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NOTE: First published on January 10, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. 

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

I can’t recall now, but I have a feeling that I have recently featured Donnie McClurkin’s “Holy Holy Holy” song on NBB Sunday-Sunday Medicine. I have so many Praise Worship songs in my library, and I intend not to repeat any in a long time. However, even if I have featured “Holy Holy Holy” recently, I don’t mind breaking that policy now, because, I truly feel like pronouncing today that the Lord Almighty is truly holy. Besides, when you listen to this song, you will probably agree with me that, as some of my Jamaican in-laws would put it, “When music NICE, we haffi play it twice, mon!!!”

The last time that I called Jamaicans my in-laws, an NBB fan privately asked me to explain, which I did, privately. Today I want to extend that explanation to all my fans, publicly. That brings me to the story of my beloved late wife, Glenice Johnson, who I fondly called Glen for short. She was the mother of the first three of my five beautiful, wonderful children. By God’s grace, all of those five children are among the most intelligent, most healthy, and most well-behaved children on planet earth. Oh yes, indeed, my children, Sharleene (Sharsha), Qyana (Kiki), Princess (Primmy), Harry Nnadozie, Jr, (Dozie), and Jessica (Jess), are the reason for my thanksgiving to god almighty in today’s Sunday-Sunday Medicine Praise Worship. I will expatiate. It is not so common that a parent has three or more children, and not one of them has any defect in physical or mental state, or character and behavior. It’s not that I am better or more righteous than other parents with children that are deformed in one form or another, no, sir/ma’am!!! It’s all by special grace of God to me, though I’m a sinner like everyone else, and even worse sinner than many parents with deformed or badly-behaved children. So, when I thought of the few words that will go with my Sunday-Sunday Medicine Praise Worship with Donnie McClurkin’s music today, the only thing that came to mind is a special thanksgiving to God for my wonderful, healthy, well-behaved children and grandchildren.

Anyway, back to my in-law relationship with Jamaica; I was saying that the mother of my first three children, my beautiful wife Glen was British, with parents that had migrated from Jamaica to England, where they had and raised her, just like she and I migrated to the USA where we had and raised our children. Very briefly, I will tell you how I met Glen. From London, she was visiting her big sister in Houston, Texas, USA, on Summer holiday, in 1982, where I already resided for over four years. She decided to visit my school, Texas Southern University (TSU). I was editing a TV documentary program in TSU’s Telecommunication Production Studio. Glen had been considering migrating from Britain to the USA, and she wanted some information on the university’s School of Communications, in order to decide whether to enroll in the school. There was no lecturer available, and somebody directed her to see me in the studio. Here’s the funny part; when Glen arrived in the studio, I was very engulfed in my editing, and, I heard a sweet British accented voice speaking behind me. I tell ya, one thing you didn’t wanno do when Harry was editing, was to interrupt me. It still happens til date, meeeeeeeen!!!

So, yap, I did hear the enticing British voice, and I was absentmindedly saying something back, like… “yeah, huh, what?…” and similar mumbled stuff, not turning to see the person with the beautiful voice. The voice was irresistibly enticing, but my editing equipment was more irresistible then. The next thing I heard was, “Bly me, can’t you take a moment off, mate?” The tone was now irritated, so, I did take a moment off to turn around, and, standing behind me was a stunning young lady to match the beautiful British accent. Lo, and behold, I did take more than just a moment off my editing. Before I knew it, I was offering to take Glen out to launch, in apology for ignoring her for a while. Let’s fast forward to the fact that I convinced her to transfer from London England to Houston, Texas, as my girlfriend, and then my wife about six months down the line. Fast forward again to ten years down the line, when Glen died after a great, joyous, wonderful life with me. She died in 1992 as she was delivering our third baby. Until today, and most likely forever, May 5, 1992 became the saddest day of my life, because, it was the day that my dearest wife died. I cried for three whole days, non-stop, meeeeeeeen!!!

On the third day, my sister-in-law, Glen’s big sister was scared that I was gonno die, too, and leave her with our three children. She was a registered nurse, and she made me to take the tiniest, ‘littlest’ pill that I have ever seen in my live till date, which knocked me out and off to sleep for another three whole days. As I slept, my sister-in-law had to feed me intravenously (aka “drip”). That’s how devastated I was about Glen’s death. No death had ever, nor has ever affected me so badly all my life. I’m talking about a lively, bubbly woman who was so healthy and strong, who actually insisted to drive the car herself when both of us were going to the hospital to deliver the baby. We stopped at a McDonald’s hamburger restaurant to purchase a “Whopper” burger and “milkshake” drink each, to munch as we drove along. In the hospital, where all the doctors and nurses were in love with her British accent and bubbly disposition, we were immediately ushered into the delivery room on arrival. She was lying in bed finishing her burger, and I was sitting on a chair beside her, holding her free right hand…and then, suddenly, it happened…wham!!! There was a very violent seizure and jerking of her body, the drag-force of which almost catapulted me across the bed as I held her hand. It was all over in two seconds or so; my Glen was gone, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

The cause of the seizure is known as “Amniotic Fluid Embolism.” It was the first time that I ever heard that terrible term. It’s said to be very uncommon, where the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby in the uterus enters the mama’s blood stream. The fluid is said to be highly toxic, and death is often instant. I couldn’t believe that Glen died in the best maternal hospital in the USA then, and by extension, among the best (if not THE BEST) in the world. My consolation was that the doctors acted swiftly like lightening to cut Glen open, and saved my baby, who I named Princess. Well, enough of the sorrowful tale, and back to my thanksgiving to God that all my five children are great in every way imaginable. Ten years after the demise of Glen, I was in Nigeria to marry a Yoruba woman, Shade, who bore us my first and only son, Harry Nnadozie (Dozie) Junior, now 19, and my last child, Jessica, who is 16, going on 17.

So, there…now you have the story of my fatherhood and my reason for today’s thanksgiving praise worship for five wonderful, healthy, brilliant, and well-behaved children. And now, it’s time for Praise Worship with Donald “Donnie” McClurkin, Jr., and his Gospel Singers.

Donnie is an African-American, born on November 9, 1959, in Copiague, New York, USA. He formed the McClurkin Singers with his elder sister, and a neighbor. In 1983, the group performed with the Tri-Boro Mass Choir, which was led by Albert Jamison. Afterwards, Jamison introduced the McClurkin Singers to the gospel musician named James Cleveland, who mentored them. In 1996, their debut album featured a hit song titled “Sand.”

Here is “Holy, Holy, Holy” for ya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfwf79E81Ac

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