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NOTE: First published on May 28, 2020. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Yesterday, I condemned Nigeria’s Federal Government (FG) for violating the principles of True Federalism in our so-called “Federal Republic” of Nigeria. Today, it is the turn of the federating states. Check it out: The states are complaining that the federal government is overbearing, usurping their powers; and, I agree. But, the same state Executives are usurping the powers of the state judiciary, legislature, and the Local Government Areas (LGAs) in their states. Interestingly, the same federal government that usurps the powers of the states, is fighting the states for usurping the powers of the state legislatures, the state judiciaries, and LGAs. Phew!!! “What a tangled web they weave” in Naija!

And, what a heap of hypocritical bullshit, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!

No sooner did I drop my ‘pen’ after writing my condemnation of the Federal Government (FG) for the usurpation of the powers of the states, than I shouted, “hurrah!!!” Um huh, I rejoiced because I heard the news of a great reason to hail the same FG. This is consistent affirmation of my objectivity and sincerity doctrine. Importantly, I now have a good reason to hail president Buhari, personally, for a change, in a long time. God knows that I want to praise Buhari, but his government hardly gives me anything to praise. He had been my hero until, unfortunately, his terrible governance messed up his image, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

For instance, should I be praising the recent autocratic impunity of the Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, who arrested a man for exercising his constitutional right of freedom of speech? Mohammed is a chronic liar, that’s for sure. He has been caught lying so many times; so, he is Liar Mohammed, and not Lai Mohammed. He probably wants to arrest me, too, for condemning his senseless lawless autocracy here. Maybe I should give him my Texas address, since he may not find me in Nigeria. Do you realize that all American prisons would be full by now if American police arrests just a tiny fraction of all the people that rain insults on President Trump? And here we are, talking about an ordinary appointed minister and a senseless claim that he was insulted. A so-called professional in the Communications discipline is flagrantly violating a communication (Freedom of Speech) law, thanks to Nigeria’s leaders lawless impunity, meeeeen!!!

I tell you what; let’s forget for a moment about our constitutional freedom of speech that Mohammed is breaching, and assume that he has the constitutional power to arrest the journalist. Fact is that the guy will win him in any uncompromised court, as long as there’s proof of any lie that Mohammed told since he became Minister. You can’t win a man in court for calling you a liar, if you are truly a liar. All we need is a good un-intimidated lawyer to make the case. Oh, how I miss my man, the late Gani Fawehinmi. This is the kind of human rights case that he lived for. Can Lai Mohammed swear that he has never been caught in a lie since 2015? I read quite a number of his obvious lies myself. Sure, he may claim that the lies were oversights, errors, or whatever the hell he may call them, but a lie is a lie, and ignorance is not an excuse in law court, not even for a president. Apparently, Mohammed has never heard that he cannot win a defamation suit in an uncompromised court when it is proven that his so-called “insult” is actually true? I guess he will try to intimidate the court as he intimidated the police to illegally arrest the journalist.

Anyway, regardless of the boo-boos of his men, I do have a good reason to hail President Buhari today. And I love the opportunity, having recently condemned his federal government for the usurpation of the powers of the federating states of the federation. Mind you, I did not condemn Buhari personally, because he did not start that nonsense; he inherited it. First, it was Buhari’s APC Governor Uzodimma of Imo State who gave me the opportunity this week to demonstrate the sworn objectivity and sincerity of my No Bullshitting Blog. Now, I have the opportunity again, as I hail Buhari’s new Executive Order 10, of 2020.

Interestingly, Buhari’s “Executive Order 10” borders on the same overbearing power that I just condemned the FG for, just yesterday; but, this time, I support the FG anyway. Before you accuse me of double standards, here is my reason, maybe you will agree with me, too:

 I believe in supporting the better of two evils, period. The debate is that the FG lacks the constitutional power to stop the state governors’ violation of the fiscal independence of the legislative and judicial branches of government. If it turns out that the FG lacks that power, I still support President Buhari, because his Order is fighting a good cause. It fights the bigger evil of state governors who are usurping the powers of the state judicial and legislative branches, as well as the Local Government Area authorities. If Buhari must usurp the powers of the state governors to fight their usurpation of the powers of state legislatures and state judiciaries, then, so be it. I call it the better of two evils, meeeeeeen!!!

I listened to a debate by lawyers on TV, where arguments were made for and against the Executive Order. One point that rings in my brain was made by a lawyer in support of the Order. The governors intimidate the legislative and judicial branches not to fight for their constitutional right in this matter. When a judge makes any move, his governor removes him/her as judge the very next day. And, if the Speaker of any House of Assembly raises or supports a motion for a court battle for fiscal independence, his impeachment proceeding starts the very next day. The governors are ready to spend any amount of our public funds to buy the impeachment of a Speaker. After all, they have in their pockets all the funds that belong to the judicial and legislative branches, as well as the LGAs. And, for sure, several House members are always willing to sell their own mamas for money, not to speak of just a Speaker. They readily collect bribe from the governors and impeach the Speaker, meeeeeeen!!!

So, if for nothing else, I am glad that Buhari’s “Executive Order 10” will force all the parties in this debate to meet in court, for the interpretation of the constitution. And, guess who has won already? Buhari and Nigeria, that’s who!!! Sure, it is possible that the court may rule that “Executive Order 10, 2020” is unconstitutional. However, the matter of the violation of the fiscal independence of the state judicial and legislative branches by the governors will also come up and be addressed. This time, the governors will not have the chance to remove Speakers or judges.

By the way, is it likely that Buhari would lose this case in court, considering the fact that it will be judged by the same judges who Buhari is fighting for their rights? If our constitution does say that Buhari is overstepping his powers, I would love the judges to shun self-serving interpretation of the law. I would love the judges to be upright and pronounce the Order illegal. My concern is to avoid a “precedence” that will haunt our democracy for a long time. The presidency would latch unto the bad precedence to commit more anti-federalism offenses now and/or long after Buhari himself is gone.

So, if a court ruling voids the Executive Oder, no problem. Meanwhile, the Order will have already done the great job of forcing the court to look into the matter of the usurpation of power by the governors. Obviously, any court that voids presidential usurpation of power, will most likely also stop the huge damage that our lawless governors are doing to our democracy by usurping the powers of the legislatures, the judiciaries, and the LGAs. And, I thank and hail Buhari to high heavens for it. Every Nigerian knows that the governors’ violation of our “separation of power” doctrine in this matter is evil. They want to continue controlling the funds of the judicial, the legislative branches, and the LGAs for two reasons:

  • To continue embezzling some of the funds that belong to the judicial and legislative  branches, as well as all the funds of the LGAs.
  • To continue to hold the judicial and legislative branches to ransom.The ransom-game is this: If the legislators and the judges don’t obey any order of the overbearing governors, the governors willfully starve them of their operational funds. And, the governors don’t have the right to even touch these funds, in the first place, meeeeeeeeee!!!

So, once again, I hail president Buhari for “Executive Order 10, 2020.” Here are three No Bullshitting happy “gbosa” (cheers) to Mr. President…Gbosa, gbosa, gbosaaaa!!!

If you support true democracy in Nigeria, then remember your duty to share this and all other democratic messages. and, do remember to comment on, and critique this piece.

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