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October 13, 2019


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

Hi, folks!

“Willie is Working.” So says a popular slogan in Anambra, my state of origin in Southeast Nigeria, where Dr. Willie Obiano is governor. It is people’s expression of their appreciation of Willie’s performance as governor. This, of course, does not mean that everybody in Anambra State is in love with Willie; no, sir!!! No mortal can ever score a hundred percent in approval rating in any society of the world. Indeed, if Willie is truly working, it is necessary to critique him, in order to keep him working even better.

But I have a problem with the hypocritical, malicious bunch who criticize Willie for their own self-serving political and financial gains, and not for the good of Anambra people. They are bullshitters; and, I’ve got plenty to say, with facts about their ignorant condemnation of Willie’s “Operation Kpochapu.”

I’ll start with my statement that hate politics in Nigeria, and I ain’t bullshitting ya! My reason is that too many Nigerian politicians do not know when to draw the line between politics and the good of the nation. For the typical recalcitrant politicians, it is always all about what is in it personally for them. They don’t give a fuck if the country goes to pieces, as long as they achieve their selfish, often evil, political and financial gains. My case study is my own state of Anambra in Southeast Nigeria. Such unpatriotic, hypocritical, self-serving political scenario is presently playing out there as I write this on October 13, 2019.

Yes, indeed, in the stupid name of political opposition, some of my people are engaged in spiteful evil criticism of lies. They are bent on condemning every act of Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra, regardless how great it is for the state and her people. It has gone so bad that, even if Governor Obiano should rescue their own mamas from the jaws of lions, those political detractors would still condemn him for it, meeeeeeen!!! A case in point is the great initiative of the governor to secure the lives and property of citizens in Anambra State. The self-serving political detractors that I speak of, are condemning him for it. Now, that’s what I call a whole heap of bullshitting, meeeeeeeen!!!

It is a global consensus that the topmost priority of any government in the contemporary world is the security of the citizens’ lives and property. This global policy obviously makes a whole lot of sense, because, without life, a ain’t got anything. A dead man ain’t got shit, period! The Good Book of Christianity says, “seek thee the kingdom of heaven, and the rest shall be added unto thee.” Yes, indeed; and the cardinal rule of life itself is: Seek thee your security first, so that you may be alive to enjoy everything else.” A dead man does not need a house; does he? No, sir, he sure doesn’t. All he needs is a hole in the ground. A dead man needs no food either; instead, he becomes food for termites, six feet under. So, security of life is indeed the topmost priority in a society.

This piece was inspired by some of the politically motivated stupid criticisms of the recent move by Governor Willie Obiano in security. He wants to secure the lives and property of people in the state, and we don’t need no motherfucker to criticize his spitefully and stupidly. One of the most nonsensical critics said that the governor should pay more attention to providing employment for Anambra citizens. What a stupid sense of priority and comparison!!! Does a dead man keep a job? Besides, Governor Obiano is also providing jobs anyway. Even the security initiative itself provides jobs for a good number of youngsters anyway. So, it is very obvious that the author of that nonsensical commentary was simply being a spiteful, malicious political detractor. Or, maybe it was written by a brown-envelop journalist paid by a detractor to do his hatchet job. I said all the introductory “dogo turenchi” (long grammar) analytical preamble on security above for an enlightenment purpose. I want to sensitize the masses of Anambra State on how nonsensical any criticism of Governor Obiano’s security initiative is.

Mind you, I am not saying that Governor Obiano should not be critiqued, no sir, or ma’am! He must be critiqued; no human is perfect, so some of his acts must be wrong. But there is a difference between spiteful criticism and constructive critique. In the present escalating security challenges that are bedeviling the entire Nigeria, Governor Obiano has made Anambra the safest state in the nation. Right from the onset of his leadership about six years ago, the governor pledged to wipe out dangerous criminals from the state. And he promptly commissioned what he named “Operation Kpochapu.” For my non-Igbo readers, “kpochapu” is an Igbo word for ‘wipe out.’ And, to wipe out criminals from Anambra State, the governor empowered the hitherto under-funded, under-equipped, unmotivated Nigeria security agencies in Anambra. He gave them better equipment, ample operational funding, and improved remuneration packages to motivate them.

The governor launched “Operation Kpochapu 2” a couple of days back on October 11, 2019, at “Alex Ekwueme Square” in the capital city, Awka. It is the second phase of his initiative to “wipe out criminality” in the state. Well, we know that that is a little exaggerated. No society can wipe out criminality of any kind. The governor means to say that he will bring down violent criminality to a barest minimum. So, he commissioned a new comprehensive package of the most sophisticated state-of-the-art security equipment for surveillance and crime-detection. I happened to be there myself, despite my general position against political events in Nigeria. I just hate them, because everything comes across to me as fake and hypocritical. Anyway, Obiano’s intimidating package of security gadgets that I saw were confirmed to be the best in Africa by the nation’s Police Spokesman, Frank Mba. Frank’s boss, the nation’s Police Chief, IGP Mohammed Adamu was also present at the occasion. Also in the package, were one hundred and eighty-eight new patrol vehicles for all Nigeria’s security agencies—Nigeria Police, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Civil Defense. Some for the Road Safety Corps, too. If you ask me, and even if nobody asks me, I still say that anybody who criticizes the initiative is simply an idiotic evil person.

The immediate impact of the first phase of “Operation Kpochapu” was as clear as daylight. I can personally attest to that as an indigene and a direct beneficiary of the initiative. Before that intervention, I could not go home to my village in Anambra when I visited Nigeria. I was afraid of being kidnapped or killed by bandits. The situation was that bad before Obiano’s intervention. I had truly felt terrible that I come to Nigeria all the way from the USA after so many years of absence, and could not reach my country-home in my village. Just few weeks after the commencement of “Operation Kpochapu 1,” I felt safe to go home again. Now that “Operation Kpochapu 2” has been launched with more sophisticated equipment, I feel even safer to go home to my beloved village. You may now understand why I hate Nigerian politics and the evil machinations of politicians who play their unpatriotic, self-serving political games with important matters such as the security of lives and property of citizens.

I can forgive critics that are ignorant, because, as Jesus said on the cross, “they know not what they are doing.” The unforgivable ones are the hypocritical bunch who do know that the governor’s security initiative is great, but they criticize it for their selfish, often evil political gains. In their self-serving desperation, they tend to forget, completely, when and where to draw the line between politics and the good of the nation. They have no interest in the welfare of the people that they are supposed to serve. It is high time we forced them to learn to play their doggone political games without toying with the good of the people, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

They often actually hurt their own selves when they criticize such initiative that is globally recognized to be a great move, all in the stupid name of politics. It makes them to look like fools, yet, they claim to be knowledgeable. What do we call a man who portrays himself to be ignorant of the fact that the most important element of governance is to keep the citizens’ property and lives safe, huh? Harry Agina is not the one calling him foolish; he is doing it to himself, all by himself. Oh yes, indeed!!!

My purpose in this and other future similar commentaries is to enlighten some ignorant masses of my state Anambra, in particular, and Nigeria in general. I want them to understand and shun the evil machinations of self-serving politicians who are manipulating them with evil propaganda. Before Nigeria, there was the Igbo land where my Anambra state belongs; and I have decided to contribute to protect it passionately against evil machinations of unpatriotic and self-serving politicians. What I do have to offer as a Communications and MultiMedia expert (broadcast, print, and social media) is to communicate common sense to the masses. They have to be wise about the evil propaganda of the detractors, and they must shun such politicians. I ask once again; does a dead man need a job? The answer is obviously, definitely ‘no’! Then it certainly makes no sense when a politician compares security to employment, meeeeeen!!! It is a stupid sense of priority; isn’t it? If that politician happens to want to be elected governor; is that the kind of man we want to be our governor? My answer as a man that grew up in the world’s strongest democracy is—hell doggone no, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Besides the nonsensical criticisms of Obiano’s great security initiative, I do have another beef to grind with my people of Anambra State. Actually, this concerns my entire Igbo people of Southeast Nigeria. Before Before my legendary uncle, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu died, he enjoined the Igbo people never to let “All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA)” political party to die. A slogan, “Nka bu Nke Anyi,” was coined out of that solemn plea, and it translates to this is our own.” In other words, APGA is the only party that accommodates the Igbo people, which we can call our own. The heavily disunited country called Nigeria is run on ethnic discrimination in the political scheme of things. The Igbo race, without question, is about the most recipient of such ethnic discrimination, with the resultant persecution. Ojukwu fought hard to unite the Igbo race to rise above this persecution. His instituting the APGA party was one of such efforts.

Today, some of the people that benefited immensely from Ojukwu’s influence, who pledged to him that they will keep his dream alive, are the people who are doing everything to destroy APGA. When things are not done their selfish autocratic ways, they scheme to destroy the party. Such are who I describe as motherfucking political bullshitters. And, I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

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