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Note: First published on May 21, 2020. The “published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid your mistaking the piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Hahahahahaha!!! Truly, I did laugh out, almost loud, when I read the recent autocratic threat that is said to be issued to Nigerians by Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State, in a doggone democracy, meeeeeeeeen!

I keep wondering; why it is that most Nigerian leaders, despite their claim to have all manner of college degrees, have no atom of idea how to define the word democracy, huh? Hope Uzodimma’s autocratic threat that I read says: “Whoever that calls me supreme court governor or made in Abuja governor will be arrested, henceforth.” Those titles that Uzodimma protests against, were given to him by his constituents in Imo State. And, it’s their way of agitating that they did not vote for Uzodimma as their governor; that he was rigged into the seat by a compromised Supreme Court, through the machinations of the federal power, which was controlled by the late Abba Kyari, in the Federal Capital city, Abuja.

Would someone please educate and inform Mr. Impunity Governor that he can’t do shit to anybody that calls him those names, for two reasons, thus:


This is a democracy, and not a military autocracy. Uzodimma has no power whatsoever, to arrest anybody for saying those words. Sure, he can sue millions of people to court if he feels that he is being maligned, but he certainly has no power to unilaterally arrest anybody for speaking those words. In fact, even if he takes somebody to court for defamation of character, it would be a civil suit that does not call for any arrest. He can only arrest if the accused person violates another related law, such as failure to obey summons to appear for hearing. And, if Uzodimma does win the case, the most likely penalty is a fine, and not arrest or imprisonment. Arrest and imprisonment may only happen if the culprit is unable to pay the fine. When Madam Fake News, Lorretta Onochie, wickedly maligned former President Atiku Abubakar several times with clear lies, nobody arrested her. Atiku only sued her to court, in accordance with the law.

Brothers and sisters in Imo State, if Uzodimma is so foolish to actually effect his senseless autocratic threat, that same law that guided Atiku’s move applies to you, too. He can only sue you to court. He is liable to pay you compensation for damages if he arrests you. In fact, whereas Onochie was a proven liar and fake news creator, the statement that Uzodimma is “Supreme Court governor” is supported by facts that Nigerians know.


In his eulogy of Abba Kyari just a couple of weeks ago, Governor Uzodimma actually confessed himself that he is Supreme Court governor. He confirmed the public statement that he is “Made-In-Abuja,” and a “Supreme Court governor.” The dude announced to us that he was mourning Abba Kyari because Kyari made him governor. He even had the audacity to say that the people of Imo State did not vote for him, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, if Uzodimma is silly enough to challenge anybody in court on this matter, then, it would be a show of utter ignorance. My lawyer would ask him: “How the hell did you become governor, since you confessed that it was not through votes? How did your Abba Kyari succeed to make you governor (as you told us) without the votes of your constituents? I put it to you that the only logical conclusion is that it happened through illegalities in Abuja, with intimidated and compromised Supreme Court” to seal the evil conspiracy.”

Then, my lawyer would submit my conclusion, thus: “I put it to you, Mr. Governor, that every conscious and sincere Nigerian knows that Kyari owned and controlled our highly compromised supreme court. And, through his machinations, you became governor, contrary to the will of your constituents. And, importantly, sir, you confessed it yourself. I rest my case.”

Uzodimma knows these facts, but the lawless impunity in him has driven him to threaten that he will unilaterally arrest Nigerians at will. Such can happen only in Nigeria, where shit happens, and flocks of flies hover around the shit!!! Of course, Uzodimma would never dare to try to arrest persons that know their rights and have the courage and means to fight and defend those rights. He knows that he would only disgrace himself in court, and end up paying damages for wrongful arrest.

So, I do consider this writing as my public service to those vulnerable brothers and sisters that Uzodimma may illegally arrest with impunity. Yeah, I know, he would intimidate you initially with unlawful or compromised police officers, but be sure to fight back in court afterwards. The payoff in damages to you would be worth the battle at the end. The sooner a majority of Nigerians know to fight the illegalities of our leaders in court, the sooner we migrate from today’s demo-crazy, to democracy.

You know, one bad thing that comes with impunity in Nigeria is lots of pseudo-ignorance. When a typical impunity leader is basking in his/her illegal power, he or she pretends to have no knowledge of the law. He/she completely forgets that he/she may have to account for his errors in future.

Uzodimma’s confession that Abba Kyari’s evil machinations made him governor may haunt him sooner than later if he tries to pursue his senseless threat. And, if not, it is still likely to come back and seriously haunt him one day, when real democracy comes to Nigeria. And, democracy will happen as soon as our lootmakers finally give us electoral reforms that will ensure true elections in Nigeria. Sooner than later, we must have the electoral reforms, despite our lootmakers’ selfish delay. They cannot keep us from our electoral rights much longer. A proverb says that an adult who is keeping a child’s candy from him/her by raising his (adult’s) hand up and away from the child, will eventually have to bring down the hand when it begins to ache; and then, the child’s candy comes down with the hand, back to the child.

The lootmakers cannot, for their selfish reason, keep our ‘candy’ up much longer. There MUST be electoral reforms soon enough, and those bad elements that are forced on us as our leaders through rigging and compromised Supreme Court rulings, will rule no more…and then, bullshitting with impunity will stop, meeeeeeen!!!

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