget it, I ain’t forwarding shit to nobody, and I ain’t sending it back to you either, and, I will tell you why, meeeeeeeeeen!!!!

If my refusing to send back such pieces of shit back to you translates to you that I don’t love you, I can only say that you are much mistaken. Check this out: If I was a hypocrite, I could hate you like hell and still forward a million of those fake messages to you. What makes it silly and funny to me is that you are sending me something that is not original; something that somebody else created, another person’s words; and you expect me to believe that reading it means that you love or appreciate me? Hogwash!!! You wanno send me any message of love, or message of appreciation, or whatever, then construct the doggone words yourself, I always say! That way I would believe it, because it comes from your heart. You ain’t got to be Mister or Ms Grammar to communicate sincere love and/or appreciation to the next guy; just say it as it comes inside you, in whatever level of poetic, or grammatical, or artistic prowess you’ve got in you. I don’t need to hear somebody else’s “perfect” poetic mumbo-jumbo from a friend who is claiming to express or profess his or her appreciation or love to me. And, I ain’t sending it back to you either. If that means to you that I don’t “love” you back, too bad! When I am ready to tell you that I love or appreciate you in any form, it would be in my own original words.

And then, another one that both intrigues and pisses me off big time is the barrage of prayers that I receive sometimes, asking me to circulate them, or my blessing from God would be withheld, or something bad may happen. The last whatsapp friend that sent such rubbish to me blocked me right after my nasty response to the bullshit. I don’t take kindly to anybody trying to blackmail me with some stupid threat of woes that would fall upon me, or the blessing of God that I would miss for refusing to circulate some stupid prayers that were constructed by somebody else. When the heck did you reach such agreement with God that He would not bless me if I don’t circulate the stupid prayers to 20 or 100 people, huh, huh, huh??? The truth is that nobody can pray for you better than yourself, not even the so-called pastors. And, the prerequisite is your own personal righteousness, and not some spiritual jargon by so-called prayer warriors who may even be kings and queens of iniquity. If you are not Godly at heart; if you are a motherfucking evil person, if you like, gather a million so-called prayer warriors to pray from today ‘til thy kingdom comes, you ain’t getting no doggone answered prayers, period! So, you’d better change your evil ways and be Godly, or Christ-like, or follow the pious teachings of whoever is your symbol of salvation according to your own religion, or you ain’t getting shit by wasting your phone data to circulate a bunch of bullshitting messages or prayers from whatever tons of “prayer warriors” that you misguidedly worship instead of God.

So, please don’t expect my response to any of those silly circulations. Indeed, may I request that nobody sends them to me at all…thanks a million. And, again, I truly wish you a prosperous 2022, from the bottom of my own heart, and not someone else’s construction that is probably insincere. Do have a great, blessed 2022 that is devoid of bullshitting; and remember that “No Bullshitting” is watching, meeeeeeeeen!!!

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