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Note: First published on July 15, 2020. The “published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking the piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Many Nigerians, and non-Nigerians, describe Nigeria as a zoo instead of a country. I see this as a gross understatement of fact. Nigeria is worse than a zoo; it is a wild jungle. A zoo is an organized system where animals are brought together to be tamed and taught to follow established rules. Hence, the animals in a zoo behave more decently than animals in a wild jungle.

Sadly, whether we qualify as a zoo or a wild jungle, it is caused by our evil rulers. They cannot pull us together under the laws of a country because they are lawless animals. No wonder, the world defines the country as a zoo. But, the leaders can’t even maintain the rules of a typical zoo with tamed animals. They behave like untamed wild animals who flagrantly violate the rules of the zoo that they ares supposed to keep. So, I insist that, under President Buhari, Nigeria is not even as good as a zoo anymore. We are now more like wild animals in a wild jungle, meeeeeeeen!!!

This is part 3 of my series on Two Faces of The Law in The Jungle Called Nigeria. If you would like to read Part 1 and Part 2, I do have the links to them right here for ya. Here’s Part 1: https://nobullshiting.com/the-two-faces-of-the-law-in-nigeria-part-1/ And here’s Part 2: https://nobullshiting.com/two-faces-of-the-law-in-nigeria-part-2/

This time, the Two Faces of The Law subject is the nation’s vice president, Yemi Osinbajo. He recently demonstrated my position that Nigeria’s leaders have turned Nigeria into a lawless jungle. His petition to Nigeria Police against a man, Jackson Ude, who accused him of corruption, is my focus. Ude accused VP Osinbajo of receiving four billion naira evil money from the embattled EFCC Chief Officer, Ibrahim Magu. As a lawyer, Osinbajo knows (or should know) that a civil matter of defamation of character does not call for police petition. What he needs is a lawyer to file a civil lawsuit against the man, and not a petition to the IG of Police. Osinbajo does know that the Freedom of Speech Law does not give him any special preference as the vice president of the country, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

We are all aware of the lawlessness of Nigerian leaders and the law enforcement agents. Hence, we know that Osinbajo’s petition might as well be called a presidential order to the police to illegally arrest and brutalize his victim. And, for what? Simply for the reason that the man exercised his constitutional right to freedom of speech, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Alas, a so-called Senior Advocate of Nigeria has joined the rank of lawless leaders of Nigeria to break the law. As a lawyer in the presidency, Osinbajo is supposed to protect us, as well as lead by example as a vice president. With leaders like him, there is truly no more hope for Nigeria. No wonder, we are defined as a zoo. And, I repeat that we have gone beyond a zoo. Our present crop of leaders have qualified us as a total wild jungle, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Generally, a Nigerian breaks a law either out of ignorance of the law, or knowingly, with a criminal tendency or disposition. The current Two Faces of The Law in the country engenders a third category of law offenders. This is the category for the crooks that rule Nigeria, and I call it the category of criminality with impunity. Professor Osinbajo is not ignorant of the law, or, at least, he should not be. His own reason for lawlessness, therefore, is criminality with impunity! Mind you, we are not talking about a man with just law degrees here. We are talking about a Law Professor and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. So, I ask; what the fuck did this lawless man teach his students when he was a law professor, huh? Did he teach them to defend citizens who are being victimized by lawless leaders? Or, did he teach them to join the rank of such power-drunk lawless leaders to victimize innocent citizens?

This year alone, prior to this latest Osinbajo case, we have seen at least three similar clear cases of victimization of Nigerians by lawless leaders. They did this on the basis of alleged defamation of character, which is purely a civil matter. Nigeria’s constitution says that if somebody maligns your person by defaming your character; you sue the culprit to court and claim damages. The law is all-inclusive, certainly without any exemption for anybody; not even the president of the country. It is said that when a river is polluted upstream, the pollution flows downstream. Osinbajo is upstream as our Vice President, and his pollution influences the rest of APC’s illegalities that are rampant these days. We have seen several leaders violating or threatening to violate the rights of the people. They included Buhari’s Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, Buhari’s Media Aide, Femi Adesina, and Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State. With reckless impunity, they illegally arrested citizens for exercising their constitutional freedom of speech rights, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, folks, check this out. I have something that many of you are probably unaware of. Upon investigation, I found out something from an Abuja High Court Judge, a friend who prefers anonymity. He informed me that there is actually a non-constitutional dichotomy in this matter of defamation of character in Nigeria. The revelation is un-fucking-believable!!! It is said that Northern Nigerian oligarchs insisted, and they have had their way to create the legal dichotomy in this matter. Whereas defamation of character is purely a civil matter in southern Nigeria; the north has it as a criminal matter, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

No wonder, some of our evil leaders are quick to arrest citizens with defamation allegations. Now, whichever way we cut it, this is still “non-constitutional.” The northern practice is definitely not supported by our constitution. It is an infringement on our Freedom of Speech and allied provisions. A good lawyer can easily get the Northern option nullified in any non-compromised court. That’s if ever there is any uncompromised court in Nigeria anymore. It is a fact that no sectional law or rule is superior to the constitution of the entire nation. The Northern version is apparently based on the Sharia Law. And, yes, Sharia Law is mentioned in the constitution, but it cannot supersede the Freedom of Speech and allied provisions. Osinbajo is a southern lawyer, and now he obviously subscribes to the northern illegitimate version of the law because it suits his lawless tendency. I’d bet you anything, that he would fight against it if he ever found himself in the position of the man that he is now treating as a criminal!

I mentioned Governor Hope Uzodimma, Femi Adesina, and Minister Lai Mohammed, as examples of violators of the people’s rights. Uzodimma threatened to arrest any citizen who calls him “Supreme Court Governor.” I did two blogs on his madness, which you can reach through these links:

By his own admission and confession, Governor Uzodinma was indeed installed controversially by the Supreme Court.  When he eulogized the late Abba Kyari, he told us that he became governor through the evil machinations of Kyari. On his own part, Lai Mohammed has been caught lying several times, verified! As a propagandist in the stead of his duty as the Information Minister, he repeatedly gave Nigerians false information about Buhari’s government. This resulted in the nickname that Nigerians have given him. His Hausa first name Lai, has been changed to the English word, Lie, and its derivative, Liar. It may interest a non-Nigerian to know that the pronunciation of his vernacular first name ‘Lai,’ sounds exactly as the word ‘Lie.’ As for Osinbajo, he has not been cleared of the allegation that he received four billion naira from Magu. Mind you, he had once been accused of meddling with Internally Displaced Persons’ funds. It was alleged to be in the tune of tens of billions, and he was never cleared, not to my knowledge. The matter simply died off, swept under the carpet, as usual with all the tons of allegations against Buhari’s ruling team, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

As for the matter of Femi Adesina, it is a shame that he easily went from grace to grass in morality. He had been a freedom fighter as a press man, and he spoke in defense of Freedom of Speech. Then, the juicy government job came along in 2015, and he suddenly lost his integrity. He turned into an oppressive enemy of Freedom of Speech. To make the matter worse, it was Femi who drew the first blood in a matter concerning him. He had insulted Northern Elders with his senseless statement that they are “Generals without troops.” Then, a youth responded to his insult with a lesser insult, and he had the audacity to get him arrested. Nobody arrested the motherfucker, Femi, for insulting the elders. And all that they did was to express their sincere disappointment with their own brother, Buhari, and his fucked-up government. Some of the elders that Femi insulted are probably older than his grandpa, and nobody arrested him for that. But he got somebody arrested for defending the honor of those grandpas. How far do Buhari’s team intend to take impunity in this country, meeeeeeeeen?!!!

Even if Femi did not instruct Nigeria Police to arrest the dude, simple common sense of decency should have made him to ask the police to promptly release the dude. Femi failed to take that opportunity to make himself shine positively in the news, for a fucking change! He could have publicly pronounced to the police that the man has not committed any crime. Instead, it seems to me that he enjoys being in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

When the constitution of the country is violated; then the violator has committed a crime. And, that makes him or her a criminal, period!!! Nigeria’s evil rulers completely fail to recognize this fact. By this statement, have I called anybody a criminal? No, sir! I have only stated the fact that any and every law breaker is a criminal. As the legendary late Bob Marley of Jamaica put it in a song, “…whoever the cap fits, then let them wear it.”

Nigerian leaders often bamboozle us with the blackmail that some words of Nigerians fall under the National Security violation bullshit. Generally, to qualify as security risk, the accuser has to prove that the said defaming statement is capable to instigate a threat to national security. And, to qualify for civil defamation suit, the statement by the accused person has to be false. In the sane world, statement of fact can never constitute defamation of character. If you catch a thief and call him a thief, only a mad judge would convict you for defamation. If one does, then he is compromised, and he is the true criminal, and not you, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

In summary without bullshitting, Governor Uzodinma illegally threatened to arrest people for stating facts. He had actually confessed that fact himself. Lai Mohammed illegally arrested a man for stating the fact that Mohammed had propagated falsehood. Femi Adesina had a man arrested for insult, and I couldn’t find what constituted insult in the man’s words. He only responded to the insult that Femi dished out to Northern Elders. And, his words to and about Femi were much less insulting than Femi’s words to the elders, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

As for the latest Yemi Osinbajo’s matter, it is very silly of him to petition the police against the man who alleges that he received evil money. His legal right is to prosecute the man; it is a simple civil matter that calls for legal suit. There is no call for arrest, except if the man fails to obey court summons or violate another law during the proceedings. I trust, that you agree, that I ain’t bullshiting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Here is the link to “Two Faces Of The Law,” part 5:


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