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NOTE: First published on April 7, 2021

This is “No Bullshitting“, by Harry Agina

Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, has described the April 5 2021 attack on a correctional facility in Imo State in southeast Nigeria as an act of terrorism. There is no argument from me on that; the man is right, it was a terrorist attack alright. My problem with Mr. President is that he refuses to see or understand THE FACT that he is the genesis, the cause, or the problem that leads to ALL such acts of terrorism in Nigeria since 2015.

Mr. President and his team of propagandists (led by LIAR Mohammed, Shehu Garba, Loretta Onochie, and Femi Adesina) are quick to point accusing fingers at suspects of the escalating insecurity in Nigeria. But, as each of them points one finger at suspects, three of his/her fingers are pointing at him/her. The finger-pointing adage is valid when there is more blame on the person accusing somebody of something, than the person that he or she is accusing. I will put the “three fingers” that are pointing at Buhari in my thematic statement, thus: Buhari’s EXTREME CLANNISHNESS in favor of his Fulani race (finger number one pointing at him), his EXTREME BIGOTRY against other tribes and non-Islamic religions of Nigeria (finger number two), and his EXTREME ETHNO-RELIGIOUS DIVISIVE POLICIES (finger number three) are the causes of ALL the ethno-religious agitations in Nigeria today. And, in turn, such agitations are the reasons for the current worst insecurity in the entire history of Nigeria, under his watch.

If Buhari was not such AN ADAMANT bigot, he would have listened to the cries of majority of Nigerians to change his divisive, bigoted, clannish ways, and obey Nigeria’s constitution to act as father to all Nigerians. But, unfortunately, the man has no repentant soul in him, and he wouldn’t listen to any advice. In particular, he hates the Igbos so much that he refuses to listen to all the calls from Igbos and non-Igbos alike, to stop his CLEAR, INDISPUTABLE marginalization of the Igbo people in every policy of his government. He did not mince words when he declared that he has no interest in the welfare of the Igbos because, according to him, the Igbos only gave him five percent votes for his election. Such statement would never happen in a true democracy; he would be sued for huge discriminatory damages. In a democracy, a leader owes equal rights to all citizens, regardless where he gets/got his votes from. Unfortunately, Nigeria is a DEMO-CRAZY where shit happens, and a bunch of flies flock around the shit.

Peter Obi also exhibited this ugly DEMOCRATIC ANOMALY of denying a community its rights based on low voting when he was governor of Anambra State of southeast Nigeria. Obi had the mad IMPUNITY to declare to Nnewi people of the state that he owed them no infrastructural development because they did not vote massively for him. And, sadly, he got away with that madness, just as Buhari is presently getting away with it…because, as I said, this is Nigeria where shit happens all the time. Today, in spite of that madness, many Igbos extol Obi as a good leader, and I do admit that he is a good leader in some ways. But, despite his good qualities, in a true democracy, that single stupid impunity to violate a basic democratic principle could have easily marred his political career for life, meeeeeeeen!!!

Now, if indeed IPOB was actually responsible for the recent attacks on state institutions, it’s a grievous fault alright, because, MOST OFTEN, two wrongs don’t make a right. Buhari’s bigotry may not justify such attacks, but, I highlight “most often” because, sometimes a second wrong becomes necessary in order to correct the first wrong. If Buhari was a conscientious man, agitation for Biafra could have made him to correct his Igbo marginalization wrong. But, alas, he is adamant in his wrong ways. Mind you, IPOB’s culpability is ONLY A POSSIBILITY. It has denied the accusation, and the IPOB that I know WOULD MOST LIKELY HAVE ADMITTED if indeed it was responsible for the attacks, because it seeks to drive home its claim that it can defeat Nigeria’s Armed Forces. But, as always, Buhari’s police force has accused its “usual suspects” within just few minutes of the attack, without any investigation. This portrays two terrible characteristics—INCOMPETENCE and PREJUDICE!

The point that I want to drive home here is that Buhari could have prevented the escalating marginalization-agitation acts in the southeast long ago by simply giving the Igbos their rights in the contraption called Nigeria. Everybody who cares to be honest knows that IPOB is only thriving due to Buhari’s open, blatant refusal to be fair to the Igbos. If I said it once, I said it a gazillion times in “No Bullshitting” blogs that majority of Igbo people, including I, would spit on Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB’s agitation for Biafra Republic if only Buhari was not so bigoted against the Igbo race. There was no such agitation for Biafra until Buhari came into power with his confessed and obvious hatred for the Igbo people. In fact, I did condemn Nnamdi Kanu in four past blogs. I only changed my mind in his favor when his ESN emerged to protect Igbos against the mayhem of Fulani jihadists, who Buhari’s armed forces have been protecting.

Now, I will tie the foregoing to all my subtitles above. Let’s start with the senseless, self-serving, idiotic southeast governors. I have blogged about their culpability more than once in the past. They have refused to follow the lead of the southwest governors’ “Amotekun” zonal security outfit to protect Igbos from Miyetti Allah’s Fulanization army that some Nigerians mischievously or naively call Fulani herdsmen. So, IPOB, very JUSTIFIABLY and HEROICALLY established the “Eastern Security Network (ESN)” to save the Igbos from the onslaught of the Fulanization army.  And, ESN has been doing a great job of it. Hence, many Igbos, including I, who were once against Nnamdi Kanu’s radical approach to the quest for Biafra Republic, are now in support of his ESN, meeeeeen!!!

Whenever the ESN rescues an Igbo community from jihadists in the southeast, Buhari’s armed forces swoop down on ESN operatives and TRY to massacre them; but they do nothing to the herdsmen that massacre innocent Igbos. I say that soldiers TRY to massacre ESN operatives advisedly, because, unlike when IPOB had no arms, the battles are now evenly matched lately. Soldiers now get killed in the battles, too. Does this point mean that I am happy with the new development? Hell fucking no!!! I am not happy that IPOB is apparently now armed enough to challenge Nigeria’s armed forces, bullet for bullet, and death for death. I wish that it was not so, but I can’t do shit about it. I didn’t make it so; Buhari and the southeast governors made it so. They could have nipped it in the bud when the situation was emerging, but they refused to do so. Buhari refuses to act right due to his bigotry against Igbos, and the idiotic Igbo governors refuse to act right for their SELF-SERVING and COWARDLY reasons. And now they are all pointing accusing fingers at Nnamdi Kanu for rising to the rescue of Igbos, meeeeeeen!!!

IMPORTANTLY, the southwest region’s “Amotekun” is performing exactly the same function that IPOB’s ESN is performing in the southeast. But Buhari’s Armed Forces cannot find good excuse to fight “Amoteken” as they do ESN, because Amotekun has been established by Acts of the various parliaments of the region’s states. An attack on Amotekun by soldiers would be tantamount to an act of civil war against the southwest by Nigeria’s armed forces. No wonder, I am so, so, so pissed off with the idiotic governors of the southeast who refuse to establish an Amoteken counterpart in their region to avoid the emergence of ESN. If indeed the ESN operatives were responsible for the prison break and similar attacks on security institutions and personnel, they are apparently RETALIATING against the armed forces that attack them in favor of Fulani jihadists.

If the scenario that I have hypothesized here is true, then, the only solution is for President Buhari to review his present bigotry and clannishness with an IMMEDIATE sensible step, and not by engaging in another battle front, in addition to various battles against Boko Haram and other insurgent groups. He cannot win all this battles around the country with his limited security personnel and even more limited armament. He must show that he is not, or he is no longer in support of the OBVIOUS Fulanization agenda that Miyetti Allah and other Fulani groups are prosecuting, by arresting and openly penalizing evil Fulani jihadists in Igbo land and all over Nigeria. I have proffered this solution more than once in past blogs. With this, the Igbos who are now overwhelmingly supporting IPOB’s ESN will have no more reason to do so. And then, IPOB would realize this and slow down on its “terrorist” acts. I say all this in my no-bullshitting manner, but I can tell you that this is a consensus among MAJORITY of Igbo people of Nigeria, some of whom cannot come out and say so due to the hypocrisy of POLITICAL-CORRECTNESS syndrome, and the fear of, or self-serving favor to Buhari and his government.

Buhari has to tell himself the truth that Nigeria’s armed forces CANNOT possibly fight all the battles that he is creating all over Nigeria with his terrible divisive policies. Let’s face it, the total number of the entire Nigeria’s Armed Forces personnel is less than, or, at best, slightly above one million (310,900 soldiers; 18,000 Airforce personnel; 371,800 police; unclear number of Civil Defense personnel that are likely to be less than two hundred thousand).  For one thing, it is near impossible to defeat ESN in Igbo land, because it has the sympathy and support of Igbos majority who see it as their savior against Fulani jihad. Unlike “bandits,” Boko Haram, and other Fulani jihadist groups, ESN does not attack civilians; their war is against jihadists and Buhari’s divisive armed forces that apparently protect jihadists. No wonder, ESN has massive support of the Igbos, with the exception of some of the politicians that are self-serving and hypocritical.

Whatever you do, always remember my consistent non-stereotyping policy, which insists that majority of the Fulani people in Nigeria are great people who are not in support of Buhari’s Fulanization agenda. And, trust me when I say that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeen!!!!

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