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NOTE: First published on January 1, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking it as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings. Folks!

Here’s wishing my “No Bullshitting” Blog (NBB) fortuitous readers, first time readers, regular readers, and fans, a happy and prosperous 2021. Please, do me a favor, would you; do everything to stay away from the 2020 evil of this century, ‘Mr.’ Covid-19. Please, let’s all obey the protocol of social-distancing and wearing of face masks whenever we are in public, as well as consistently washing our hands. Remember that you don’t really have to be close to anybody to catch this dreaded pandemic disease. As long as you touch anything out there, such as car doors, tables and chairs in public places, and every other substance that other people touch, you are likely to touch the virus. And then, when you touch your face or eat with your hands afterwards, you are very liable to contract the virus. Also, I say that it is very wrong to wear your mask to cover only from your chin over your mouth, leaving your nose uncovered. Wait; did I just say that it is wrong? No, sir, no ma’am; it is actually very stupid, and that’s what over 80 percent of the people that I see out there (Nigerians especially) are–plain stupid–as they wear their fucking masks this way!

Damn, meeeeen; those fools fail to understand that, if for whatever stupid reason, you have to choose between covering your nose or your mouth, one should actually cover the nose first, because it’s more vulnerable. The mouth has the lips to cover it, and the virus is less likely to pass through it until you open your lips. Some IDIOTS actually wear their fucking masks just over their stupid chins, just to avoid being sanctioned by covid-19 protocol enforcers. I’m like…who the hell are those motherfucking idiots deceiving by playing stupid Russian-roulette with their own lives, huh, huh, huh??? Protocol enforcers are trying to save our lives, and, rather than sincerely obey the rules, you are busy playing some stupid motherfucking games with your life, and mine by extension. Folks, I certainly want to have you to continue reading this “No Bullshitting” Blog all the way to 2022, and far beyond 2022. And you are unlikely to be there in 2022 if you don’t take this Mr. Covid very seriously, meeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, I advisedly refer to the covid-19 evil as ‘Mr’ and a ‘he’ because men are the more evil of the two genders of humanity. Well, okay, maybe this evil is probably a hermaphrodite (with male and female sex organs and tendencies), or a transvestite (a cross-dresser), but, if so, then this he-she evil must have more of the male tendencies and male garbs than female, because, as I have said, on the average, the ‘he’ persons of humanity are more evil than the ‘she’ gender, especially in Nigeria where the evil men who call themselves leaders are killing the people to suppress agitation for good leadership, stealing us blind, and destroying our society, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Folks, now getting into my key topic of the day, do forgive me for starting the year with the insincerity of Nigerian president’s new year broadcast. I had planned to start the year today with A bang of the good news about Nigeria’s World Boxing Champion, Bash Ali, and our coming mega event of Boxing To Shock The World. As I have condemned Buhari’s speech, I must balance by giving him credit for approving this mega event as one of the first national projects to start 2021, with gazillions of naira revenue for the nation. But, not to worry, that blog, which is actually devoid of the radical and caustic “No Bullshitting” character, is already written and waiting. I don’t want to hit you again with it today after this impromptu one, but you certainly will have it tomorrow. Do look out for the great news that it bears.

Today’s impromptu blog is not gonno be long because I didn’t really plan to have it as my first blog of the year; but, my regular readers know me and my natural tendency not to ignore anything that bothers my mind. Yes, indeed; President Buhari’s insincere new year broadcast hit me like a sledge hammer, and, I’ve got to quickly and briefly comment on it. What hit me so hard was his use of the phrase, “We shall continue to provide…(bla bla bla) for Nigeria,” or something similar. My “bla bla bla” represent services and amenities such as “security, employment” and other services and amenities, which he mentioned in his usual scripted robotic speech. I always wish that the man will one day speak to Nigerians from his heart, and show us that, as the father of the nation, he actually solemnly means what he says, and sincerely apologize for his huge failures so far with sincere promise to improve. Obviously, his half-baked and fucked-up speech writers do not have such humane qualities in them, and they don’t understand the meaning of the word “continue.” Their English grammar teachers, obviously, did not teach them that one does not continue anything that one has never done before. This government has never provided any of those services, and they are talking about continuing. No, sorry, I shouldn’t blame it on their teachers; I’m almost sure that their teachers did their jobs, but the fucked-up writers were too dumb to understand their teachers,  meeeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, as I said, this is a short blog, and I will end it here, with the statement that the fucked-up Buhari’s script writers should have discussed with him, and agree to be sincere with Nigerians for once in their fuck-up jobs, by apologizing to us for all their failures, with a solemn promise to start providing all those services and amenities, rather than their insensitive, insincere bullshit of telling us that he will continue to provide what he has never provided, meeeeeeeeen!!!


I feel soulful today, folks. So, I wanno start 2021’s “No Bullshitting” Blog (NBB) “Infotainment” with a soulful “Mbangana” Folk music genre. It is titled “HLUPHEKILE,” by a KwaZulu-Natal South African group called “The Soul Brothers.” I have loved and had this music in my library since my second visit to South Africa, back in 1996, or, was it 1997? That was a business trip in my capacity as the pioneer Programs and Production Consultant to “Africa Independent Television (AIT)” of Nigeria. Before then, I had fallen in love few years earlier with South African brands of music when I first landed in South Africa, on transit to Australia, which is often called “Down Under” due to the fact that it is below the equator. I truly did enjoy my TV Documentary trip to “Down Under,” meeeeeeen!!!

Okay now, folks, that’s all you’re gonno get in this “Infotainment” edition of NBB; brief, yes, but you can’t rightly say that you ain’t got shit on the “Info” branch of my “Infotainment”; can you? Nope, you sure can’t! Let’s now give you the “Tainment” (entertainment) branch. I did say that this edition of NBB is short; remember? Anyway, “The Soul Brothers” group was formed in 1974 by David Masondo (bassist, born in 1950 in Hammarsdale outside Durban, died 5 July2015); Tuza Mithethwa (guitarist, died in 1979); Zenzele Mchunu (a bassist, died in a car accident in 1984); American Zulu (died of ill health in 1988); and Moses Ngwenya (the only surviving co-founder, born in Dube, Soweto, in South Africa).

Now, here is “The Soul Brothers” group with the soulful “Hluphekile” music: https://youtu.be/p6LrEimYacw

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